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Drake - Fire In The Booth

  • Published on: 14 July 2018
  • Drake's first Fire In The Booth with Charlie Sloth on Radio 1 & 1Xtra.

    #DrakeFITB #Drake #FireInTheBooth



  • Runtime : 7:37
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  • Paul
    Paul   16 minuts ago

    No way is eddie hall DJ ing....

  • keon mann
    keon mann   40 minuts ago

    all these americans moaning about the SFX but is charlie really charlie without being gassed 24/7

  • Stanley Atkinson
    Stanley Atkinson   4 hours ago

    Charlie....hit that button for 40 cuz the information came from him

  • Ob Trice
    Ob Trice   8 hours ago

    This fat pig is soooo fucking annoying , shut yo ugly ass face up bitch , i stopped listening cuz of yo fat annoying ass

  • user 2000
    user 2000   11 hours ago

    Charlie was glue to that button, at least he did wheel him up tho.

  • E Dub
    E Dub   13 hours ago

    Drake put a hit out on this loser's career , the shit just went down

  • E Dub
    E Dub   13 hours ago

    Thank God they finally caught on and this fucking loser is out of work. shove that button up your Limey arse!

  • Cap Kingg
    Cap Kingg   14 hours ago

    Bill gates has one dollar for every time that button was pushed.

  • Cryptopedia
    Cryptopedia   14 hours ago

    El chico, this verse is the explanation for the large ego100 mill' hands free like Ronaldinho

  • Samuel Manriquez
    Samuel Manriquez   16 hours ago

    lol Drake is a punk bitch straight up. Has always been since day one. I don’t get it. He sucks. His shit never changes. Same ole 40 whack ass beats and ghost written rhymes. Funny when drake tries to go hard and go after real mc’s y’all some suckers listening to this trash

  • Rik Mannix
    Rik Mannix   20 hours ago

    Haha - wtaf... FEELS. Feels like there is a security door missing between them 😂

  • Oldman413
    Oldman413   23 hours ago

    Lmaooo bruh to much sound effects

  • fransarmy1
    fransarmy1   1 days ago

    This is the most annoying 6mins my life has experienced, and I’m not prepared to experience a 7th. Bye.

  • Pop Dukes
    Pop Dukes   1 days ago

    This guy is on coke... that fuckin button man! Drake is nice! Spit bro

  • Barney Stinson
    Barney Stinson   1 days ago

    Charlie hits my fucking nerves the way he screams

  • Quincy Lane
    Quincy Lane   1 days ago

    Goldman Sachs; they wanna hold my racks.. That might be the hardest intro to a freestyle ever.

  • JR Fuji
    JR Fuji   1 days ago

    That booth only got 2 buttons, sirens and hadooken.

  • Thato Mogoane
    Thato Mogoane   1 days ago

    If drake had a gun, Charlie'd be dead. 😂😂😂😂

  • BadNBoujee
    BadNBoujee   1 days ago

    the amount of cocaine this white nigga is on in this video, would make pablo proud

  • Bruce Wilson
    Bruce Wilson   1 days ago

    I think Charlie thinks that each time he presses the button he loses a pound of fat.

  • Dangerous New Age
    Dangerous New Age   1 days ago

    Well you won't be hearing him on BBC anymore especially not after tonight's performance. Take the effect button away. Ruins the artist.

  • ryan cordon
    ryan cordon   1 days ago

    Better than I expected to be fair. If you wanna see the best fire in the booth listen to M1 from dead prez and then akala

  • Kwasi Kwasi
    Kwasi Kwasi   1 days ago

    CharlieSloth..... Too hyped mehn... That vibe 🔥 🔥 🔥 🙌 🎶... I LISTEN TO DRAKE ANYTIME i take my phone, listening to him you see the luxury... 😂

  • David98_10
    David98_10   2 days ago

    I think Charlie is a Newcastle fan 100%.