The Making Of Shawn Mendes: The Album - “Nervous"

  • Published on: 23 May 2018
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  • Jess D
    Jess D   1 months ago


  • Jess D
    Jess D   1 months ago


  • Jess D
    Jess D   1 months ago


  • LIA Music
    LIA Music   1 months ago

    Did anybody notice that he messed Up the lyrics at the beginning? He‘s so cute I‘m so proud lmao

  • Devina D'Andrade
    Devina D'Andrade   4 months ago

    Hi person scrolling through the comments🙂 Have a nice day😙

  • Lonleyy_Octopus
    Lonleyy_Octopus   5 months ago

    He said at the start 'I met you on a cafe in a sunday' I'm dead

  • zeddayzedd
    zeddayzedd   5 months ago

    Not available in the UK, on youtube

  • Aline Silva
    Aline Silva   5 months ago

    I love you Shawn!!!!! Love your music!!!

  • Kiki Zajdova
    Kiki Zajdova   5 months ago

    It is baby 😍. Also Mutual is so good 😍

  • najma Haider
    najma Haider   5 months ago

    why i think about camila in this song...

  • klaus schoenfeld
    klaus schoenfeld   5 months ago

    bitte mach nicht wie viele den Blödsinn Tattoos an deinem Körper zu machen please do not make many of the nonsense tattoos on your body

  • Marianna Antkowiak
    Marianna Antkowiak   5 months ago

    Shawn i love you! ❤️ You are a very fantastic Singer! ❣️🌸💕

  • Sonnie
    Sonnie   5 months ago

    Wow, I love it when art is made so close to me.

  • Amy Milne
    Amy Milne   5 months ago

    I would get nervous around you.

  • Mubeen music mash
    Mubeen music mash   5 months ago

    I love you man ! " And the chezzzz in your voice man ! It's like man what God made you with 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • Ciao Games
    Ciao Games   5 months ago

    de que manera puedo bloquear a este usuario, me salen sus vídeos en donde deberían aparecer los canales a los que Esto y suscrito, a Mi no me gusta este tipo de música, que alguien me ayude no quiero que me aparezca contenido de este usuario

    LYRICS   5 months ago

    I make lyrics video for nervous

  • Pollution X
    Pollution X   5 months ago

    Bad Liar anyone? I made a mashup of them 😇

  • Naye Bello
    Naye Bello   5 months ago

    😍😍😍❤❤❤ My favorite song!

  • Leah Miled
    Leah Miled   5 months ago

    Loving Shawn's shoes (can we even call that shoes, i mean who wanted to see your toes shawn 😂)

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