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Couple Tours A $4 Million Dollar Dream House • Ned & Ariel

  • Published on: 14 March 2018
  • Ned & Ariel Tour A $4M Dream House
    Start searching on for your dream home.
  • Runtime : 7:19
  • buzzfeed buzzfeedvideo ned and ariel ned fulmer house hunting expensive million dollar realtor


  • Alia Figueroa
    Alia Figueroa   1 days ago

    "I don't think I have enough friends to have a party at this house." Honesty, same.

  • Jane Taylor
    Jane Taylor   3 days ago

    Ned: The biggest thing I purchased was like a sweater. I don’t knowAriel: That’s not true because I buy his clothes

  • Piggy Cuber
    Piggy Cuber   5 days ago

    3:16 “We’re like overlooking our neighbors’ pitiful little.... TENNIS COURT” Lol 😂

  • GrowingUpAwkward
    GrowingUpAwkward   1 weeks ago

    Anyone else catch that silly LOTR moment? I love how dorky they are

  • Squakoo
    Squakoo   1 weeks ago

    now i feel spoiled... my house is as big as this with a pool as big and its not that expensive.. AND IM MOVING TO AN EVEN BIGGER HOUSE

  • Max West
    Max West   1 weeks ago

    Oh my god my house is actually bigger 😂

  • small - saz123
    small - saz123   1 weeks ago

    Pft their English accent is rubbish 😒😐🙄

  • Alyssa Marie
    Alyssa Marie   1 weeks ago

    Looking over our neighbors pitiful little....TENNIS COURT?!?😂😂

  • Halliday
    Halliday   2 weeks ago

    Pitiful little TENIS COURT

  • clawz
    clawz   2 weeks ago

    “Our neighbours pitiful little.. TENNIS COURT?”

  • Atalia Younan
    Atalia Younan   2 weeks ago

    4 million is clearly worth much more where they are than wher I am

  • Miki Mancine
    Miki Mancine   3 weeks ago

    That’s not true I buy his close..I love it xD

  • Kiki Goyal
    Kiki Goyal   3 weeks ago

    We like, overlooking our neighbors pitiful little...teNnIs cOuRt!?

  • Miku The Cat
    Miku The Cat   3 weeks ago

    I wonder what her name will be I'm thinking summer,or maybe angelica? Arielle (ariel-a) if a boy, alexander

  • Lei Z
    Lei Z   4 weeks ago


  • Kronus
    Kronus   4 weeks ago

    If Ariel works from home then why do they get ready at the same time?

  • si love
    si love   1 months ago

    when your friends are really rich and you can even effort a simple treat, it makes feel really uncomfortable and the poorest guy in the world

  • de c
    de c   1 months ago

    lol any house in sydney can easily cost $4 million dollars

  • notanirishginger
    notanirishginger   1 months ago

    Okay but I’m amused that no one pointed out that the reason why there are two of everything in the kitchen is likely because a Jewish family lived there moderately recently? When you super strictly keep kosher, it’s a lot safer to just keep everything separate, even the cleaning aspects. There was probably a dairy fridge, oven and dishwasher, and a meat set. And seriously they’re couple goals lmao. Now I want to visit a $4M house with my bf (granted. A $4M home near where I live is literally Rockefeller’s Cleveland home lmao).

  • Everything with Brynn
    Everything with Brynn   1 months ago

    The funny thing is that a house of that size and with all of those facilities would cost more like 5 million dollars in the Bay Area.

  • Shy Bria
    Shy Bria   1 months ago

    I only hope to have a husband like ned one day

  • Jennifer Sanford
    Jennifer Sanford   1 months ago

    I like seeing these videos of Ned and Ariel! They are both so funny!

  • stankface
    stankface   1 months ago

    That house isn’t worth 3.7 million like it’s really nice but I’m Texas that’s a upscale house but would be way cheaper

  • Ashlee Davis
    Ashlee Davis   1 months ago

    I love how they have so many other cool things to look at in the dream house but the thing they get most excited about is the double dishwashers 😂😂

  • Jessca
    Jessca   1 months ago

    I'm from Vancouver and I'm legit amazed this is only $4m.

  • Tara Mooney
    Tara Mooney   1 months ago

    I just love how they are in an absolute mansion they were having their minds blown by two dishwashers 😂😂