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Monkey Hunters [Baboons VS Lions Documentary] | Wild Things

  • Published on: 14 June 2017
  • Lions rarely hunt baboons. These large monkeys are armed with dangerous teeth, they are hard to catch and usually not worth the risk or effort. But there is one place in Africa’s Great Rift Valley where baboons are plentiful and lions have learned to catch them.

    The river in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania never runs dry during the dry season herds of animals come to the river to drink. It is a time of plenty for the predators, but when it rains on the surrounding plain, the herds abandon Tarangire. The predators then only have the resident animals to hunt. Desperations forces the lions to target unusual prey; the baboons.
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  • Runtime : 47:2
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  • Wild Things
    Wild Things   1 years ago

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  • Lee Chaa Ezüng
    Lee Chaa Ezüng   51 minuts ago

    Did the baboon just shit itself while running !!? 😀😁😂. Interesting tough ❤❤❤

  • Mrhycannon
    Mrhycannon   11 hours ago

    Has anyone watched to see if a baboon uses the same route repeatedly.? It would be interesting to know if they remember their path..

  • jacob anderson
    jacob anderson   1 days ago

    Dude the amount of awkward and annoying artificial noises they put in these ruin theme

  • Kyla Fivo
    Kyla Fivo   1 days ago

    This is what I watch when I get tired of humans because they're absolutely interesting and loving but I hate to see the young or babies killed

  • Bekind33
    Bekind33   1 days ago

    Some baboons are gangstas

  • klonoa VE
    klonoa VE   2 days ago

    Is it weird that I cracked up when the baboons used babies to protect their own asses???It's like "yoyoyoyoyo. chill. i got a Baby!"~plops baby on the floor. xS

  • Wm. Shultzie
    Wm. Shultzie   2 days ago

    Males will eat the young.....real social.

  • Wm. Shultzie
    Wm. Shultzie   2 days ago

    I fucking hate baboons. Love to see them killed. My rifle does a nice job too.

  • BHsoFunny
    BHsoFunny   5 days ago

    Less boring talkingMore animal killing

    FIDIRONU   6 days ago

    13:44The descent gave me major creeps. 😬

  • alphadawn2015 lennon
    alphadawn2015 lennon   1 weeks ago

    34:25 - warthogs are watching a soap opera lol - the animal kingdom's answer to eastenders haha

  • Pan Huragan
    Pan Huragan   1 weeks ago

    31:20 terrorist and kidnapper of babies

  • wuneth yiferdal
    wuneth yiferdal   1 weeks ago

    Number of frog's i killed when i was a child during winter time for no reason astonishing i regretted so much such a beautiful creatures actually way better than most humans

  • captfalconXX
    captfalconXX   1 weeks ago

    @14:09 That's me when I go rock climbing with my gf.

  • Panzer Raven
    Panzer Raven   1 weeks ago

    Hear that lion breaking that baboons neck.. 44:18 oh snap!

  • Bank It
    Bank It   1 weeks ago

    Poor title.  Hardly anything on the "hunters."

  • Jacob Jorgenson
    Jacob Jorgenson   1 weeks ago

    Final shot is fake, the baboon she was chasing was way smaller

  • Drizie Jen
    Drizie Jen   1 weeks ago

    Mother fucker was pooping himself while running hahahaha

  • Pat
    Pat   1 weeks ago

    That's how human ancestors had to deal with, pure terror to live amongst the beasts!

  • Elis Fidandro
    Elis Fidandro   1 weeks ago

    7:10 as Manolo while climbing the rock wall, with his bare hands

  • Csquared
    Csquared   1 weeks ago

    I've been saying this for years, babies should be used as human shields in battle.

  • tfs2O3
    tfs2O3   1 weeks ago

    We usually use a .243 caliber to hunt these pests.

  • Jose Ellsworth
    Jose Ellsworth   2 weeks ago


  • Mr Tactown
    Mr Tactown   2 weeks ago

    "The monkeys know the outer branches will support thier weight but not the cats" 5:07 Branch breaks, baboon falls and eats shit...


    Elephant shit big and plenty of it get while it's fresh or the sun drys it up and it gets 2 hard and the flies get all over it

  • Abraham Mclean
    Abraham Mclean   2 weeks ago

    Man Them Baboon's Are Master Shear Rock Face Climber's, And Utterly Not Afraid Of Height's Wow Freakin' Wow Ha!!! :P] .. .

  • Mohamed Farah
    Mohamed Farah   2 weeks ago

    they are so similar to cats but also so different

  • suki kang
    suki kang   2 weeks ago

    wanted to see more baboons killedonly 2 were killed in this 47min clipwent through a bunch of ads to see only two killed

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith   2 weeks ago

    Wonder why the Lions don't wait in the morning for the baboons , catching them exhausted at the bottom of the cliffs.