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World's Most Evil Invention - SNL

  • Published on: 21 May 2017
  • One mad scientist (Dwayne Johnson) goes farther than the others (Kyle Mooney, Sasheer Zamata, Beck Bennett) to win a contest for most evil invention.

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  • Runtime : 4:48
  • SNL Saturday Night Live Season 42 Episode 1725 Dwayne Johnson Kyle Mooney Beck Bennett Sasheer Zamata Bobby Moynihan live new york comedy sketch funny hilarious late night host music guest laugh impersonation episode 21 finale the rock dwayne the rock johnson actor wwe baywatch fate of the furious wrestler Moana Jumanji you’re welcome 5 timers club katy perry singer bon appetite chained to the rhythm roar dark horse


  • Kenshiro Fist
    Kenshiro Fist   5 hours ago

    wicked agendas hidden in comedy sketches to dissensitize the public into accepting pedophilia

  • el3ctric boogaloo
    el3ctric boogaloo   7 hours ago

    I thought we were suppose to make the most vile and evil thing we could. What's the problem?

  • mun choi
    mun choi   7 hours ago

    did SNL used korean IRS building at the beginning?

  • nobledonkey17
    nobledonkey17   9 hours ago

    Rofl even the most evil people in that world knows that child molestation is the most evil and sick thing ever

  • Debora Muza54
    Debora Muza54   9 hours ago

    Why the hell are people even laughing at this

  • ultimate26
    ultimate26   13 hours ago

    Is the rocks outfit inspired by Rick from rick and morty?!

  • Daniel Christy
    Daniel Christy   14 hours ago

    As soon as he said child molesting robot I laughed all the way through and didn’t hear shit else

  • Melvin Rubiano
    Melvin Rubiano   16 hours ago

    So did Harold and Kumar were able to watch this?

  • Kevin Lauerman
    Kevin Lauerman   19 hours ago

    The Rock kind of sounds like Obama in this (which is in now way a political commentary, I just mean that his speech pattern sounds similar)

  • McFlingleson
    McFlingleson   22 hours ago

    So, did White Castle sponsor this? If not, were they angry at their portrayal as restaurant of choice for people who design child molesting robots?

  • Arpon's way
    Arpon's way   1 days ago

    i find rape, molestation, sexist, racist jokes funny. Fuck your PC bullshits for being offended on a comedy sketch. I would rather be a tastless shit than be an easily offended cuck.

  • Richard Wype
    Richard Wype   1 days ago

    All moral arguments aside, it just wasn't that funny. SNL hasn't been funny for years.

  • Blair Rich
    Blair Rich   1 days ago

    Remember when snl was talented comedians.

  • Jonny-5
    Jonny-5   1 days ago

    This would have been so much funnier if their convention was taking place in the events room at some low budget hotel or something like that.

  • omegaman1971
    omegaman1971   1 days ago

    Not cool for Hollywood celebs to be making jokes about child molestation. I used to have more respect for you Dwayne Douglas Johnson.

  • Robert Esparza
    Robert Esparza   1 days ago

    Correct me if i misunderstand but are you saying white Castle approves of child molestation as long as you buy there Burgers, further more are you saying molesting children would be better after consuming a White Castle Burger. Well if that's the case I will not ever buy anything with the white Castle brand or it's affiliates.

  • Klin-Klin
    Klin-Klin   1 days ago

    Uhh...I guess White Castle was desperate for any attention at any cost. Prompt re-branding would have been definitely called for.

  • Some Asshole
    Some Asshole   1 days ago

    Nerd Rock’s impression is identical to Norm Macdonald’s Burt Reynolds impression.

  • ace_v290
    ace_v290   1 days ago

    Did I just watch a white castle ad?!

  • John C John
    John C John   1 days ago

    Ever wonder if you typed a joke with the keyword "ch*ld m*l*sting robot" in the comments you will get tagged or flagged by Google or the authorities somewhere for future reference or investigation?I do.

  • sarcasmo57
    sarcasmo57   2 days ago

    What about a bot that spreads anti-vac misinformation online? Would kill a lot of kids and even adults.

  • SquirrelForce
    SquirrelForce   2 days ago

    This would be more hilarious but something about the acting is dry.

  • Aug24th
    Aug24th   2 days ago

    Love the joke :D but could have ended way way better.