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I Lost All My Friends Because I Got Head Lice

  • Published on: 09 October 2018
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    When Nora was in fourth grade she went to a sleepover at one of her friend's houses AND, although she didn't know it, her friend had lice at the time. Nora didn't bring her own pillow to her friends house, why would she, and so she borrowed one off her friend's bed. Of course, there were lice and lice eggs in the pillow, and they just marched on over and there you go, she got lice.

    Her parents tried all kinds of things to get rid of the head lice, and worked really hard to comb them out and shampoo with all this medicated stuff, and then, right in the middle of all of that, her brother came in scratching his head, a lot.The lice had spread.

    Eventually, and after all kinds of treatments, Nora and her family got rid of all the lice. The only person she spoke to about it was the friend who she had caught them from, and that was mostly to make sure that she took care of the problem if there still was one.

    But one day, while Nora was talking to her friend about it in the school bathroom, this other girl was in a stall and they didn't know. This girl had started hanging out with all of Nora's friends, and she overheard that Nora had had lice and she snuck out of the bathroom and told all of Nora's friends about it.

    Every time Nora would walk over to her she would give Nora this weird disgusted look and then she would just slowly back away. She would go whisper things with Nora's friends and Nora knew she was telling them all about the lice and making a really big deal about it. When Nora would come over to all of them, they would just run away, or make excuses and leave....

    This girl kept using Nora's lice as a way to take her friends away from her, and made them all act like Nora was gross or something. It wasn't fun, and it made Nora really upset and alone most of the time - all because she had head lice, and even though she had gotten rid of them.

    The rumors got so bad that one day a teacher even sent her home because they thought they saw lice in her hair. It wasn't true, she didn't have lice anymore, but nobody seemed to care, and that made going to school every day a bit of a challenge.

    After a while the rumors seemed to die down and Nora made her way happily to fifth grade. But, early in the school year, she was sitting in class before it started and this one boy - the class clown - started going behind everyone at their desks and patting them on the heads - like that old game of duck-duck-goose.

    And then, when that boy got to Nora, that same girl was there and she said, so everyone could hear it "Oh, I wouldn't touch Nora's head if I were you!" Nora couldn't believe it, after all this time, here she was again in a new grade and a new year starting it all up again. Nora burst into tears, right there at school, in class.

    This girl just continued running away and starting rumors and Nora felt like she had lost all her friends. She was so upset and luckily a teacher noticed what was going on, and the school counselor who she ended up talking to about it and who stepped in to make things right.

    That girl who had been causing all the problems at school and with Nora's friends went to her and apologized and not long after that they actually became good friends.

    The best advice Nora can give? Bring your own pillow when you go to your friend's house for a sleepover, oh yeah, and don't spread rumors about people.

    - - -

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  • Stars Lover
    Stars Lover   41 minuts ago

    it was kind of hard living with itTHEN GET RID OF IT

  • Dahlia Lina
    Dahlia Lina   56 minuts ago

    Just because someone has lice that doesn't mean you can run away from them that's just a little rude

  • mr reflex
    mr reflex   1 hours ago

    Im a nice person but i wouldn't let you near me either im wouldn't feel bad

  • bek
    bek   1 hours ago

    haha, can't relate; i have never lost any that's because you've never had any in the first placeoh yeah...

  • Just Paige
    Just Paige   2 hours ago

    Why have those friends when you have the ones that suck blood from your scalp and live in your hair?

  • Bailey Frazier
    Bailey Frazier   3 hours ago

    I get this from her point of view but honestly if it is super contagious an dyou dont want it maybe they will keep there distance

  • tuffy is my puppy
    tuffy is my puppy   4 hours ago

    It's been hard on my mom and I stepped on and top of a soup can lid and I had to get stiches and use crunches for 12 days

  • tuffy is my puppy
    tuffy is my puppy   4 hours ago

    Me and my little sis had like and haven't gone to school for five weeks but we don't have it anymore the the school nurse says we still have them but we went to the real doctors and she said we were cleared and then they told my mom the we were Uninrolled in September but my mom didn't get told until last week so we are now trying to find a school

  • Selina Portillo
    Selina Portillo   4 hours ago

    omg...i was about to think it was a blonde hair girl who used to be in my school in 3rd and 4th grade, she had lice but that's not the reason why most ppl didn't like her, she still had friends tho, but then I saw it said nora instead of the name of the girl

  • My Katy Loo
    My Katy Loo   4 hours ago

    bruh that girl who apologized is a dip I wouldnt accept that

  • Kate Cazales
    Kate Cazales   6 hours ago

    I know how she feels I have some lice too

  • Nina Jemec
    Nina Jemec   6 hours ago

    I got lice when I was in fifth grade from my best friend, and now when I'm at ninth grade, I don't have them anymore, but now me and my ex best friend are not friends anymore and I'm still angry at her because I got lice from her!!

  • joanne wilde
    joanne wilde   6 hours ago

    That's not right just cause u had lice doesn't mean u deserve do loose all it friends

  • Seel Channel
    Seel Channel   7 hours ago

    I don't even have to have lice to don't have friends

  • Zean Mae Odinada
    Zean Mae Odinada   11 hours ago

    Hey storybooth... actually... I want to share my story... umm bit dont how... umm... pls... dont laugh at me just because i dont know how to tell my story. Well... just wanna share

  • Azmiah04
    Azmiah04   14 hours ago

    I mean..... The bullying is horrible.... But do you expect them to be near you and sleep over??

  • P Tae
    P Tae   15 hours ago

    I had lice for two years

  • CuteLadyBug
    CuteLadyBug   17 hours ago

    Aw come on! I have lice like ALOT but my classmates doesnt mind at all. Those type of classmates needs a therapist.

  • Immortal Heavy
    Immortal Heavy   22 hours ago

    Your fiend who says sorry to you...Will turn into a friendImmortal 2018

    PHANTOM GOD   22 hours ago

    I Remember I Had Lice She Blocks Me But So She Screams So I Was Like SHUT THE FREAK UP IMMA KILL YOU BEASH