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The Try Guys Try Therapy

  • Published on: 13 December 2015
  • "I...I...I feel something..."

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    Us All Along
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    Dr. Jenn

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  • Runtime : 7:33
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  • Noir FOS
    Noir FOS   2 hours ago

    Eugene is literally me when my friends try to hug me - that exact same posture, face, everything

  • chicken skink
    chicken skink   2 days ago

    I think I related most to Zach which might be because I have also dealt with depression

  • EmVinci15
    EmVinci15   4 days ago

    Eugene has really opened up within the past few years of being on the Try Guys, and you can definitely tell, but I think what will really bring him out is when he finds his person that he’ll love forever and be fun with. And with that only time will tell and until then we have the Eugene we all love now❤️

  • Emily A.
    Emily A.   5 days ago

    Just so people know who are worried about therapy, it's not typical (from my experiences and understanding) to hug the client. :)

  • Janet Toh
    Janet Toh   6 days ago

    Every try guys is unique the way they are...Even without one of them It would feel different and so much more empty so...The moral of the story... hmmm Try guys are awesome...Is that even a moral ? Lol (._.)

  • Jaira Barles
    Jaira Barles   1 weeks ago

    "so what do u do?"Ned that is so cute wtf

  • Emily Moisant
    Emily Moisant   1 weeks ago

    She’s probably my favorite guest they’ve had

  • Lilly Kelly
    Lilly Kelly   1 weeks ago

    Zack you are a total sweetheart. You just jumped into that with both feet !! And Eugene did so well too even though he was super uncomfortable 🤗

  • illuminate3mily
    illuminate3mily   1 weeks ago

    They all recognized Keith’s insecurity and in their new office makeover the sign says beautiful Keith :’)

  • Cait Rose
    Cait Rose   2 weeks ago

    To anyone who feels like they don't have anyone to talk to or they are completely alone in life, even if you only have one concern, I highly suggest that you try therapy for a little while.

  • ItzKat
    ItzKat   2 weeks ago


  • Quacky Duckling
    Quacky Duckling   3 weeks ago

    I relate to Zach because I think it's partly due to the fact that we are both smaller than most and people label us as the cuties and don't take us seriously <3 I think they should do more of these videos

  • Benjamin Slowinski
    Benjamin Slowinski   3 weeks ago

    Watch their body language you can see how vulnerable they all feel. When you cover your private parts like they do or cross your arms over your stomach, its like you're trying to protect your vital parts. Watch the video with that in mind

  • Brianna Linton
    Brianna Linton   3 weeks ago


  • Pete Stathopoulos
    Pete Stathopoulos   3 weeks ago

    when Eugene was talking you can tell Zach was pissed. All other people in the room were looking at him interested and concerned, but Zach was looking at the floor pissed

  • Annika Bolding
    Annika Bolding   4 weeks ago

    I resonate with eugene. I was forced into therapy. Not the way it's done. It's just more traumatic

  • pavi shankar
    pavi shankar   4 weeks ago

    did yall notice that was not working it was 10:30 all along

  • Heather Oldfield
    Heather Oldfield   1 months ago

    The way Eugene hold his arms up when he gets hugged... I have not related to a person as much as I have to Eugene 😭😂🖤

  • Panda_Sumino
    Panda_Sumino   1 months ago

    Eugene needs to work on his interraction skills with other people... but overall everyone did great on showing their feelings! :)