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First Time In Full Drag Transformation

  • Published on: 05 October 2018
  • HI SISTERS! Drag queens have always been a major source of inspiration to me in both my makeup and every day life. I've done drag a few times, but I've never actually FULLY transformed and learned what it takes to be performance ready. In today's video, I decided to educate myself on the art of drag and do my first ever full body drag transformation... in front of my favorite queens in the world. Enjoy!!

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    EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula

    WRITER: Eros Gomez

    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
  • Runtime : 46:12
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  • NJ J
    NJ J   5 minuts ago

    You're just too beautiful not to do more of these!

  • Miss cookie
    Miss cookie   31 minuts ago

    Why did i think that the thumbnail was cardi b..

  • Cool Dog
    Cool Dog   49 minuts ago

    It looks in a picture Frame has Hana stocking in it

  • pcy. real
    pcy. real   50 minuts ago

    How the heck did you look like Lady Gaga in the thumbnail???

  • Kylie M
    Kylie M   1 hours ago

    Bet after all that time, un-tucking felt good!

  • N O R E L L E
    N O R E L L E   1 hours ago

    Watching james charles videos late at night when I can't sleep!!

  • Lemon Z
    Lemon Z   1 hours ago

    Someone come get their son please🤢

  • Emalie Tidwell
    Emalie Tidwell   1 hours ago

    JJaJamJameJamesJames cJames chJames chaJames charJames charlJames charleJames Charles

  • Alexa Faie
    Alexa Faie   1 hours ago

    I'm a little bit annoyed that the What Katie Did staff didn't give you the number one bit of advice regarding corsets plus other garments. Tights (pantyhose) and shoes/boots before corset! I felt really sorry for you watching you try to struggle and having to get someone else to put the tights on you (awkward much?). So in case you hadn't figured this out for next time (if you do this again), put those items on first. :)

  • Kelsey Newton
    Kelsey Newton   1 hours ago

    Jeffrey star is better than you and that is a fact

  • fist name last name
    fist name last name   2 hours ago

    Oh my God. Why do you look so good with no hair on your face and head?!??! QUEEN!😱😱

  • Reznor's Mom
    Reznor's Mom   2 hours ago

    Ate an entire bowl of homemade chili and home made milk shake I was ready for this video

  • fist name last name
    fist name last name   3 hours ago

    I love you so much that I literally tried to subscribe again. Then I realized I already did.😂

  • Brooklyn_love quake
    Brooklyn_love quake   3 hours ago

    Queen👑 I'm sister snatched how awesome you looked I love you so much 💖💖 always awesome when I watch your videos 😜💖

  • Hollie rose
    Hollie rose   3 hours ago

    Omg James Charles met Eurika, miz cracker and many other people I love from rupauls drag race

  • ButWhy :o
    ButWhy :o   3 hours ago

    When you came out with that butt think on I was dead

  • Lady Circle
    Lady Circle   3 hours ago

    Hi James I'm new to your channel and I just wanted to say that your Drag look all together made you look like a woman, and that's coming from one. You look like you could've been Marilyn Monroe's sister or close relative. I have to say you really nailed it and you looked like a beautiful woman!

  • Jumpsuit Josh
    Jumpsuit Josh   4 hours ago

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  • Hailey Deokie
    Hailey Deokie   4 hours ago

    37:37 I literally thought that was a cis woman omgg so pretty

  • Avery Kayleigh BFF
    Avery Kayleigh BFF   6 hours ago

    When he opened the fan it made me jump I was so sucked in to the vid omg

  • PinkPanda Xx
    PinkPanda Xx   7 hours ago

    You remind me of lady gaga!! I wish I could be that pretty!! Maybe one day tho

  • Zoe Majic
    Zoe Majic   8 hours ago

    James your beautiful sister i love you and your videos they made me feel happy wearing makeup people called me a hore but you made me come out of my shell and become a makeup artists

  • Lexie’s plays !!
    Lexie’s plays !!   8 hours ago

    If you were walking around in town I would never notice u and u are STUNNING SASSY SISTER please give me a shout out!

  • Wolfie Gamer
    Wolfie Gamer   8 hours ago

    You slay that drag😁😻💓❤💕💖💗💘💝👍👏

  • Kylie Lucas
    Kylie Lucas   8 hours ago

    When a beginner looks better than you

  • Ema Taylor
    Ema Taylor   9 hours ago

    I am living for that hair It is gorgeous😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • s4dsm1les
    s4dsm1les   9 hours ago

    spirit gum so nobody can snatch his weave