Binging with Babish: Breakfast from The Phantom Thread

  • Published on: 04 September 2018
  • Taking Daniel Day-Lewis' breakfast order is a double-edged sword: get it right, and you fall in love with an abusive fashion designer whom you feel the need to poison to stay in love with. Get it wrong, and you'll probably never work in this town again. Thread the needle this week as we try and recreate breakfast for the hungry boy.

    The clotted cream, butter, and jam in this episode all came out sensational - the welsh rarebit and scones, however, could use some work. Go check out the YouTuber that inspired this week's episode here for some solid recipes!

    Music: "Juparo" by Broke for Free

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  • Runtime : 5:53
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  • Iamkaan 7
    Iamkaan 7   17 hours ago

    Worstershire is pronounsed wus-t-shu

  • MrGrapesniffer
    MrGrapesniffer   17 hours ago

    buh, buh, buh buh buh.... CREEEEMMEE FRAAAAIIIIIICHE

  • J Dahmus
    J Dahmus   3 days ago

    This just became my day after thanksgiving feast meal

  • Alijah Murphy
    Alijah Murphy   5 days ago

    Sorry on the Welsh rarebit.... I have liked everything you've done but that. I couldn't compare to your knowledge but that was like a weird 70s take on a classic dish.

  • greg rice
    greg rice   5 days ago

    scone is like gone not cone because otherwise the joke doesn't work

  • Greg Reekie
    Greg Reekie   5 days ago

    As pretentious as this is....1 its a brittish scone 2 its pronounced "skon" babby 🙃

  • Zoe Smith
    Zoe Smith   6 days ago

    Excuse me did you just pronounce kefir key-feer?

  • T Brooks
    T Brooks   6 days ago

    I love this, but for true english authenticity you need to use back bacon like in the film

  • Lorna An
    Lorna An   1 weeks ago

    clotted cream is no joke. I got an industrial sized tub from work once (1kg) and i'm putting on weight just remembering it

  • Yam Jam
    Yam Jam   1 weeks ago

    -making jamMe:hey this is fun! What's nextBabish:now put it in the fridge for 3weeksMe: ...alright...

  • greyman419
    greyman419   1 weeks ago

    That's a hell of a stout for cooking...

  • Robert Heed
    Robert Heed   1 weeks ago

    Look at this fuckin baller over here using Bourbon County as a cooking beer lol


    I’m cringing on how you put clotted cream on your a scone then the jam!!!! 😂😂 Its jam then clotted cream 😂 you’ve started WW3 😂😂

  • Bannerman 1903
    Bannerman 1903   1 weeks ago

    Using US bacon and sausages here just looked so WRONG!

  • Chris Spencer
    Chris Spencer   1 weeks ago

    You know Gordon Ramsay is despite for followers advertising on your channel

  • Michael Liszt
    Michael Liszt   1 weeks ago

    BABISH, I HAVE THE SAME EXACT BLACK CUP AT 5:10 great video btw, im ashamed not to subs from years before

  • Yann Dhou
    Yann Dhou   1 weeks ago

    In our part of France, if you use unsalted butter you're an enormous douchebag, even in pastry

  • Callie Thompson
    Callie Thompson   1 weeks ago

    Scones don't rise properly if they're separated on the tray they actually cook a lot better if all close together

  • groggily
    groggily   1 weeks ago

    I’d really like to see a basics with banish canning video especially with things that you can grow or harvest yourself like your basic garden vegetables or berries

  • Bseroj Trbsr
    Bseroj Trbsr   1 weeks ago

    Those scones are tiny. Standard supermarket scones tend to be thicker than that. Sometimes scones can get ridiculously big-sometimes about the size of a burger and bun.

  • Tommy Dempsey
    Tommy Dempsey   1 weeks ago

    Andrew, I really love what you do, but Bourbon County?You used wayyyy to good (and probably too flavourful) a beer to make that rarebit. Guinness original would've been fine.Bourbon County is for drinkin' my friend.

  • skeemer01
    skeemer01   2 weeks ago

    "You will get addicted to it and it is hilariously unhealthy" SOLD

  • Cassandra Lewis
    Cassandra Lewis   2 weeks ago

    Mabey a meal from American Psycho?( except the chocolate covered urinal cake.)

  • Edvin Prses
    Edvin Prses   2 weeks ago

    You should make Bosnian Burek (meat pie) hahah Good Luck!

  • Jimmy Nyarlathotep
    Jimmy Nyarlathotep   2 weeks ago

    Banish man, I love your show, but you keep pronouncing Scone incorrectly. STAHP

  • danbachman
    danbachman   2 weeks ago

    I love this video but it kills me that it's "Phantom Thread" not "The Phantom Thread." I am a pedant and this is my madness.

  • Buzz Browless
    Buzz Browless   2 weeks ago

    Make marge’s desert hot dogs from the simpsons

  • chris brason
    chris brason   2 weeks ago

    I'm very sorry sir but the proper way to eat a scone is with the jam first then clotted cream 🙄

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