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  • Published on: 01 December 2016

    Time to see who REALLY knows each other...

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  • Runtime : 23:55
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  • Jamieson Dreyer
    Jamieson Dreyer   50 minuts ago

    So Keith from Smosh likes chicken and Keith from the try guys likes chicken

  • Don’t Judge
    Don’t Judge   4 hours ago

    Idk if it’s me seeing things or not but at 5:01 the fifth sibling she has kinda looks like Joey Graceffa with shorter hair

  • Lily Hathaway
    Lily Hathaway   14 hours ago

    Noah: "why do you cry?" Me: "literally everything..."Noah: "oh"

    KABIR SINGH   16 hours ago

    I’m not trying to roast Courtney but her parents need to know what a condom is

  • Grr8CJ
    Grr8CJ   20 hours ago

    for the question at the beggining of the video, my mom

  • Osman Omar
    Osman Omar   22 hours ago

    I'm watching this video in 2018

  • kiana amarnani
    kiana amarnani   23 hours ago

    I'm indian that's OFFENSIVE jkjk I'm not one of those people

  • Abigail Martin
    Abigail Martin   1 days ago

    I love how Shayne has none for most of the game 😂

  • zombielady327 /Aly
    zombielady327 /Aly   2 days ago

    did anyone realize courteny didn't get the point when she answered that olivia came to America when she as 2?

  • Kiera Ruehlen
    Kiera Ruehlen   2 days ago

    I cry after my Cross Country Wat u think about cross country

  • Oropesa Torres
    Oropesa Torres   3 days ago

    Because I saw my brother being punished with the belt

  • Rasha Hassan
    Rasha Hassan   3 days ago

    I thought Keith’s favorite food was bacon?

  • Slk Little
    Slk Little   3 days ago

    Holy shit I share a birthday with Olivia!!!

  • The Only Tepig
    The Only Tepig   3 days ago

    Noah and Shayne need to sit next to each other more often

  • Ok Lol
    Ok Lol   6 days ago

    I cry when my mom throws a frying pan at me For not doing the dishes

  • Zero Gray
    Zero Gray   6 days ago

    Why do I cry? More like why don't I cry ????

  • bubbleskid2887
    bubbleskid2887   6 days ago

    When i see someone with a delicious croissant and i ask them "are you gonna finsh that croissants?" And they say yes. T-T

  • Just Sophie
    Just Sophie   6 days ago

    Keith is litterally in love with Courtney 💕

  • Josh Boyle
    Josh Boyle   6 days ago

    Doesn't that mean Keith just talks about himself the most