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Creating Saturday Night Live: Foo Fighters - SNL

  • Published on: 06 March 2018
  • Dave Grohl recounts memories from the Foo Fighters' seven appearances on Saturday Night Live.

    #SNL #SNL43

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  • Runtime : 5:6
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  • Goggle products
    Goggle products   6 days ago

    Pure evil these fuckin homos are were and always will be

  • Goggle products
    Goggle products   6 days ago

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Did you know Frances most famous photo is her in a beta sex kitten jacket at kurt's funeral? Did you know when you flip the flipper shirt and crop it just right it makes a 9i1 with a tiny plane flying into it ; ) He's also placed next to a burning government building with two plumes of smoke? In rainbow colours I just noticed haha? Did you know Kurt was a character placed here to push a trans/gay agenda on you with out you being the wiser? Think about how into dresses and make up this Punk rocker was. As a teen I thought it was just cool to go against the grain, now I realize CHAKA stood for CHAKA CON who sang im every women. TRans message right out the gate. Chaka is also a drag queen. WHy did they have such a fascination with Rupaul back then? I never heard so much rape talk then in the 90's. Think about all the bands they were into, either gay, trans, murder, or girls. All of them. 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Go fuck yourself Kurt you slimy faggot, you deserve a bullet in your head you fuckin shit wad. By the way the GReenhouse he died in has a huge capital A on the front. A flipped is a bulls head and it just so happens to represent EL the Bull god, which is SATURN. ITs also why Toyota has a bulls head for a logo. Pay attention they are after our minds folks. Nothing is random and this dude was anything but a progressive, introspective artist who became a house hold name on the merit of his art. Thats exactly what it was not

  • Fake hip hop
    Fake hip hop   1 weeks ago

    I gotta get into rock. 90s and 80s rock to be exact

  • smokeabonethug416
    smokeabonethug416   3 weeks ago

    It bugs me when he always says bad shit about his drumming. He does it often.

  • Thomas P
    Thomas P   1 months ago

    Dave Grohl was in on the murder of Kurt Cobain & conspired with Courtney Love to whack him. The Illuminati's music industry elites rewarded that back-stabbing creep with riches, a new contract & a band for doing the high level sacrifice of Cobain. That's how they do things in the Kabbalistic, satanic Jew run Hollywood & the music businesses. 1.) 2.) The Cobain Case: 3.) Kurt Cobain Was Murdered Absolute Proof! foo fighters will never be inducted into RnR HOF not near good enough, unless illuminati controls that too.

  • Sagar Hirani
    Sagar Hirani   1 months ago

    Would have been sooooo much more better if this band was at least 3-4 guys chipping in in interviews and talking more and participating more in everything. Even live performances.

  • Kasun Liyanage
    Kasun Liyanage   1 months ago

    Dave is looking so good now than when he was young

  • Modestoney
    Modestoney   2 months ago

    "our bass player"really , Dave?You couldn´t say his name as if Chris Novoselic was some unknown hired gun?

  • Raphaela Estrela
    Raphaela Estrela   2 months ago

  • GJSJapan
    GJSJapan   2 months ago

    2:50 JC is a beloved comedian and all that, but he really couldn't stand not being the center of attention. I think he's probably a dick in real life.

  • Tatiana x0
    Tatiana x0   2 months ago

    OMG, I'm so nerdy for this stuff...

  • Cynthia Moore
    Cynthia Moore   2 months ago

    No way you got to play with Mick! So jelly!

  • Paige 1996
    Paige 1996   2 months ago

    I love Dave and I miss Kurt so much!

  • NotSoNinjaJoe
    NotSoNinjaJoe   2 months ago

    Has there been another musical guest that’s been there as much as Foo Fighters? I hope they keep bringing em back. Dave and the gang are just the best.

  • Pete Jeffris
    Pete Jeffris   3 months ago

    Was this before or during the Foo Fighter's AIDS/HIV denial propaganda campaign?

  • TriceyDiva💋
    TriceyDiva💋   3 months ago

    Dave and Taylor seem distance in this interview

  • drummerfella 55
    drummerfella 55   3 months ago

    Bwhahahahahahaha!.....Hawkins @ around 3:55....."We can't believe how well Preserved...the guy is!....ha ha!

  • DrumRapTech
    DrumRapTech   3 months ago

    I’m pretty sure taylor dabbed on the last scene

  • The least favorite human

    Dave could be the most annoying person in this planet but he's the nicest guy around!Just love him and his love for music!

  • Matthias Green
    Matthias Green   3 months ago

    The way he liked at the camera in that one scene was so funny

  • Christopher G.
    Christopher G.   3 months ago

    0:50 Even though this was the early 1990s why wouldn't Grohl have had many spare drum sticks (right next to him for easy access) to replace the broken one?

  • The Dummy
    The Dummy   3 months ago

    So Dave has performed on SNL 12 times.. 2 with Nirvana 1 with Tom Petty 7 with Foo 1 with Jagger than 1 with remaining members of Nirvana an Paul McCartney

  • 1122stardust
    1122stardust   3 months ago

    It's the Dave show ! All ego no other band members talk...

  • Tom Adams
    Tom Adams   4 months ago

    Yeah,  but did they have the moves like Jagger ?????

  • NickolaiVolkov
    NickolaiVolkov   4 months ago

    Love the Foo Fighters. Love Dave Grohl. Disliked vid when he mispronounced Yankovic’s name. :-/

  • ChrisHallett83
    ChrisHallett83   4 months ago

    Dave Grohl is my generations greatest music man. Nobody even compares.

  • jjp009
    jjp009   4 months ago

    Ladies and gentlemen...Foo FIGHTERS.

  • Daniel Arbiter
    Daniel Arbiter   5 months ago

    Nails the exact pitch of Charles Barkley's voice