"There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back" - Behind The Scenes

  • Published on: 10 July 2017
  • http://shawnmendesofficial.com
  • Runtime : 2:10


  • iiiKutaki
    iiiKutaki   3 days ago

    my name is ellie but i am 11 have a great fay shawn! God bless :)

  • Celin Evangelista
    Celin Evangelista   1 weeks ago

    I'm kinda jealous of this freaking girl. She.is.so.fucking.lucky.

  • Zena nazar
    Zena nazar   2 weeks ago

    Here in November 2018 and I’m beyond proud of him😍❤️

  • Ema
    Ema   2 weeks ago

    0:37 he's so cute helping her ❤

    SARAH IS AWESOmE   2 weeks ago

    Ok so Shawn says this song is about him and Ellie not being scared to travel places, I thought it was about love the whole tien

  • Maria Luiza
    Maria Luiza   2 weeks ago

    O clipe e a música são maravilhosos. Mais tinha q rolar bj? Serio? Affsss Shawn Mendes É só meeeuuu. Alie Amber ou sla... te odeio

  • Wiwita
    Wiwita   1 months ago

    Imagine if Camila Cabello see this... 😱

  • Tye Buckingham
    Tye Buckingham   1 months ago

    I thought he was going to jump off a cliff for a sec

  • CaitieTheCat
    CaitieTheCat   1 months ago

    It's bittersweet....No more Shawn 😭No more Ellie 🤗

  • CaitieTheCat
    CaitieTheCat   1 months ago

    Anyone else slightly glad when they said "that's a wrap"?

  • CaitieTheCat
    CaitieTheCat   1 months ago

    He should write a song about emotions...Cause I swear I'm feeling every one of them...😭😍😁😱🤗😒😩😡🤔

  • CaitieTheCat
    CaitieTheCat   1 months ago

    I know a lot of people are upset about the whole Ellie/Shawn thing, but I respect his decision...I mean, working with fans is hard, bc I mean if that was me I'd be screaming and freaking out the whole time...But it still sucks...I mean, she's gettin' MONEY To touch, hug, & hold hands with Shawn...Like bruh!#MendesArmy would do it all for FREE!

  • Siqi Wei
    Siqi Wei   1 months ago

    Where is the audition to be that girl

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