Shawn Mendes: The Album

  • Published on: 26 April 2018
  • Pre-order Shawn Mendes: The Album here now:
  • Runtime : 8:58:21


  • Sarah Alliasss
    Sarah Alliasss   1 weeks ago

    Saw this and now I’m remembering the 8 freaking hours I watched this for

  • 毕绮琪
    毕绮琪   1 weeks ago

    I'll suggest my American queen Tay to do something similar like this so i can see her more often !!!

  • Agos Pombo
    Agos Pombo   3 weeks ago

    como olvidarme de las 8 horas que estuve sufriendo

  • Mendes Army
    Mendes Army   1 months ago

    If you said you watched the whole video without skipping you are lying. I love Shawn but school, homework, umm no one has time to watch the whole video

  • Nd Boss
    Nd Boss   1 months ago

    Who remember staying up till 5am for this !!

  • Aya Mohamed
    Aya Mohamed   1 months ago

    I still hate him for doing that to us

  • JazzyJacy
    JazzyJacy   2 months ago

    i remember going to bed when this live had just started (i had to wake up really early the next morning), waking up and see the live STILL going on, ugh this is so iconic

  • Mrs. Benito
    Mrs. Benito   3 months ago

    Kanka 8 saat çalışmışsınız ben sana bir 42 lira veremiyceksem yazıklar olsun bana hemen gidip albüm alıyorum.

  • Nathalia Jordan
    Nathalia Jordan   3 months ago

    I was watching it very confused on why it was 8 hours, but then I was like it’s Shawn it’s worth it very time ❤️

  • jan april_98
    jan april_98   3 months ago


  • Filip Filip
    Filip Filip   4 months ago

    Im curios who watch the full video😂😂😂

  • ᖲroken
    ᖲroken   4 months ago

    Why album not called The Flowers?? 😂

  • Kyra Jordan
    Kyra Jordan   4 months ago

    Best way to waste of 8 hours.10/10, will watch again.

  • SM Hyehen
    SM Hyehen   4 months ago

    Sa était diffuser en direct le jour de mon anniversaire je suis trop heureuse ...... SHAWN MENDES the best of the best 💙💚❤💘👌👌👌

  • teigan
    teigan   4 months ago

    who remembers this torture?

  • William Laws
    William Laws   5 months ago

    Anyone else hear mutual at 3:20:25Edit: 3:20:35

  • Ida Mendes
    Ida Mendes   5 months ago

    Shawn Mendes you my love my everything my world my dream my life.You and your songs amazing and best I love you forever

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