Basics With Babish Live | Weeknight Meals

  • Published on: 26 October 2018
  • Runtime : 2:49:26


  • Nikkity
    Nikkity   1 weeks ago

    Any suggestions for a chef's knife? Are you still using the same knives you suggested in the past?

  • TelefonBÄRmann
    TelefonBÄRmann   1 weeks ago

    you are so wholesome, I want to cuddle you! (sorry..normally I'm../like every sane person/ against sexual harassment..)

  • daBasti1309
    daBasti1309   1 weeks ago

    +++TIMESTAMPS+++Stream starts at 8:28Cooking starts at 18:55You´re welcome

  • Brett101792
    Brett101792   1 weeks ago

    Hey when's the next cook along Babs? I missed this one ):

  • 3ICE
    3ICE   2 weeks ago

    Where did he say mylar / mallard / maylar reaction? The potato baking part.

  • 33whitten
    33whitten   2 weeks ago

    One time I had dream that babish raw dogged me over a beautiful piece of American maple table top. Thanks for the vids babish.

  • Tyler
    Tyler   2 weeks ago

    You should make some chicken fried steak!

  • JustAMessenger
    JustAMessenger   3 weeks ago

    This looked like a stop motion video. What a trip.

  • Garett Reeser
    Garett Reeser   3 weeks ago

    do you think you could make an old fashioned goulash?

  • Trondan Nissen
    Trondan Nissen   3 weeks ago

    Babish calling himself average or below average man, while always looking super stylish...

  • Mike Donovan
    Mike Donovan   3 weeks ago

    Babish, you got the worst peeler ever man

  • super 10q
    super 10q   3 weeks ago

    Hey i dare you make a beef broth using coffe maker and put some spice in to it and don't forget to taste it

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi   3 weeks ago

    Make sploosh from the book "Hole's"

  • rio m
    rio m   3 weeks ago

    Can you do the chicken from Eraserhead (1977) 👌

  • Jiru Candy
    Jiru Candy   3 weeks ago

    Does anyone else think that Babish's friend on the livestream sounds just like Paul F. Tompkins (comedian and Mr. Peanutbutter on Bojack? ^.^

  • amelie3265
    amelie3265   3 weeks ago

    I would love for you to try to recreate Brock’s healthy stew from Pokémon!

  • 3ICE
    3ICE   3 weeks ago

    1:34:24 Lol someone donates 100 rupees (~1$ value) and they go "oh my god!" over it :D New strategy to impress; donate 100 in Peso, or even Hungarian Forints.YouTube should really autoconvert currency to freedom units ($), and/or not pop up low value donations for so long.

  • 3ICE
    3ICE   3 weeks ago

    1:07:50 he said backslash :( — Why do people try to be unnecessarily fancy with their computer terms? Forward slash, backslash, hyphen, em dash... Just say slash, it's the correct term. Also the easiest. r\bingingwithbabish (←bad, good→↓)r/bingingwithbabish

  • Raisa Karim
    Raisa Karim   3 weeks ago

    Hey Babish! Can you do a basics episode for vegans and vegetarians or even just vegetable dishes?

  • james shaw
    james shaw   3 weeks ago

    Use a vpn and watch bake off on iPlayer

  • Ego Banal
    Ego Banal   3 weeks ago

    Hey look another rich jew :)

  • luffy ace
    luffy ace   3 weeks ago

    Still hasn't made monster hunter world food

  • Vivian Li
    Vivian Li   3 weeks ago

    Can you pleeeease make BUTTERBEER from Harry Potter?

  • Chayce Holcomb
    Chayce Holcomb   3 weeks ago

    You should make Ed's special sauce from good burger

  • The Muffin
    The Muffin   3 weeks ago

    Yo babish, make muffins, mabye apple oatmeal muffins?

  • Andy M
    Andy M   3 weeks ago

    The holidays areright around the corner, how about doing it Babish goose?

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