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The Try Guys Roast Each Other's Instagrams

  • Published on: 05 September 2018
  • In this episode of #TryGuys Game Time, the guys host a social media roast where they skewer and joke about each other's worst Instagrams, tweets, and posts. #TGGT

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  • Runtime : 11:40
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  • t_briden
    t_briden   24 seconds ago

    Lmao I feeeeeeeeeeel Keith and Zach on a spiritual level about the fake glasses

  • Nataly Cardenas
    Nataly Cardenas   27 minuts ago

    I love Eugene so much, I cant believe he likes Black Pink!!💜

  • wig flew
    wig flew   1 hours ago

    Zachs fucking hair I'm dead

  • Grey Rain
    Grey Rain   5 hours ago

    No everyone who’s ever been born is jealous of Keith in every way possible

  • Katy Overland
    Katy Overland   7 hours ago

    Not to be gross, but Ned is a total DILF in this video

  • Wisp AJ
    Wisp AJ   8 hours ago

    You can say Ned was... a master roaster

  • Izabel Talley
    Izabel Talley   9 hours ago

    I LOVE BTS. I was overjoyed when I heard that Eugene was a KPop fan

  • princess Ann
    princess Ann   9 hours ago

    I love the try guys so much 😭You guys are perfect just the way you are. never change 😆

  • Mick Ross
    Mick Ross   9 hours ago

    Ned shouting blackpink was the cutest thing I’ve seen today

  • jupiter_ stars_
    jupiter_ stars_   18 hours ago

    5:11 when eugene's teeth are brighter than your future

  • Anmol Oraon
    Anmol Oraon   19 hours ago

    "Got the little Keith on the waist, got the little smile on the face" and didn't see this comingKeith- " you have just finished having sex with your dog, ROCKin " LMAO...Keith's voice was changed while saying that. Funny af.....both in tweet and insta

  • Sarah Jones
    Sarah Jones   22 hours ago

    I all ways try to talk to birds 😂

  • Cheenc Plays
    Cheenc Plays   1 days ago

    Don't worry Eugene I sometimes think I can talk to birds😂

  • Three Insane Freaks
    Three Insane Freaks   1 days ago

    Zach: I need to put my foot down and defend those in the world who are vision impaired because this. Is not. A. Fashion. Accessory. All of your photos is imitating Eugene “Oh look I can’t see, I have glasses, look how hot I am” GET THESE FUCKING THINGS OFF YOUR FACE EUGENE!! This is not here to make ya look hot, it’s here to help me and Keith not bump into shit while we’re walking.Keith: For all those people out there who want to wear glasses cuz you look cool, then you better start wearing glasses everyday from the age of 5. Then you’re aloud to do itZach: you haven’t felt the struggle Eugene! You can’t just use it to look hot.Me: PREACH BOTHER!

  • Marinah Jayde
    Marinah Jayde   1 days ago

    I laughed at Keith's ridiculous hashtags and captions. eventhough his social media skills are terrible, they bring the comedic value that I'm here for 😂😂

  • louchu
    louchu   1 days ago

    Thank you Zach and Keith for that glasses rant!<3

  • BD30
    BD30   1 days ago

    BRO THE GLASSES this is LITERALLY the most relatable thing! Like, you have NO RIGHT to go around wearing them for fun and to look cool when you didn't have to feel embarrassed about them back in THIRD GRADE

  • sadder daze
    sadder daze   1 days ago

    Eugene’s bird tweet is true though 😛

  • Vanessa Matravers
    Vanessa Matravers   1 days ago

    Zach, TikTok/ has proof of the knee hands together pose. Crusin' Catalina...

  • Seth Clark
    Seth Clark   1 days ago

    i love keith but he is trying so hard to make blah blah blah joke joke joke commentary

  • Tannah Richens
    Tannah Richens   1 days ago

    "he uses instagram as if he has three followers and they're all his mom" LMAO