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Guess Who's A Couple from a Group of Strangers (Alexa) | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on: 11 September 2018
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    Guess Who's A Couple from a Group of Strangers (Alexa) | Lineup | Cut

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  • Runtime : 5:23
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  • Samantha Rhodes
    Samantha Rhodes   13 hours ago

    Definitely should have thrown some queer couples into the mix, partly because it may have thrown her off, mostly because there would have been queer couples.

  • Victual •
    Victual •   3 days ago

    Of course the negro women’s is paired

  • varun2275
    varun2275   3 days ago

    This would be even more awkward if they had siblings in the lineup too

  • Jakexvx
    Jakexvx   4 days ago

    So this is what Alexa looks like!

  • Adoree. Alison
    Adoree. Alison   1 weeks ago

    In the begininging i was like where are the other part of her arms😂

  • Peekpeekapeeka -chu
    Peekpeekapeeka -chu   1 weeks ago

    Is her name Alexa?Did the joke "it's sad, Alexa play..." come from her? Or what?

  • D L
    D L   1 weeks ago

    Play despacito

  • kidlouie
    kidlouie   1 weeks ago

    Is it just me but the whole in her sleeves make her arms invisible because of her skin tone

  • Francene French
    Francene French   1 weeks ago

    This one was mad easy lmfao shes just off or something like I guesses right lmao

  • Ruby
    Ruby   1 weeks ago

    I love that she was so honest "like that could be racist" lol

  • FireClockWork_3000_
    FireClockWork_3000_   1 weeks ago

    It would have been GR8 with an odd number, and 3 were all together XD

  • Dank People
    Dank People   1 weeks ago

    Lol, her skin blended in with the background

  • Fαıтհ •
    Fαıтհ •   1 weeks ago

    regardless if any of them were gay or not, it is still sad heterosexuality is the default

  • HoneyIsland 23
    HoneyIsland 23   1 weeks ago

    It's sad because she didn't get anyone right but it was even more sad hearing strangers say Ily to someone else

  • A Mai
    A Mai   1 weeks ago

    0:07 Technology has come so far these days

  • Jacob Higgins
    Jacob Higgins   1 weeks ago

    Alexa I feel sad play the next episode of despacito 2 kakficujfundjjmsimsAnd also why is it that every Jacob I know is tall including me! Broooo

  • lil scythe
    lil scythe   1 weeks ago

    the dude that wears his has backwards in a way that covers his eyebrows is so goofy

  • Ciel
    Ciel   1 weeks ago

    Is she queer..? Asking for a friend XD

  • Christian p
    Christian p   1 weeks ago

    This is so sad. Alexa play Despacito.

    KAYLEIGH HENDRICKS   2 weeks ago

    Is the one with the short dirty blondish hair Camryn from the channel Cam&Fam? #camily