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Watch Elton playing the opening party (remotely)

  • Published on: 05 March 2017
  • Runtime : 52
  • walledofhotel eltonjohn palestine bethlehem banksy


  • Tom *
    Tom *   1 years ago

    Banksy is a leftist shill playing up to the globalists..

  • Lumian
    Lumian   1 years ago

    This is it! Banksy must be connected somehow with the greatest musican ever, Burial.!!

  • UnitDave
    UnitDave   1 years ago

    The Earth is flat!Not a wobbling, spinning BALL.

  • Adam Mahomed
    Adam Mahomed   1 years ago

    He's playing from Palestine and as we know banksy supports Palestine so there is some sort of correlation between banksy and the event he attended that could be the reason why he decided to upload

  • a MUSEd
    a MUSEd   1 years ago

    I guess that's why they call it the green. Someone tip this man a di faced tenner and leave a rose. I'm going to go light some candles.

  • Venomex
    Venomex   1 years ago

    Did the feed cut in and out during the performance?

  • misterOsc
    misterOsc   1 years ago

    hello Banksy! nice job making rich people waste their money

  • Skush
    Skush   1 years ago

    So Elton John was Banksy all along...

  • Arian
    Arian   1 years ago

    Its been a while since i came this early

  • LsArts
    LsArts   1 years ago

    yeah, but what does it mean?