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#LionelNation🇺🇸Immersive Live Stream: They Simply Have No Idea Our Strength and Our Numbers

  • Published on: 12 October 2018
  • But they will soon learn.


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  • Runtime : 1:27:7


  • Sheila Johnston
    Sheila Johnston   9 hours ago

    It was like a Master and Slave public beating by other black people- Don Lemon, etc? Take your wings & fly away, Kanye!

  • Pasty White
    Pasty White   1 days ago

    Mic you're old lady -- and eat bowls of pasta. Savage eats on air (albeit radio). At the very least, enjoy food ON AIR.

  • MaryMag & Martha
    MaryMag & Martha   1 days ago

    And she was rockin' the look! Our FLOTUS looks great in everything she puts on...from her Manolo Blahnik heels to visit Houston to her "I Really Don't Care. Do U?" jacket. She looks great in everything and they can't stand it. Is that the best that the "tolerant" left has? And that guy wearing the militia cap sitting behind her doesn't seem to mind at all

  • MaryMag & Martha
    MaryMag & Martha   1 days ago

    The thought of having sex with Whoopie would make many "fake" being gay

  • Carol Peterson
    Carol Peterson   1 days ago


  • Ellen Story
    Ellen Story   1 days ago

    Freedom, yes it was. and gas was only $.29 a gallon... of course, I only made $2.00 an hour, but who cares... I still bought an old car and had my freedom.

  • Ellen Story
    Ellen Story   1 days ago

    China's "Social Credit" system tracks what you buy. if it's not an "approved" item (like a large bottle of alcohol), you get a lowered score in real time. The biggest problem with their system is that once you get to certain place, you are permanently on the blacklist.. (can't book high speed train rides, can't go out of the country, lots of can'ts.....

  • Ellen Story
    Ellen Story   1 days ago

    She has recently also said that she is one of the most bullied women in the world. Her statement on the jacket was to the public at large who had been harassing her on social media, slamming her choices on everything. She was tired of it. The white pith helmet was a practical choice. it doesn't blow away in the wind and it keeps the sun off of you.. We don't make hat pins any more, which would be necessary to keep a regular hat on, and she didn't want to use a scarf, since that would be interpreted as a concession to Muslimism. No matter what she does, it doesn't matter what, someone is going to weigh in on it and tear her to shreds. I think she looked fabulous. and no one in Africa was taking it as a reversion to colonialism. Now that someone on T.V. is making such a fuss about this, someone in Africa will use it as reason to hate on whites again.

  • Ellen Story
    Ellen Story   1 days ago

    JFK Jr, got wise to what was being attempted on him and went to the much younger businessman Trump for advice and help.. It was well known then that Clinton's had a body trail... what they go after... they don't stop. If he foiled this attempt, she would try again until she succeeded. So he went along with the attempt, with preparations... and he, and his passengers survived and were rescued by some Navy Seals who were standing by, sworn in on the secret.... And he and his wife and her sister went underground.

  • Ellen Story
    Ellen Story   1 days ago

    There are people who forget that the characters on shows on T.V. aren't real people.

  • Ellen Story
    Ellen Story   1 days ago

    What I saw being dragged out of the cockpit (five days after the plane was found) by divers wasn't a real body...

  • Vicktorya Stone
    Vicktorya Stone   2 days ago

    Cover of Tucker's book is stupid. Title is one thing, but the cover is cartoon and turns me off, seriously enough to avoid buying it. It's a bad reason, but there you go. I'll probably read it, but I am off put. Aye.

  • futurequake
    futurequake   2 days ago

    What would make Hitlary suddenly go weak faster than thinking she saw JFK Jr.? Just sayin.................

  • Valkyrie Sardo
    Valkyrie Sardo   2 days ago

    Either put your wife on a mic or ask her to remain silent. It is rude to your listeners when you engage conversation with someone who is barely audible. I've got ears like Roderick Usher and even I can scarcely pick up her half of the conversation. Also be mindful when you start talking to someone's text in a chat window that you have not displayed on the screen.

  • Vicktorya Stone
    Vicktorya Stone   2 days ago

    I thought Kanye was great. Especially the "today is all we have, today after today after today." He's clued in!

  •   2 days ago

    Funny How sloppy Daniels .. Avenatti. Blassey Ford , Robert Mueller, Russia, Russia , Russia...has all turned into last Sunday’s wet news paper.

  •   2 days ago

    The DNC thinks Creepy Crawling Fingers Joe Biden can beat President Donald J Trump in 2020... 😆😭😂🤣😂 I about pissed my pants laughing reading a small Fox News article.

  • Joseph Callaghan
    Joseph Callaghan   2 days ago

    What happens when they put a code bar on you at birth and I'm against driverless vehicles what mess that would be!!!!!!!!!

  • Saddle Tramp
    Saddle Tramp   2 days ago

    Whoopi offering to help devirginize you is enough to scare you into homosexuality. Touché Neil Patrick Harris. Touché.

  • james powell
    james powell   2 days ago

    All of that stuff may happen one day, but not as soon as you seem to think. There was a time, not long ago, when millions were working down mines, typing invoices, building cars, and doing all kinds of things which employed countless amounts of people, which hardly employ anyone these days, yet unemployment has never been lower. the same will happen when driving jobs etc are decimated.Also high teck so called solutions cause big problems and demand an incredible amount of servicing and investment. Remember this is 2018, the time of no jobs, was supposed to happen by 2000, still an't happened, and an't happening soon. Does not mean it an't going to happen one day, however this is a 'problem' for our children. Both you and me, will be well gone.

  • Raenya Salisbury
    Raenya Salisbury   2 days ago

    IT IS SERIOUSLY JFK JR ,,, they let him be well highlighted at the last rally ,, this will be MAGICAL

  • Terry Weaver
    Terry Weaver   2 days ago

    You just proved that religion never gets a past. Listen to yourself.

  • John Shrader
    John Shrader   2 days ago

    Lionel is channeling Groucho Marx today. Two geniuses in one place!

  • Lucille Hino
    Lucille Hino   2 days ago

    Dr. Kaku on weaponizing weather on CBS am show, 1960s technology, Vietnam monsoon strategy... STOP... CUT OFF.. by host because government gag orders and [possibly classified] info not permitted -- applies to ALL networks. -- they are government licensed

  • Priscilla53
    Priscilla53   2 days ago

    My Dear Lionel, fantastic video!!! I will keep hammering that Latino or Hispanic is NOT a race, it's an ethnicity. There are White, Black, Mixed, Asian Hispanics. 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️

  • Freedom 62
    Freedom 62   2 days ago

    Lionel, how do we know for sure what was reported about JFK, Jr. was true? As you know, the government always tells us the truth.

  • Freedom 62
    Freedom 62   2 days ago

    So what if they think we are crazy? We know they are crazy!

  • Kathern Stinson
    Kathern Stinson   2 days ago

    U assume to much American ingenuity will rule the day

  • LarryC213
    LarryC213   2 days ago

    You'd better Defend Jennifer Small...she probably gives you a thousand dollars a month. And you DO make fun of other peoples religous beliefs. You shouldn't lie about that. I hear that's a sin.

  • Jeffrey Stroman
    Jeffrey Stroman   2 days ago

    Agreed about Eric Michael Dyson, but he lost points with me lately jumping on the Trump=racist train, still, his voice being allowed to permiate the fog of msm commentary is definitely a good thing

  • cuneeda Anthony
    cuneeda Anthony   2 days ago

    Why LN do you throw the Israeli Conspiracy theory under the Bus and make light of it as conjecture?? Maybe you have to many friends in NYC who would trash you in a heartbeat..........

  • Rosebud
    Rosebud   2 days ago

    thank you for not judging. Imagine if everyone had your outlook? Just one tiny change would make a huge difference in life. RIGHT?

  • AwakenER
    AwakenER   2 days ago

    ​📢 The Dems continue to shoot themselves in the head with common sense people. MSM dropping as sharp as 40% in the ratings. Those millions of people VOTE. 📣 RED WAVE IS REAL.