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What if I told you I guessed exactly what was in this chest...

  • Published on: 11 October 2018
  • • Random Duos & my teammate asks me to guess what he's going to get from the chest...
    • Episode #56 of Nick Eh 30's Best Fortnite Battle Royale Moments! (Highlights from my streams.)
    • NEW Quad Rocket Launcher, Disco Domination LTM (Capture the Zone), & Skull Trooper/Ranger skins on Fortnite Battle Royale! (Update v6.02)


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  • Runtime : 15:8
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  • Nick Eh 30
    Nick Eh 30   1 weeks ago

    Stayed up late to finish editing this video as promised. :)Heading to bed right now to get up early at around 8am EST for a stream. Cya guys then, Eh Team. Good night!

  • DJ Smoke
    DJ Smoke   12 minuts ago

    Nick Eh 30 better than Ninja!!

  • hasty_tv
    hasty_tv   4 hours ago

    Hey you probably have no idea who I am well you definitely don’t know who I am but I am Utah and I been playing and practicing hard to get in to the fortnite pro league and every time I would get mad at the game or felt like getting off I would watch your videos/streams and the way you played inspired me and I am a visual learner so watching you do all these edits got me doing then and now I FINALLY MADE IT PRO and now I am buying pc parts so I can stream and get big I would love to play with you some time nick love you man

  • ReyGhetto
    ReyGhetto   4 hours ago


  • Nan Sims
    Nan Sims   5 hours ago

    Please turn off members mode

  • Cloudi2K
    Cloudi2K   5 hours ago

    I Like How HE Is So Nice And He Is So Calm When He Dies. He Has Never Raged.

  • Yyog1000
    Yyog1000   6 hours ago

    Nick... You will hit 5 mil by 2019. (Like if you agree) Keep that positive attitude and stay amaZing!

  • Vanitas 901
    Vanitas 901   8 hours ago

    HYPE FOR THE LAST OF US 2 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  • Keyshaun Barnes
    Keyshaun Barnes   10 hours ago

    I put nick as my support a creator like if you did as well

  • lil ceets
    lil ceets   12 hours ago

    You should really post highlight videos more often, we would all appreciate it, I do watch your streams but I only usually get to catch the end cause of work, I know the pressure to post is unfair to put on you, but I’m comfortable being selfish for your content

  • Happyfloydgaming
    Happyfloydgaming   12 hours ago

    You're so innocent my god.. You have such a good attitude

  • jojo King
    jojo King   14 hours ago

    Why do you have adds on your video but you have members only on live stream

  • Paragon Paragon
    Paragon Paragon   16 hours ago

    My dad just got robbed for electric bike worth 1000 pounds

  • Delirious Dilemma
    Delirious Dilemma   18 hours ago

    I love the game Fortnite, I don’t like watching ppl stream this game. After discovering nick eh 30 I’ve come to really enjoy his commentary and positivity. Not only that but his laugh is contagious! First and only streamer I watch, everyday after work or after class I watch his streams that were uploaded since majority of the time I can’t stay around. He deserves all the views and recognition and more! I plan to become a member as soon as I get home! Much love from Texas!

  • Daniel Brown
    Daniel Brown   18 hours ago

    You’re reactions are the Best Nick haha such a cool personality!! You the man Nick

  • Alex Cela
    Alex Cela   18 hours ago

    I was just wondering does nick pin comments?

    ZZZ INTERNET   20 hours ago

    Nick has the right to say anythang xD he better then ninja cx

  • qosay watted
    qosay watted   23 hours ago

    Can you please recorn your hands while playing so we could learn from you..

  • Brandon Trevino
    Brandon Trevino   1 days ago

    Watch that clip when sypher traps a streamer and he reacts to it. That clip shows how you should start trapping people and confirming the kill. Just advice (: really enjoyed the video!!

  • InsaneLegend
    InsaneLegend   1 days ago

    Hey nick umm 😅 I’m going through depression and idk what to do because I just feel sad for no reason and I don’t wanna go to school anymore and I can’t get a consular till 2 months and my parent is getting mad at me for no reason and I hurts me more because I don’t like feeling the way I feel and idk what to do anymore because home doesn’t even feel like a safe place anymore and now I just don’t wanna be in this world anymore and like I just don’t know now

  • Hello Mengxue
    Hello Mengxue   1 days ago

    One more thing please turn off members mode only if you can cause I watch all your streams live and I can’t say anything.plus I watch you on mobile and I can’t get memberships anyways

  • Sugar goldey
    Sugar goldey   1 days ago

    Got to put the victory Royale sign on the tital for the viewa