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  • Published on: 03 August 2018
  • HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm taking my GET READY series to a while other level!!! After the hot air balloon I thought.. it's time to come back got earth! I'm going to do my FULL FACE of makeup on a moving raft... on the iconic Yellowstone River in Montana! Can I survive the sun, wind and wild animals??? Watch and find out!

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    MUSIC: ► Kozah ► ”HaHa” - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVblNX7YSdU
    (courtesy of NoCopyrightSounds)
  • Runtime : 19:7
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  • Jocelyn Rock
    Jocelyn Rock   10 hours ago

    Hope you loved Bozeman! I went to college there and am living in Montana. This was lots of fun to watch!

  • Sam Boyd
    Sam Boyd   2 days ago

    You and Nate are goals! So cute together

  • Makelife Yourrunway
    Makelife Yourrunway   3 days ago

    I was dying through this whole video! I love how you really love interacting with other people! "is something behind me? Human or animal?" hahahahah

  • Dani
    Dani   3 days ago

    Oh god, that is totally me when i see animals too 😂. Just when i thought i couldn't love Jeffree any more than i already do, then i watch this video... Girl, you keep doing you, don't ever change ☺️

  • Mary Anderson
    Mary Anderson   4 days ago

    I say this all the time on all of your videos. But you are so funny and so amazing giiirrrrrlll...I wish I could hang out with you so badly!! I need you to be my best friend! You're so real and so funny and so goddamned authentic...I adore you. Xoxo you and Nathan are a match made in HEAVEN!!! I LOVE THE WAY HE LOOKS AT YOU. 💖💖 true love💖💖

  • Zeb Schill
    Zeb Schill   1 weeks ago

    Gurllllll you make me laugh so hard Yas slay all day queen

  • sunflowerist
    sunflowerist   1 weeks ago

    New to your channel believe it or not..LOL.....omg..love all your videos..in my opinion you have a great and amusing personality and enjoy your videos immensely...you make me laugh and that's all I need:)

  • Kristy Kola
    Kristy Kola   1 weeks ago

    Damn it, you were only 4 hours from me!

  • Marie89
    Marie89   1 weeks ago


  • Kathryn Bell
    Kathryn Bell   1 weeks ago

    Nate is such a gentleman!! Your so lucky Jeffree, he loves you so much!! Not that you don't know that already lol

  • Kayla Bray
    Kayla Bray   1 weeks ago

    Only Jeffree goes rafting in Louis 🤣

  • Navy Black
    Navy Black   1 weeks ago

    jeffreeeeee this is one of your most iCONIC videos

  • Taehyungie
    Taehyungie   2 weeks ago

    If I ever did this shit I would be too anxious that I’d drop shit in and lose it forever

  • Therina83
    Therina83   2 weeks ago

    I would love to see a get un-ready video. I'd love to see your nighttime skincare routine. I just got the new Clarisonic Mia Smart and I'd highly recommend it (or literally any other one of their devices). 💓Love your videos💓

  • Dennis Corso
    Dennis Corso   2 weeks ago

    Girl ,I love your vlog but ....think about vids that have a lil more than just make up ,....girl please ur so talented and inspiring

  • jen spence
    jen spence   2 weeks ago

    I keep commenting on this video, but I watch it fairly often, because the calm, positive energy of it, along with the sound of the water, I think, is truly relaxing! Jeffree, when you are on camera with your family (i.e. Nate, your good friends--people you trust), you seem so content and at your best. This whole thing reminds me of being out on the boat with my brothers; They fish, I can't shut up. Fun times! You seem to be exuding an inner peace lately that is really lovely to witness. Whether your mood is super chill or balls-to-the-wall, that peace still shines through!

  • IKiax Baylee
    IKiax Baylee   2 weeks ago

    When he pretended to throw his jacket, my heart literally dropped

  • jen spence
    jen spence   2 weeks ago

    I love the "Get Ready" series, and this is, BY FAR, my favorite one! The whole thing seems like such a relaxed, free, happy experience. It was very easy to connect to Jeffree, as well as to everyone else in the video. Even without make-up (just hypothetically), this video is endearing, interesting, and entertaining! 💄💚

  • Adrianne 411
    Adrianne 411   2 weeks ago

    Aaaawww Jeffree so sweet the way you talked to the animals!💞🌟💕💕

  • Charlie S
    Charlie S   2 weeks ago

    Jeffree speaking to the animals is my mood

  • legendgirl101
    legendgirl101   2 weeks ago

    Next time: Getting ready with James Charles as the first two people on Mars

  • Shannon Weller
    Shannon Weller   2 weeks ago

    he he i live in montana. I also have floated that exact part of the river. i love this video so much.

  • Hannah Leigh
    Hannah Leigh   2 weeks ago

    Was crying when he was talking to the cows😂

  • K T
    K T   2 weeks ago

    I love that you 2 are grounded.. I looked at your horoscope synastry and you are very compatible and meant for each other.. its literally in the Universe that you’re together and people can stop!..

  • Vin1681
    Vin1681   2 weeks ago

    Omigod this has me in stitches!!! This is by far my most favourite video!!! So so funny!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏👏

  • its the meme team
    its the meme team   3 weeks ago

    Looks like a Bob Ross painting. Bob Ross paints Jeffree Star painting his face to look like a Bob Ross painting

  • Lecia Willbanks
    Lecia Willbanks   3 weeks ago

    Nate should do your makeup and at the same time use Jacklyn Hill's new brushes.Are they Nate Approved? 🌟

  • Kai Sani
    Kai Sani   3 weeks ago

    🤣😂🤣 YOU SO CRAZY 🤣😂🤣

  • mary jane
    mary jane   3 weeks ago

    So sweet! Thank you for letting the fishies back in the water xoxox