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UNBELIEVABLE ! Top 10 Shocking Blind Auditions The Voice 2018

  • Published on: 12 September 2018
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  • Runtime : 17:30
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  • Ravi
    Ravi   4 hours ago

    i was just here for thumbnail

  • Michael Alvarado
    Michael Alvarado   7 hours ago

    that thumbnail 😂😂😂. it looks like the button is up her ass

  • Bethany Mitchell
    Bethany Mitchell   10 hours ago

    The guy who performed Malibu is incredible his voice just floats !!

  • Vivi Weed
    Vivi Weed   11 hours ago

    The first girl gave me chills

  • Redman2220
    Redman2220   11 hours ago

    Wight boy singing that regeton killed that shit.

  • Jameerial Johnson
    Jameerial Johnson   12 hours ago


  • Sue Brune
    Sue Brune   15 hours ago

    I think Sam Perry was my child in another life! I love him WAYYYY too much to not be related!!!

  • Sue Brune
    Sue Brune   15 hours ago

    Boy George...”It’s a Boy!!!!???” Translates means, “You are a very hot boy” LOVE IT!!!!

  • Sue Brune
    Sue Brune   15 hours ago

    Cried like a baby needing a bottle for every song! On a side note...Best rendition of When Doves Cry...EVER!

  • Florian Zelmer
    Florian Zelmer   16 hours ago

    Disturbance by audience is just horrible, shut the f**k up, just listen

  • MonkeyBoyDrinksVat69
    MonkeyBoyDrinksVat69   17 hours ago

    What happens to all these amazing singers after the show? this puts X factor to shame

  • Hannah Ambler
    Hannah Ambler   17 hours ago

    The first girl has such a clear clean vocal. I couldn’t hear any fault at all. Absolutely lovely to listen to

  • Nicolie Dela Cruz
    Nicolie Dela Cruz   18 hours ago

    Does anyone think that jennifer hudson's reaction at the last performance was like "wot !?? " hahaha the DJ was the best btw

  • Ger Av
    Ger Av   19 hours ago

    Lpm todos comentarios en inglés nomás

  • Julieta
    Julieta   20 hours ago

    Quien es el del minuto 13?

  • XcuddleXbearX11
    XcuddleXbearX11   21 hours ago

    Wow! Everyone was awesome but that DJ!!!!....holy shit boi!!!!

  • Kenzo
    Kenzo   21 hours ago

    Pls subscribe me :D

  • Joyce Gonzales
    Joyce Gonzales   1 days ago

    Y did i cry with the one who sang i will always love you? Damn! Felt the pain!

  • thomasennaa
    thomasennaa   1 days ago

    8:15 he reminds me so much of joe jonas

  • Odd Eyes94
    Odd Eyes94   1 days ago

    Oh wow. I can sing, but some of these people are way better than I am. The girl who did I will always love you had so much pure emotion. I learned that song after my mom died, and I have an extremely hard time getting through it. I don't know what is going on in her life, but whatever it is or was, God bless her on all her journeys in life.

  • Box
    Box   1 days ago

    The guy in the white shirt singing Malibu was amazing.He was also amazingly hot.

  • Alicia Latour
    Alicia Latour   1 days ago

    the girl that sang whitney.. OMG .. i almost cried