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Who Should Play Supergirl? MOVIE FIGHTS

  • Published on: 10 August 2018
  • Who should play the big screen version of Supergirl that was recently announced by DC? That question and more will be fought out on MOVIE FIGHTS



    1. Besides the original 'Jaws", what's the all time greatest shark movie?
    2. What's the next internet meme that deserves its own horror movie?
    3. Who should play Supergirl?

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    How To Vote Live:
    - Do this by clicking "Settings" AKA the gear icon on the bottom right of video (next to the full screen option)
    -Turn annotations off and on again (do this each time there is a new poll/question to refresh)
    -Scroll over the white circle with an "i" in the middle (aka The iCard) and cast your vote!
    - You can change your vote as the round progresses!
    - Repeat each round!

    *Fan vote is used as tiebreaker for when judges can't decide who wins*
    *Polls not used for speed rounds*
    *Repeat this process each time a new poll is up*
    *If you don't want to do it this way, you can always refresh the entire video page*
    *iCard polls should still work on mobile app*

    Hosted by Hal Rudnick
    Fact Checker: Dan Murrell
    Social Media Ambassador: Lon Harris

    Produced by Billy A. Patterson
    Writing/Research: Lon Harris
    Production Engineer: Josh Tapia
    Content Manager: Ryan O’Toole
    Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand

    Who Should Play Supergirl? MOVIE FIGHTS

    Download the audio version on iTunes! at our RSS Feed ►►
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  • Runtime : 1:6:32
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  • Hugø Gøjibiter irønfist

    Greg definitely wins in the second one to me, I mean there’s no way the others would be scary. And the fact that the others didn’t know about SCP is just terrible

  • F-zero91maru
    F-zero91maru   1 weeks ago

    i can think of bridgette wilson as supergirl and tara reid or cassie from make it or break it

  • smc661969
    smc661969   3 weeks ago

    Hey, why not jack black or some random dude? Like they did with captain marvel 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Matto Osteen
    Matto Osteen   1 months ago

    Missed a fact: Slenderman was invented by Marble Hornets.

  • Maor Mama
    Maor Mama   1 months ago

    Definitely Margot Hottie... I mean Robbie***

  • Joey Couch
    Joey Couch   1 months ago

    Who Should Play Supergirl? The only answer to this is a black muslim transgender women... duh!

  • coolbanana165
    coolbanana165   1 months ago

    In my opinion Supergirl should be 18/19 to begin with. Someone both teenagers and adults can identify somewhat with. Though they could be played by someone a bit older.Ellen Page? Daisy Ridley?

  • Andrew Waters
    Andrew Waters   1 months ago

    As much as mark was single minded about his last argument i agree that his choice would be best especially with how kids would be able to connect with a character that really looks like them.

  • Sebyatsi Jules
    Sebyatsi Jules   1 months ago

    I like to watch your Superman thanks for what thanks for putting this I was just

  • HuhSJ20
    HuhSJ20   1 months ago

    Shallows is definitely the best answer of the choices but his argument is not good.

  • Danny H
    Danny H   1 months ago

    Wtf im lidtening to here, this is waste of my time to listen to

  • CAIGE inc.
    CAIGE inc.   1 months ago

    Omg i thought im going to listen to the maib topic but this is waste of my time to listen to

  • Ben Levine
    Ben Levine   1 months ago

    The guy with the hat doesn't know what he's talking about supergirl is an adult

  • Rubraddicted
    Rubraddicted   1 months ago

    ...How did it happen that Chloë Grace Moretz wasn't picked for Supergirl!? o.O PLEASE GIVE ME A GOOD REASON!!!

  • The Unholy Smirk
    The Unholy Smirk   1 months ago

    greg won the slenderman question. the questions was what deserves a movie, DESERVES ONE. a universe that is that fully developed, full of that much potential for expansion and genuine bone chills DESERVES a movie. Ive never heard about SCP, bbut dan if I want that movie

  • Oilerpa
    Oilerpa   1 months ago

    Marc, don’t sit there and drag Melissa Benoist at the end. Sure, you write for Supergirl, but you should be behind a DC actress. Give her some credit.

  • Abbie Ruth
    Abbie Ruth   1 months ago

    I havent watched these in forever and I am so happy to see them bring the table back!! This makes me so happy! Hated the debate format

  • Mike Hollis
    Mike Hollis   1 months ago

    I always get excited about competitors who do well like Greg, Rocha, Andreyko (when he first started on MFs but kept losing), Spencer, Harloff and then they get squashed and jobbed out and then I lose interest. Greg was so good in these 2 fights but I'm luke warm to seeing him again. Kind of like when in WWE when nxt guys keep getting jobbed out - it just feels anti-climatic. Murrell is a great judge imo

  • Maximus Areilius
    Maximus Areilius   1 months ago

    yeah , i agree the girl from IT is the best choice. plus her youth makes her top pick if the 1st movie is a hit and leads to sequels and crossover appearances.

  • Quenton Willis
    Quenton Willis   1 months ago

    Arguing for Aquaman over Flash isn't THAT difficult. Lol. For one, Superman made Flash's presence obsolete. The scene where Flash saves a pickup truck and Supes saves an apartment complex highlights it.

  • DaKermitFrog
    DaKermitFrog   1 months ago

    Kristin Bell is the closest to the comics id say, someone like her.

  • Jose Rueda
    Jose Rueda   1 months ago

    Greg is an amazing fighter. He should have won the supergirl debate honestly. He is one of my favorite fighters tbh

  • Frir10
    Frir10   1 months ago

    Someone new we haven't seen before.

  • Galih Rivky
    Galih Rivky   1 months ago

    I know the possibility is slim.. But I want the supergirl from Arrowverse

  • Christopher Bowers
    Christopher Bowers   1 months ago

    My vote is Darcy Donavan. Think she would be an amazing Supergirl. She even got done hosting Supergirl Pro a few weeks ago. And check her out in her soon to release movie, "Mr. Thursday" the trailer is on youtube.

  • Loretta
    Loretta   1 months ago

    I really like CWs SuperGirl a lot and I don’t think girl has to mean “little girl” or anything. I would prolly worry more about putting an actual child in the current DCEU, like not trusting them not to sexualize whoever it is or whatever.

  • Zanetrain16
    Zanetrain16   1 months ago

    movie fights sucks now....what happened

  • Playoba
    Playoba   1 months ago

    A comic book writer should never spout nonsense like that specially if it's to win an argument or rather persuade someone with a lie. He obviously knew "girl" doesn't stand for I'm under 18.. Wtf Marc sucks

  • Deep Purple
    Deep Purple   1 months ago

    You know movie fights that I think would be interesting would be one on the topic of people's opinion on the Honest Trailers series on how accurately they portray the movie they're about.

  • Lillith
    Lillith   1 months ago

    Rachel Keller would be an amazing supergirl. Her acting ability is great

  • J B
    J B   1 months ago

    Melissa Benoist is a goddess