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Best Superhero Movie of 2017?? MOVIE FIGHTS SNEAK PEEK!

  • Published on: 15 December 2017
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    Host: Hal Rudnick (@halrudnick)

    Fighters: Dan Murrell (@murrelldan), Spencer Gilbert (@spencerjgilbert)


    1. What is the best superhero movie of 2017?
    2. Pitch a NON-SUPERHERO Disney/Fox crossover movie
    3. Backwards Fight!

    1) Either: a - Refresh the page OR b - Turn your annotations off and back on (do this by clicking the gear icon on the bottom right of video's progress bar)
    2) Scroll over the white circle with an "i" in the middle (aka The iCard) and cast your vote! You can change your vote as the round progresses!
    3) Repeat each round!

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  • Runtime : 1:21
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  • M Balazs
    M Balazs   1 months ago

    13:32 Thank you so much for saying this out loud you get 100 bonus points GJ :D

  • Jon Stewart
    Jon Stewart   6 months ago

    Chris Nolan is too serious for Star Wars.

  • Jon Stewart
    Jon Stewart   6 months ago

    Egon or maybe Winston maybe the only ghostbusters that could be good as a Jedi.

  • Jarrett Self
    Jarrett Self   6 months ago

    Been a long time fan of Screen Junkies and am just now coming back to watch movie fights after all the craziness of last year and I gotta say I love the new format and the revamping of the show! Now I have 12 movie fights episodes to catch up on that I’m really excited for!

  • Ur Joker
    Ur Joker   7 months ago

    Spencer should have never got that belt! XD

  • Yimmy P
    Yimmy P   7 months ago

    I know I'm in the minority but Hal drives me crazy please have Alicia host!

  • Kellie Patrick
    Kellie Patrick   7 months ago

    also, there's an awesome fan fiction movie about the Predator that takes place in the dark ages.

  • Chris
    Chris   8 months ago

    Finally catching up with the all new movie fights! I love it...can't wait to watch all the new episodes I've missed

  • T Tgibbz
    T Tgibbz   8 months ago

    Why the hell did no one think Star Wars and alien?

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous   8 months ago

    Logan is full of cliches and tropes.THANK YOU! I've been saying that since it's release. Logan is a great movie. But unique/different/challenging? No sir.

  • Eric Wu
    Eric Wu   8 months ago

    I want to dispute the first round. I vote that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. is the best superhero movie of the year. Also, my god. We had 10 superhero movies this year, didn't we?

  • Jack Coupland
    Jack Coupland   8 months ago

    Does no one remember spider man? Come on guys! Spider-Man!!!

  • Q I N
    Q I N   8 months ago

    Aaaaand logan was nominated for best adapted screenplay!!

  • Victoria Oliva
    Victoria Oliva   8 months ago

    I would see that predator/Pirates movie in a heartbeat!

  • N8V_Pride616
    N8V_Pride616   8 months ago

    I would actually really like a Pirates/predator movie but I think the predator would be camouflaged most of the movie

  • Lance Reeder
    Lance Reeder   8 months ago

    In the first argument does Spencer know Korg is the Director? Felt that could have been an easy point for Dan if he chose to jump on that.

  • Lance Reeder
    Lance Reeder   8 months ago

    The Warriors Three: Fandral, Hogun the Grim and Volstagg the Vast...No google necessary. Disappointed guys, your geek cards please lol

  • Olivia
    Olivia   8 months ago

    Ragnorak makes a few sly references to the prison industrial complex, and Logan has refitted the message of the X-Men to put in a new repressed group (immigrants, especially MX immigrants) to symbolize what used to be Jewish-ness, LGBTQA, and other persecuted groups (since one person is supposed to be Malcom X, one MLK) so both are poignant films in some way, which is rad. The original X-Men had Jewish people expiermented on (like real life) and Logan had latino women experimented on (like real life.)

  • Gundamn Mechahunter
    Gundamn Mechahunter   9 months ago

    I'm liking a new format but I feel like it could benefit from a third fighter. From all the movie fights I've seen, Dan and Spencer tend to be a couple of the stronger combatants, but it can't always be this equally matched, and one-on-one increases the likelihood of a total slaughter.

  • Ginger Novato
    Ginger Novato   9 months ago

    I thought this was fantastic! Your arguments were amazing, and I loved that we had time to really argue, but that it was also concise and quick paced! I’m looking forward to the New Year!

  • Grimmash
    Grimmash   9 months ago

    Have you thought about making it 2 on 2, a tag team Movie fights?

  • Grimmash
    Grimmash   9 months ago

    I don't like the new format with only 2 competitors it eliminates the vibrant discussion and argument, show doesn't flow the same, there is no organic chaos that i loved.

  • Grimmash
    Grimmash   9 months ago

    Dan is right about Ragnarok and Spencer is right about Logan ergo Wonder Woman is the best of 2017.

  • Levitate
    Levitate   9 months ago

    drop the 2 girls on the couch and the fan vote, add another fighter and polish the visuals a bit and this will be good. I won't even watch the next episode, because when there are only 2 fighters it is very hard to ignore the annoyance of some people in your "squad"

  • Stavros Kodjapashis
    Stavros Kodjapashis   9 months ago

    I think Logan was the best superhero movie but i dont agree with Dan that the people who didn't saw the prequels will appreciate it that much

  • Tuomas Ahonen
    Tuomas Ahonen   9 months ago

    Imagine tropical island, sunset, one pirateship sinking and other escaping towards the sunset. And on the beach under a palm tree predator is sitting, wearing a piratehat, drinking rum ( already drunk af), taking piratedreadlocks as trophies, shooting blunderbuss at nothing and with other hand carving the skull out of the body next to him which is Jack Sparrow.