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Brett Kavanaugh Vote Will Drive Political Backlash If History Is Guide | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  • Published on: 06 October 2018
  • Rachel Maddow looks back at the political fallout from the treatment of Anita Hill in the Clarence Thomas confirmation process when a wave of women candidates were inspired to improve their representation in the Senate.
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    Brett Kavanaugh Vote Will Drive Political Backlash If History Is Guide | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
  • Runtime : 24:59
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  • John May
    John May   1 days ago

    Anita Hill's accusations against Clarence Thomas in 1991 were false and of course uncorroborated just as Dr. Ford's accusations against Brett Kavanaugh are in 2018. The Democrats and feminists used the Thomas hearings to portray Anita Hill as a victim just as they are trying to portray the liar Dr. Ford as a victim. The Illinois voter "backlash" following the Thomas confirmation is unlikely to be repeated in the same manner on November 6, 2018. If there is a 2018 voter "backlash" it will more than likely be against Democrat candidates - not Republican candidates. Voters are disgusted with the antics of the Democrat Party hacks. The Democrats turned the Kavanaugh hearings into a disgraceful partisan circus and character assassination. Intelligent voters don't rely on Rachael Maddow or the rest of the biased liberal media or radical feminists to choose their candidates or predict the outcome of elections. Oh, yeah - remember how gleefully and accurately Maddow announced the election of "President" Hillary on election night. Rachael lives in her own make believe world just as her snowflake followers. Think for yourself. Vote Republican.

  • NL John 6:53-57
    NL John 6:53-57   2 days ago

    It’s all about abortion. Democrats want to keep murdering babies

  • St0rm Ranger
    St0rm Ranger   2 days ago

    Psst, we still haven't fixed the Russian hacking yet. Do you really think they'll stay outta this one?

  • Vanessa Costa
    Vanessa Costa   3 days ago

    He eats ketchup on spaghetti. Call him Lil Money Boof Boof.

  • Mike Weber
    Mike Weber   3 days ago

    Rachel, just curious, how come you don't believe the accuser of Keith Ellison (MN)(D)..??Is it because, you can't speak badly about a Democrat? Seems that way....

  • Dude
    Dude   3 days ago

    Randy Madddow !

  • Rey Ybarra
    Rey Ybarra   3 days ago

    Remembwr when maddow predicted a clinton landslide and President Trump had no chance of winning. Now maddow is at it again making predictions about who is going to win the midterms. I would advise that anyone who follows maddow go back and review what she predicted before the election. Remember maddow followers, fool me once shame on you.! Fool me twice, shame on me......

  • Tracy
    Tracy   3 days ago

    God Rachael Maddow can labour a point!

  • Mark Titus
    Mark Titus   3 days ago

    This 'Butch' needs to be in jail for being a SHILL for the DEEP STATE."OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD" WWG1WGA

  • J B
    J B   4 days ago

    Lesson for Al the pal - make your personal promise to the prez conditional on whether any new info appears

  • J B
    J B   4 days ago

    Hope 2018 is a rerun of Al the pal

  • Rob Wealer
    Rob Wealer   4 days ago

    Dems hands are tied... they will have to move inexorably toward defending their stated ideology... stepping back from this, though possibly ethically more advisable, is now politically impossible. Extremists are running the party, gaining status, through more extreme language. Their only choice is to fashion this misstep it into a political stick to keep polls up for the mid-terms. It is now almost all strategy and backroom discussion with professional pollsters to divine their next moves.

  • sailing95
    sailing95   4 days ago

    One woman (without proof) saying she was assaulted is not enough evidence to destroy a man's career. Gonna have to do better next time.

  • mike brigs
    mike brigs   4 days ago

    THIS TOO WILL PASS.....................

  • Bronxton
    Bronxton   4 days ago

    2, maybe 3 more picks to come for Trump. MAGA!

  • dagmastr12
    dagmastr12   4 days ago

    This show is literally wrong on everything the last 2+ years...

  • W F
    W F   5 days ago

    You got one thing right, Maddow. A lot more republicans are going to vote after the unprecedented mob violence towards a SCOTUS nominee and his family. I wouldn't be surprised if MORE women than ever vote (R) next month. Most women, like me, have a husband and sons they don't want railroaded by unproven accusations.

  • holly downs
    holly downs   5 days ago

    Rachel You do a great job of interviewing as well as commentary and content You are always entertaining as well as distinguished ,polished, well educated and of course a veryhandsome woman ,Thank you

  • Robert OHara
    Robert OHara   5 days ago

    So, explain how Kennedy kept winning after murdering his pregnant girlfriend.

  • Robert OHara
    Robert OHara   5 days ago

    Except for getting her name right, everything Dr. Ford testified to was a lie. Be honest if you don't like Kavanaugh. Don't look stupid by saying your opposition has anything to with the testimony of a liar.

  • Kayab
    Kayab   5 days ago

    Al the Pal, Al the Pal, Al the Pal, AL THE PAL. STFU, I get it.

  • GoldenbanjoDJ
    GoldenbanjoDJ   5 days ago

    Hahaaaa can't wait for this Red Wave that's going to wipe you all away

  • javier castellon
    javier castellon   5 days ago

    Is spiritual warfare.  Good VS Evil.  Life VS Death.  It is about abortion.  The intentional premeditated killing of the innocent for convenience and ignorance, on the part of the woman.  And for Democrat politicians, money and politics.  As simple as that.  60 million babies killed in the place they should be protected the most...   inside their own mothers.  Democrats are not pro-women.  Abortion is linked to regret, anxiety, low self worth, depression, promiscuity, infertility, addictions and even suicide.  Abortion kills one, hurts another.

  • adipsous
    adipsous   5 days ago

    Avalanche. Let us bury the Republicans in stinkhole of history that they belong in.

  • Blair Roth
    Blair Roth   5 days ago

    This is a lot of fun keep up the fight nothing better than to see grownup acting like children. How do you get a job where all you do is talk, talk and deep talking so many words is such a short amount of time. I'm hurt how do I profit ?

  • David Bates
    David Bates   5 days ago

    Though Susan Collins has a lot to answer for, let's not pretend that she's solely accountable. 50 people voted this monster in, including so-called Democrat Joe Manchin. Yes, get Susan Collins out, but get the rest of them out too, because they're certainly no better, and just because they're male, it doesn't make them any less culpable or despicable.

  • Simon Garner
    Simon Garner   6 days ago

    Clearly Ford is mentally ill. You can see that by just looking at her.. A bit like this man/woman hosting this crap.

  • Lance Merrick
    Lance Merrick   6 days ago

    This dude has no understanding of American politics

  • Martin Rolin
    Martin Rolin   6 days ago

    And the (hysterical) LOSERS ARE: STILL LOSING!

  • Janet's BFF
    Janet's BFF   6 days ago

    I’m not a “liberal” yet Kavanaugh’s temperament really does/did bother me. Hmmm

  • rusty
    rusty   6 days ago

    I wonder america ??? Have you ever heard the saying once bitten twic3 shy. Ever heard the name Anita hill most American male & some women politicians are absolutely misogynistic pigs no wonder Australia has record numbers of you guys moving here im not talking about the general population I love Americans just not your totally corrupt politicians. Sham3 shame go & vote try & get rid of the moneyed asswipes & elect some real people. Susan Collins your a disgrace to women & just people in general. RustyinOZ

  • drmojo99
    drmojo99   6 days ago

    So the moral of the story is...if you do the right thing, instead of the politically motivated thing, the Dems will discard you.

  • PATRIOTski
    PATRIOTski   6 days ago

    You have a tiny brain. Susan Collins will be remembered as someone who respects the rule of law and the presumption of innocence.

  • Jamie Coburn
    Jamie Coburn   6 days ago

    This gives far too much credit to Republican women....Lets face it...These women elected Donald Trump.....Perhaps more Democrat women will get out and vote?