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Bruno Mars - 24K Magic [American Music Awards Performance]

  • Published on: 27 November 2016
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  • Runtime : 4:6
  • Bruno Mars 24K Magic American Music Awards AMAs American Music Awards 2016 AMAs 2016


  • Bj Alba
    Bj Alba   4 hours ago

    is that MICHAEL LANGDON @ 1:09??

  • Panda_ 17
    Panda_ 17   10 hours ago

    This man is a real showman, he doesn’t need really fancy clothes and blingblings. 100% perfection, doesn’t need autotune

  • Diana H.
    Diana H.   22 hours ago

    The next Micheal Jackson

  • Windshadow97
    Windshadow97   22 hours ago

    I knew the dancing style looked familiar, were those the real jabbawockeez?

  • WorldWideTechScience

    Hi Bruno When is coming a similar hit like this song, that makes dance everyone? Thanks.

  • domisa89
    domisa89   2 days ago

    I like him, he has great songs but he draws a lot from Michael Jackson. The King is only one and this is Michael

  • Kevin Martinez
    Kevin Martinez   2 days ago

    Poniendo estilo ritmo y ambiente eso es todo🙌🙌🙌

  • peter noynay
    peter noynay   3 days ago

    1:07 dj khaled look like a proud dad😂😂🤘lol

  • Helena Westerlund
    Helena Westerlund   5 days ago

    9.3k dislikes really? Ya’ll must not the meaning of the words “talent” and “entertainment” 🙄

  • rishav maity
    rishav maity   5 days ago

    God bless him.......Hope Bruno remains like this for another 50 years and when I'll be a bitter old man.... and a Bruno mars song would be playing I would say... "yup that is my jam... good old days "

  • PhantasyJL
    PhantasyJL   5 days ago

    Could anyone tell me what kind of dance moves he does in this section? 2:28

  • Ana Hernandez
    Ana Hernandez   6 days ago

    Bruno se merece cada centavo de su fortuna, impresionante!!!

  • Nica Narsh
    Nica Narsh   6 days ago

    Are y'all kiddx me.....still got haters??? Jealousy ain't good for y'all.....he's is *GREAT*....

  • Andre Lewis
    Andre Lewis   6 days ago

    This boy is one of the best all around performers I've ever seen