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Wakey Wakey...

  • Published on: 13 September 2018
  • Runtime : 30


  • oof boi
    oof boi   23 minuts ago

    why is don,t hug me i,m scared so creepy?

  • Conan Edogawa
    Conan Edogawa   52 minuts ago

    It’s sad that this channel use to have so much subscribers but they’re gone because they took so long to upload stuff

  • LedHead360
    LedHead360   58 minuts ago

    So since Super Deluxe got shut down, what's going to happen? I'm gonna be super upset if this doesn't get made

  • BenMYu
    BenMYu   1 hours ago

    Im actually cumming so hard

  • Shadowxxaz
    Shadowxxaz   2 hours ago

    si alguien habla español e ingles que porfavor les traduzca esto:QUE MALDITA EMOCIOOOOOOON

  • Not_ Raccooneggs
    Not_ Raccooneggs   2 hours ago

    Oh boy, can't wait to continue this after a friend showed me this about a month ago

  • Jose Maldonado
    Jose Maldonado   3 hours ago

    Can someone please make a amazing world of gumball version of this

  • VikingOF
    VikingOF   3 hours ago

    Pause at 0:09 theres a ton of props from season 1

  • Gamer Puppet
    Gamer Puppet   4 hours ago

    It’s...back but but but meh looks awesome

  • Doggo God
    Doggo God   5 hours ago

    Don’t hug me I’m scared: wakey wakey...Me: hug me I’m happy

  • J M
    J M   6 hours ago

    and therefore it continues. . .

  • Capitán Lagarto
    Capitán Lagarto   6 hours ago

    Andy Morin from Death Grips has to compose something for this

  • Tom Villars
    Tom Villars   7 hours ago

    Oh great another show going political. DHMIS does an excellent job warning of the moral corruption that can come from corporate sponsorship, So now that they've sold out to the corporate establishment they are hell bent on morally corrupting the young so they feel it is okay to hate the "other" political party.

  • Coralhorse10 /a lenstar production company

    Super deluxe is shut down because without super deluxe that's mean NO DONT HUG ME IM SCARED SERIES!!#savesuperdeluxeUpdate:ok I'm clam down they working on Dhmis series without super deluxe

  • Ugly People
    Ugly People   8 hours ago

    Since super deluxe have ended... will this still be happening? Whatever this is...

  • The DisneyAddict
    The DisneyAddict   9 hours ago

    haha,i haven’t learned my lesson on not being able to sleep when i watch these, i guess now i have to watch Wakey Wakey now..

  • Varknox
    Varknox   9 hours ago

    Wasnt S1 kind of about advertising and being sponsored by big companies? And now the series is sponsored by 3 companies?

  • yan chan
    yan chan   9 hours ago

    I'm so excited because I love this series and I can't believe it's coming back I want to know what happened in clayhill

  • ryo34
    ryo34   9 hours ago