The Legend of Maian | Visite touristique | El Libro Supremo De Todas La Magias -


  • Published on: 25 October 2017
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  • Runtime : 17:46
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  • twistedsith
    twistedsith   1 hours ago

    Chipotle delivers? This. Changes. EVERYTHING.

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    Willams Johnson   2 hours ago

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  • Caitlin
    Caitlin   3 hours ago

    im fucking crrryyyyiinnnggg you scare me wlsmwqo;sabj

  • Aaron
    Aaron   4 hours ago

    The laugh snorts made my day lol 😂❤👍

  • Thomas Frost
    Thomas Frost   4 hours ago

    I miss these videos! They were funny and amazing. I hated the Jake Paul series

  • Lill Painter
    Lill Painter   4 hours ago

    yea they're probably some satanic group that wishes they were elite and could join so they started this bs

  • Rage X
    Rage X   8 hours ago

    is pewdiepie a part of Illuminati?

  • Ana Rodríguez
    Ana Rodríguez   9 hours ago

    Shane: Hanna montana is in the illuminati 666, good luck charlie 8 letters. 888 4 letters thats how you spell hell!,Gareth:you can spell boobs in my calculator too!

  • Illuminati Official
    Illuminati Official   14 hours ago

    Subscribe to learn more Illuminati official

  • Heather Kirkbride
    Heather Kirkbride   18 hours ago

    I'd be interested to know how many subscribers he had back then 🤔

  • ImHereee
    ImHereee   18 hours ago

    When they put out the fire with soda though 😂 lmaooo

  • Hey Dude
    Hey Dude   1 days ago

    Is Shane gay? Just my curiosity, nothing much.

  • Illuminati Official
    Illuminati Official   1 days ago

    Any other sites are not founded by our branch The Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on 1 May 1776. Founder: Adam WeishauptFounded: May 1, 1776, Ingolstadt, Germany

  • Eloise Benitez
    Eloise Benitez   1 days ago

    Bela Muniz you're so right and I might have came off a little harsh but it is my job from God to help more people to go to heaven

  • Soul Robinson
    Soul Robinson   1 days ago

    Is this a joke, because I do want to join them only if this is real

  • Stevie V
    Stevie V   1 days ago

    How does this putz have 18 million subscribers?

  • camzjergui
    camzjergui   1 days ago

    I SAW ITTT when shane read "bottom" from the testament and then he pointed at RYLANDBWAHAHAHAHAHH IM DEAD

  • camzjergui
    camzjergui   1 days ago

    "Don't you want an advance copy of the Reputation?"BWAHAHAHAH SHANE I LOVE YOU

  • Victoria Parks
    Victoria Parks   1 days ago

    You are making a joke out of something that’s serious .

  • gagnashdiak x
    gagnashdiak x   1 days ago

    Book burning is always fun?Did you notice they kept the contract?

  • BrokenEnochian
    BrokenEnochian   1 days ago

    I was fucking dying when they were freaking out when they burned the book and Shane's just shouting "DON'T TURN OFF THE CAMERAAAAA"

  • lust soldier
    lust soldier   2 days ago

    we dont sell shit or send messages to people it's a scam