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Which Marvel Hero Deserves a Streaming Show? MOVIE FIGHTS

  • Published on: 21 September 2018
  • Disneys streaming service will feature MCU heroes having some episodes of their own show. Which Marvel heroes do we want to see? We decide on MOVIE FIGHTS!



    1. Which Marvel character that hasn't had their own solo movie should get a streaming show on Disney’s service?
    2. "The House with a Clock in its Walls" opens this weekend! What’s the best “scary" movie for kids?
    3. What horror movie villain would be most improved if they were played by Nicolas Cage?

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    Hosted by Hal Rudnick
    Fact Checker: Dan Murrell
    Social Media Ambassador: Danielle Radford

    Produced by Billy A. Patterson
    Writing/Research: Lon Harris
    Production Engineer: Josh Tapia
    Production Coordinator: Ryan O’Toole
    Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand

    Which Marvel Hero Deserves a Streaming Show? MOVIE FIGHTS
  • Runtime : 1:18:22
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  • Rojenn Ortiz
    Rojenn Ortiz   4 days ago

    A Hawkeye show would be good if it were based on the comicbook about his lif without the Avengers wherein he gets his ass kicked. More mere human hero story.

  • Destic Gamez
    Destic Gamez   4 days ago

    🍕 like pizza = 1 is topping this 1🐼 he he i am the comment panda i mixed up this comment >:)

  • John Stowell
    John Stowell   1 weeks ago

    Tried to watch because I love movie fights. Couldn't make it 15 minutes in because the female fighters annoyed me too much.Love women. Just not that kind lol.

  • Rehan Khan
    Rehan Khan   1 weeks ago

    Never bring Sasha back on this show ever again.

  • Lianet Chavez
    Lianet Chavez   1 weeks ago

    Am sorry Sasha made sense why Deril wouldn’t be a good show. I’d just be skipping to meet the avengers the only one I like is Nebula thatd be amazing

  • Rishik rishik
    Rishik rishik   1 weeks ago

    Never ever call Sasha again.Seriously never.

  • mcfortner911
    mcfortner911   2 weeks ago

    How many Unicorns did she have to punch in the stomach to get one to barf on her hair for those colors?

  • Lonely Wolf
    Lonely Wolf   2 weeks ago

    ‘Because she’s a woman’ I’m actually done

  • Dave Kang
    Dave Kang   2 weeks ago

    Nick Cage as the main villain will improve The Last House on the Left 2009.

  • Eric Wetzel
    Eric Wetzel   2 weeks ago

    Ted Levine is amazing as Jame Gumb/Buffalo Bill!!!

  • Matthew Richards
    Matthew Richards   3 weeks ago

    There is only 1 CHOICE for Eddie Murphy's best frenemy! ARSENIO HALL!

  • SuperGameLord
    SuperGameLord   3 weeks ago

    I saw Sasha and I was ready to skip the show. Let's see if I should've

  • Will _
    Will _   3 weeks ago

    IMO the only Marvel character that deserves her own series right now is the sensational She-Hulk

  • Jake Dreher
    Jake Dreher   3 weeks ago

    Ummm umm ugh ugh umm ugh, Ummm ugh umm ugh umm umm ughhh.....God he's so annoying

  • Ghost Killer
    Ghost Killer   3 weeks ago

    Black widow TVMA deserves a show instead of the watered down movies compared to the comics.

  • Neonai 1984
    Neonai 1984   3 weeks ago

    Why even have such a dumb, obnoxious and idiotic blond on the show? Her screeching over everyone else is truly horrible!

  • Mike Hollis
    Mike Hollis   3 weeks ago

    Greg is so awesome at movie fights. He should be 3-0 though ;-). I hope Greg vs Murrel comes up soon - with non-SC judges. Great arguments from Greg

  • Zack Gravity
    Zack Gravity   3 weeks ago

    Yikes I've never seen a movie fight before this one, but if this is what they're all like you can count me out.

  • Steve Myers
    Steve Myers   3 weeks ago

    Remake Grumpy Old Men with Eddie Murphy and... Dan Akyroyd. Trading places reunion and how awesome would that be?!?!

  • James Eller
    James Eller   3 weeks ago

    Best "scary" movie for kids... The Goonies

  • Stan Stan
    Stan Stan   3 weeks ago

    Eddie Murphy and Lewis Black

  • Excuse Keenan
    Excuse Keenan   3 weeks ago

    I'm a simple man. I see Sascha, I watch something else.

  • Godspeed
    Godspeed   3 weeks ago

    We need a Thanos Car series

  • Grailsarvas
    Grailsarvas   3 weeks ago

    Sasha wants to see a TV or movie with no dudes and only females kicking ass? Alright. Send her ass overseas with an AR-15 and some gear and see how long she lasts against a fight against Isis. Come on Sasha. You're all for female empowerment and "girls kick ass!" Enlist and get your ass overseas if you think you can defend this country better than men can. EQUALITY!

  • Silas Henderson
    Silas Henderson   3 weeks ago

    Sasha, what you are clamouring for is borderline sexist. If Greg came out and said he wanted no women in sight for one of his tv shows, everyone would brand him as a sexist, and rightly so. But here you go wanting a show that is all female led, then have the audacity to tell Greg that he is basically sexist due to his position on Valkryie.... Come on😒😒😒😒😒