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Robert Downey Jr. Shows Off His Epic Watch Collection | GQ

  • Published on: 11 May 2016
  • What’s in Robert Downey Jr’s jewelry box? Watches—lots of them. RDJ explains the real—and maybe not so real—backstories behind his stunning timepieces

    Sit down with some of today's top actors, musicians and athletes.

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    Robert Downey Jr. Shows Off His Epic Watch Collection | GQ
  • Runtime : 3:3
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  • rob robertson
    rob robertson   1 days ago

    Hi Bob. The " I don't know watch! " Can I have it please? X

  • Basel 53
    Basel 53   2 days ago

    Epic? More like garbage watches

  • Larry Smith
    Larry Smith   2 days ago

    He seems like kind of a douche. Also, Seiko... you can't ding Seiko, unless you're in reality, a bit douchey.

  • aldeen1982
    aldeen1982   2 days ago

    Go buy some food for children instead of throwing these 100k watches

  • Jakson
    Jakson   3 days ago

    His grandfather sold that watch to “ start a pharmacy “..... today if you sold that watch you could only afford the prescription Latestage capitalism

  • Captain Sunday
    Captain Sunday   4 days ago

    So we're just going to ignore all the kids these trinkets could feed, clothe, and educate. OK then...

  • amazingdany
    amazingdany   5 days ago

    Probably has no problems paying for the Vacheron Constantins.

  • Lucy Stephanie
    Lucy Stephanie   5 days ago

    Summady give him an AP if he doesn't like PP. 😂

  • arga seta
    arga seta   5 days ago

    Cuk main lempar jam seharga 2 rumah njir-.-

  • Pavel Martinek
    Pavel Martinek   5 days ago

    Welcome vivat, dear Sir Robert Downey and Tom Holland in the Year 2018 in my country Euroregion Nissa in Czechoslowaque in head city Liberec Reichenberg with recording spiderman that is ok lovely thanks for visiting so much!!! with a smile I wish you good Halloween prosper love happiness and health!!! :)

  • J Donovan
    J Donovan   6 days ago

    iPhone has the time. Watches are a waste of money and look stupid.

  • Oliver Miller
    Oliver Miller   1 weeks ago

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  • Kenneth Glover
    Kenneth Glover   1 weeks ago

    You call that a watch collection? What was that, 6 watches? If he were a real collector he would have many, many more with the money he has. I'm calling him out as a poser.

  • Sri Chandrashekhar
    Sri Chandrashekhar   1 weeks ago

    True part is rich people dont buy expensive .. some times it could be replica...

  • The Irish Elk
    The Irish Elk   1 weeks ago

    Those watches are not even that expensive, literally all of them are mediocre outdated valueless watches

  • Shao Kid
    Shao Kid   1 weeks ago

    This must be his poor collection.....the real watches are in the safe i guess

  • kleber Farinha
    kleber Farinha   1 weeks ago

    OMEGA SPEEDMASTER IS THE BEST CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............. BUT YOU HAVE EXPEND MORE MONEY, BUY 3 Kg of pure gold and DIAMONDS PUT IN ALL WHATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jellotuna
    Jellotuna   1 weeks ago

    For a rich guy, that selection blows a little.

    TEAM ÆRROW   1 weeks ago

    2 famous people who exactly look alike Rober Downey Jr and Tony Stark

  • SevenDeMagnus
    SevenDeMagnus   1 weeks ago

    Cool time is the most important.God bless, Proverbs 31

  • Lulu Lulu
    Lulu Lulu   1 weeks ago

    Another full of s*** "dude" !!!!!

  • matenzo
    matenzo   1 weeks ago

    all of them are kinda ugly

  • yogisurfer
    yogisurfer   1 weeks ago

    He a freak...invite him to every party. His Grandpa was OG pill pusher

  • jocee lipstickz 2018
    jocee lipstickz 2018   1 weeks ago

    Lol 😂 he’s hilarious at the end he’s wearing the nice Patek Phillips watch his wife gave him obviously he collects watches he trew them around as to show they are just things people put price tags on they fell on a rug he doesn’t see money as things obviously

  • jutubaeh
    jutubaeh   2 weeks ago

    you ´´bwichezz´´ made yör süns killäRZ X D för the leaftea küll+ XD