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Growing up Without Cable

  • Published on: 01 June 2018
  • Thanks for the memories PBS. You were there even though I had no money.
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  • Runtime : 10:38
  • pbs pbs kids clifford clifford the big red dog arthur dragon tales cyberchase caillou wheelchair animation cartoon funny cable kid shows


  • Luna8606
    Luna8606   23 minuts ago

    I own zoo in my country :( am i lame tho?

  • cherrymae
    cherrymae   53 minuts ago

    I know all these shows, but i never had PBS. Maybe i did lmao

  • Stari_Cat
    Stari_Cat   1 hours ago

    DRAGON TALES USED TO BE MY FAVORITE SHOW WHEN I WAS IN Pre school!! (Except I watched it on.... *Netflix*) I watched it every day when I came home from school and ate lunch :D ahhhh the memories

  • Justice Waugh Vlogs
    Justice Waugh Vlogs   1 hours ago

    atleast goanimate taught cailou a lesson by making (or forcing) his parents to ground him everytime he does a bad thing, like, that's what you might want to watch, watching goanimate torturing cailou by his parents being forced to ground him

  • Satyam Singh
    Satyam Singh   1 hours ago

    7:15Is that... Caillou as One Punch Man?

  • Cutiepie Senpai
    Cutiepie Senpai   1 hours ago

    I grew up on a lot of those PBS kids shows and god I loved them so much!!!

  • SkullGamerX360
    SkullGamerX360   2 hours ago

    The "guy in a zoo" was actually the 1st video in youtube

  • Amir Hassan
    Amir Hassan   2 hours ago

    James uhh at 4:10 you misspelled mythical

  • Luna Moon joy
    Luna Moon joy   3 hours ago


  • Tru Lane
    Tru Lane   3 hours ago

    These were my favorite shows back then

  • A Random Weeb
    A Random Weeb   6 hours ago

    1:00 this is the video he was talking about

  • Yoshi Fosa
    Yoshi Fosa   7 hours ago

    I grew up on pbs my favorite shows were wild krats and dragon tales

  • jedikidx
    jedikidx   8 hours ago

    that crossover thing was similar to a roblox event we also had to find a dragon scale at a beach

  • Fin Gin
    Fin Gin   9 hours ago

    i used to watch this one cartoon on a spanish children channel where there was always a train with small people singing and wandering the forest. forgot what it was call tho ;_; i used to watch teletubbies all the time and i remember one episode where they went into their underground home and a red vacuum was there and it talked to them :/

  • suib darwanto
    suib darwanto   9 hours ago

    IF THERES NO YOUTUBE THEN MY IS WILL NOT BORN well im born in 2010 my sis born in 2005

  • AwesomeGaming YT
    AwesomeGaming YT   10 hours ago

    Well it's: Don't tell me that your trying to hack motherboard. Or mommyboard.

  • Sgt. Popo
    Sgt. Popo   10 hours ago

    James is the dragon you drew Nicol Bolas from MTG?