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Buying Clothes

  • Published on: 23 February 2018
  • If I spend $40 on jeans I expect it to last for the rest of my life. My belt is a shoe-lace.
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  • Runtime : 9:5
  • Buying Clothes T-Shirt Goodwill jeans Fasion Name Brand Supreme Rolex shoes fat tongue theodd1sout theoddisout cartoon animation lol funny


  • Zainab Hashmi
    Zainab Hashmi   13 minuts ago

    7:39 swooooooooosh and junkyjanker yesss!!!!

  • maximum9887
    maximum9887   15 minuts ago

    But but my mum buys clothes for me but I don’t even care but she picks the clothes

  • WeekendWonders
    WeekendWonders   46 minuts ago

    I am indeed In 8th grade. But I'm homeschooled. So I don't go through normal "phases" I've gone through a "everything I own needs to be pink" phase™ and a "I need shirts with those two stripes on the sleeves" phase™

  • Dikeledi Ranyawa
    Dikeledi Ranyawa   55 minuts ago

    in these comments they don't even comment on the videos SOMETIMES SO YES I commented on the comments

  • The Gamers
    The Gamers   1 hours ago

    Watched this in year 6 or 6th grade then I'm watching in 7th grade and now I under stand

  • NoVolt
    NoVolt   2 hours ago

    noice forth wal brek

  • Lucas Viana
    Lucas Viana   2 hours ago

    I do not like people fake American, I am Orlando in United states.

  • Elepuff
    Elepuff   2 hours ago

    I got a subway ad before this

  • The Family Squad
    The Family Squad   2 hours ago

    YAS BEING COOL SUCKS!!! WEIRD IS THE NEW COOL!! Also I'm sick so I'd like to get a heart pls James

  • agdolllover 7
    agdolllover 7   3 hours ago

    I'm in 7th grade and I kinda dress like a teacher so when I come to school people are like r u a teacher

  • DJ Playz
    DJ Playz   3 hours ago

    we dont where clothes ether JAMES STOOPID (si6nin9 joke)

    OMG HAX   4 hours ago


  • DomiJay
    DomiJay   4 hours ago

    You know what the phase im in?The crazy fangirl phase

  • Connor Rogers
    Connor Rogers   5 hours ago

    I’m 10 and I’m anime phase... am I early?

  • Alex Shulder
    Alex Shulder   5 hours ago

    I literally just got into my “I need to be cool phase!”

    GAVEN JOHNSON   5 hours ago

    Seriously im in seventh grade and the homework is hell

  • _Flower Bloom_
    _Flower Bloom_   7 hours ago

    RiceGum takes advantage of his money. Buying stuff he doesn’t need. He even makes fun of her sisters bully...She’s just a kid!

  • Doggy Woof
    Doggy Woof   8 hours ago

    I don’t NOT have school uniforms like ever. No one does because its against the rules in all the schools. Australia

  • moonduds x
    moonduds x   8 hours ago

    In the uk, we have primark. I can probably buy three tops and some shorts for under £10.

  • Xxsavagecat xX
    Xxsavagecat xX   9 hours ago

    oh my god... IM IN 7TH GRADE XDDDD .-. welp ima just go and binge watch his videos WELP SEE YOU IN A YEAR! XD

  • Soup Can Harry
    Soup Can Harry   11 hours ago

    Thanks for deleting my comment asshole but I'll try again. You strive and say you should wear whatever makes you happy no matter what, then stuff it immediately and make fun of people who like to wear watches.This ain't it chief, u cuck boi

  • Anthony Bui
    Anthony Bui   11 hours ago

    dude i just stay at home and play games very day so no one can judge me, well besides my family lol