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₹50 Dosa Vs ₹500 Dosa

  • Published on: 02 August 2018
  • Akash and Arshad (plus Aishwarya) go around Mumbai in search of the best dosa experience.

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  • Runtime : 12:2
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  • BuzzFeed India
    BuzzFeed India   2 months ago

    Biryani or Vada Pav? What should our next food adventure be?

  • Levi Jaeger
    Levi Jaeger   14 hours ago

    Mimicking Worth It. The style of a quiet one sitting in the back of the car and two of the main hosts sitting at the front. But I'm not complaining

  • Manta's 123
    Manta's 123   1 days ago

    3:34 true ...really true ...... I dont like the sweet sambar ...thats why I like the one which my mom makes cuz its not at all sweet ....its just perfect and spicy

  • Kritika Jalan
    Kritika Jalan   1 days ago

    My mom make dosa like a pro chef extra crispy and coconut chutney is my kinda drink man...😋😋😋😋

  • raj vignesh
    raj vignesh   2 days ago

    I'm tamilan especially near karaikudi(chettinad)

  • Clayspo
    Clayspo   2 days ago

    5 rupees vs 1k rupees pani puri

  • Anand Roshan
    Anand Roshan   3 days ago

    Click on Aishwarya to subscribe 😂😂😂Now I know her purpose in this video.

  • Guitar Girl
    Guitar Girl   4 days ago

    My favorite moment in the video was when arshad mentioned the ratha poriyal...and yeah, loved akash’s food puns.Good video guys...loved#rathaporiyalforlife#dosafantoo

  • Anne Spratt
    Anne Spratt   4 days ago

    I vote for vadapav cause me and my family speak tamil

  • Tanweerul Islam
    Tanweerul Islam   4 days ago

    Man shooting with such a crappy camera doesn't need a sound crew 🤷‍♀️

  • Preet Tla
    Preet Tla   5 days ago

    Lol Chetti-nada, ultimate mokka 😂😂 Loved it each and every time you guys said Saapdalama? Saapadalame ❤️ Make a fucking t-shirt out of it! Or do you already have one? 🤔

  • Rajiv Matta
    Rajiv Matta   5 days ago

    C'mon people I need more episodes of this

  • Ann Vijaya
    Ann Vijaya   5 days ago

    Aiyo road is full of cars,we'll be here for 2—3 hours whoa whoa !!😂😂

  • Ann Vijaya
    Ann Vijaya   5 days ago

    I'm also a tamilian but have never tried pineapple chutney!!

  • Supreme Gangtacion
    Supreme Gangtacion   5 days ago


  • Shatisha Chen
    Shatisha Chen   6 days ago

    "Sambar shouldn't be sweet". My friends just roll their eyes now when complain about this - partly bc I'm not Indian so I kinda feel validated now

  • Tharan Jaganathan
    Tharan Jaganathan   1 weeks ago

    i dont think it takes 2 month it videos to do another worth it video , its been 2 months , come on buzzfeed india you guys need to pick up your game !!!!

  • f&c
    f&c   1 weeks ago

    guys improve the camera quality and editing u r not just buzz feed u have a responsibility attached '' INDIA" live up to it.

  • Devika Raju
    Devika Raju   1 weeks ago

    Guys. Malayalis call dosa as dosha. Fellow dosha lover here.✋ When you go to Chennai, please visit Murugan Idly shop. Their paneer butter dosa and podi idlis are to die for. 😍