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Tabletop Games

  • Published on: 05 October 2018
  • Monopoly, ruining friendships since 1935
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  • Runtime : 10:10
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  • TheOdd1sOut
    TheOdd1sOut   2 weeks ago

    The card game I created has reached its goal! Thanks everyone! If you want to check it out, here's a link: (now I'm going to save up to give Harry a proper funeral)

  • Stari_Cat
    Stari_Cat   57 seconds ago

    I know how to play Pokémon xD

  • Arctic316Flower AJ
    Arctic316Flower AJ   6 minuts ago

    My cousin died today... one like = one step closer to heaven for him and one flap closer to heaven for Harry. 😢😇

  • Jason
    Jason   29 minuts ago

    0:37 is that life noggin?

  • Kim Childs
    Kim Childs   33 minuts ago

    There is a new drake crystal !

  • Bertha Mares
    Bertha Mares   34 minuts ago

    You should check this video it’s called life is fun bongo cat

  • Aricat CC
    Aricat CC   36 minuts ago

    Woah. Did you come to my house and watch us play monopoly? My name is Ariana...

  • Warrior Cats
    Warrior Cats   42 minuts ago

    The first 0:37 seconds of this video is ear rape be careful.

  • Woah Is going on
    Woah Is going on   46 minuts ago

    when you showed the satan card harry is in the background. does this mean harry went to hell?

  • Claudio
    Claudio   48 minuts ago

    People that dont play card games often think cards like blue eyes white dragon are better than pot of greed but drawing is so much important !

  • ainsley kairua
    ainsley kairua   49 minuts ago

    yes I have played 52 card game pick up, but my dad was way harsher he asked if I wanna play I said yes and he just threw the cards around the whole house and made me pick them all up!

  • Woah Is going on
    Woah Is going on   50 minuts ago

    the battleships movie is rated 5.9/10 on IMDb so, whether you see the movie or not you will not like it.

  • MelonDew
    MelonDew   1 hours ago

    I actually know how to play Pokemon: the card gameits pretty simplealthough me and my friends did change the rules abit to make it easier to understandwe played it alotthen my mom ripped my cards

  • Redgle
    Redgle   1 hours ago

    7:28 the reason why its a good strat is that if they only have three cards left you can use it to mill them out so they lose because they have no cards in their library

  • oFlexD HD
    oFlexD HD   1 hours ago

    Watch it with captions its funny

  • sabis6111
    sabis6111   1 hours ago

    Idk how this works, but I just won this odd1sout discount code. If anyone wants it, go ahead, it's 10% off B91V1ZERV8H5

  • Rissa
    Rissa   1 hours ago

    There's one game that ruins relationships more than Monopoly...let's be honest here, it's Mario Party

  • The Exotic Shorthair
    The Exotic Shorthair   1 hours ago

    I’ve checkmated someone in 3 moves. Lol. My first move is always kings pawn E4. Black like, always responds with E5. Then I move queen to H5 or F3. Black will usually just develop the knight. Then I move the kings Bishop to C4. Black does pretty much noting important, then I move the Queen to F7. Checkmate! It’s checkmate because the queen is looking at the king, and the queen can’t be taken because the bishop is protecting the queen.

  • Tom Baldwin
    Tom Baldwin   1 hours ago

    TheOdd1sOut react to endigo's song plz 😲😲😲😲