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Christmas Contemplations

  • Published on: 22 December 2017
  • Thanks for an amazing year!! Merry Christmas!! Do you think Rudolph is weird?
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  • Runtime : 5:33
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  • TheSilver Shroud2018
    TheSilver Shroud2018   5 minuts ago

    I don’t think they felt awkward ‘cause they stopped fighting for ONCE in the whole war and the had the relief of no fearing for their lives

  • Vectron Music
    Vectron Music   1 hours ago

    it's actually read as fussball, not fubball :)

  • clara landsdale
    clara landsdale   1 hours ago

    That b in (german football) is said like two ss so you say foot ball like fouu-ss-baul

  • It’s Ya boi
    It’s Ya boi   2 hours ago

    Fußbal is pronounced fussball lol. Ik this cause I’m half German

  • Finch Killo
    Finch Killo   4 hours ago

    1:43 when u act mean but u sound bad

  • BELLE CJ cookie Chan
    BELLE CJ cookie Chan   4 hours ago

    For the people that don’t have Chimnese Santa goes through the door/like meee

  • Shadow Estrella
    Shadow Estrella   9 hours ago

    Answer: Santa gets into the house without chimneys through the door. It varies from family to family but these are the 2 common ones. 1. He shrinks down and flies through the key hole.2. He has an all unlocking key.

  • Lynda sturdy
    Lynda sturdy   11 hours ago

    Littaraly just watched his rap about prancer

  • Liah123
    Liah123   11 hours ago

    You know where Santa is the OTHER 364 days of the year? In prison for breaking and entering.

  • Random Drannn99
    Random Drannn99   12 hours ago

    James James James.....You mention that a kid movie never make a character dies right?...That’s not true.....think about lion king...

  • Enosh Vincent Pabayo
    Enosh Vincent Pabayo   12 hours ago

    James: play on his reindeer bikeMe: the one snowy christmass year santa had to say Prancer would carry me while i eat more cookiesssss the reapet the somg!

  • Alex D
    Alex D   12 hours ago

    Hitler was in the Christmas truce, and of course Hitler being Hitler, he was opposed to the idea of playing soccer

  • GeoffRBX
    GeoffRBX   14 hours ago

    Dou, dou, dou, Cupid the normal nose reindeer, had a very normal nose, and if you ever saw it, you would even say "Yep, that's a bow". All the other reindeers, treated him like what any reindeer should be like. They always let little Cupid, play with his Cupid Bow.

  • Tim Willey
    Tim Willey   16 hours ago

    Grandma got run over by a reindeer Walking home from our house Christmas eve You can say there’s no such thing as Santa But as for me and grandpa we believe-3 British troops 2017

  • nick name
    nick name   18 hours ago

    The german word for football is actually fussball this (ß) is a double (S)

  • Dakota Metzgar
    Dakota Metzgar   20 hours ago

    That big B-looking letter in German is called an Esthet or something along those lines. It makes a double-S noise “Foosball” would be how it’s pronounced in Germany

  • Joyful Coralee
    Joyful Coralee   21 hours ago

    Grandma got run over by a reindeer,Walking home from our house Christmas eve,You can say there's no such thing as Santa But as for me and grandpa we believe

  • Friendly Simon
    Friendly Simon   21 hours ago

    NO GRANDPA WE HATE YOU poor grandpa he probably died now and you didn't even make a funeral video sicko (This is a joke)

  • Just Monika
    Just Monika   22 hours ago


  • Zoomi Zoom
    Zoomi Zoom   22 hours ago

    T Th TheTheoTheodTheoddTheodd1The if you though I was actually doing this thing neck your self.