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Annaliese Opens Up on Her Split with Kamil on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Reunion

  • Published on: 12 September 2018
  • After a dramatic and sudden split between Annaliese Puccini and Kamil Nicalek on the “Bachelor in Paradise” reunion show, an emotional Annaliese is opening up about what happened. Have they been in touch since?

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  • Runtime : 6:14
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  • Brittney Grant
    Brittney Grant   5 days ago

    Annalise you are a beautiful kind hearted soul and you deserve so much than Kamli. You will find your King who would give you his whole heart and love you unconditionally and meant every word he says to you. I promise Love will blessed you and never hurts you at all keep your heart open and love will always find a way into you. You will have your forever and who will adore you.

  • mylovexavier
    mylovexavier   1 weeks ago

    annaliese , you need some self respect and confidence otherwise you'll be alone forever because you are pathetic. Raise your standards and love yourself, or no one will put you first ever. the problem is you are desperate to the point where you turn men off! stop being so pushy ..and clingy. annoying woman uggh

  • Puppet Master
    Puppet Master   1 weeks ago

    Annelise to Kamil= "I think we have a good connection"Kamil in his head=Yeah yeah now take off those panties.Kamil to the camera=I just don't see myself with AnneliseBut Kamil to Annalises face he says ="yes, I think we have a connection to" and at the end he says something like "I can't live without you blah blah"and then finally on live tv kamil says to her face ="Annelise I don't think I am the guy for you"Annelise deserves better. Kamil seemed dishonest or confused on the show, and she is way to pretty and sweet to act as desperate as she did on BIP. I feel bad for Annaleise to though, because Kamil showed us a different side to what he was thinking that he seemed to keep away from Annaleise on the show. So...she fell for him. Poor girl, she was just trying to be optimistic. And hearing her talk now she is still in -denial. I wish her the best of luck......

  • jeanette c
    jeanette c   2 weeks ago

    She should be the next bachelorette

  • Darina K
    Darina K   2 weeks ago

    Desperate for a nasty dude just because she's thirsty for a ring. work on self esteem and confidence Anna, you're too good for the bs. Kamil is pure trash, whack, cold, boring, nothing.

  • beachboy boobybuilder

    Annaliese is not bad for a post-wall woman, but she needs to get hitched asap cos she aint no spring chicken. She wasted her youth on the cock carousel and she is now paying for it.

  • CR VT
    CR VT   3 weeks ago

    Move on. He’s not worth it. Anyone who breaks up with you on national tv is a jerk. There’s someone better for you out there.

  • Cynthia Mahoney
    Cynthia Mahoney   3 weeks ago

    Annaliese,you are absolutely gorgeous and a sweetheart and deserve so much better. I am sorry to say that it appeared the man was not being straight with you and would play down your relationship and say the exact opposite when you were not present. If you haven't already please watch the show in its entirety to identify these periods,painful though it may be,enlightening even more so.Love yo sweetheart. Stay true to you and some very lucky man is sure to snatch you up in or out of the bachelor universe.

  • Tinytin32
    Tinytin32   3 weeks ago

    Everyone says she's desperate, well it's because her biological clock is ticking. If she already had kids I'm sure she wouldn't be as desperate or worried about finding "the one"...

  • Idalia Aragon
    Idalia Aragon   3 weeks ago

    Annalise is just so desperate to be in love, and it doesn't matter who it is. She is just to clingy

  • Janine S
    Janine S   3 weeks ago

    Annalise is so sweet and would make an amazing wife. Kamil is just a douche who was using her to be on the show. As soon as the show ended he was out in his mind. Hes a douche who is lower than low and nowhere near on your level. Annalise needs a real man.

  • Millicent Adams
    Millicent Adams   3 weeks ago

    He didn't love you from the start, he only wanted to stay on the show. Take the right and let him take the left, you were my favourite

  • Sue Smith
    Sue Smith   4 weeks ago

    She would make a great Bachelorette ………

  • Jon Walton
    Jon Walton   4 weeks ago

    she deserves a guy who doesn't lead her on. that guy is such an enormous toolbag

  • Iona Bronson
    Iona Bronson   4 weeks ago

    I give up on her.. really asking America for forgiveness for him. There’s No word to describe you.. ugh

  • Iona Bronson
    Iona Bronson   4 weeks ago

    GIRL GET OU OF IF HERE. This guy was so brutal ending it. With you No remorse.. the way he ended it compare to how others ended it theirs. Plllease.,get over it. What’s wrong with you

  • happy one 2017
    happy one 2017   4 weeks ago

    I'm sure Kamil watched how desperate she had been on the show and realized he needs to run far away from this crazy woman. No one is blaming him...

  • Taphawah Thompson
    Taphawah Thompson   4 weeks ago

    Annaliese is a catch! My god! Such a beautiful woman inside and out.

  • Jason Van Mass
    Jason Van Mass   4 weeks ago

    Annalise needs a really good therapist, and to read Codependent No More by Melody Beattie. Her codependency is cringe worthy.

  • Jennifer Carson
    Jennifer Carson   1 months ago

    She handled herself well. She needs to meet Benoit.

  • Ms Tortola
    Ms Tortola   1 months ago

    Annaliese shows a great amount of courage and class to care about what people think of a guy who breaks up with her on the reunion show.  She is still optimistic about their relationship and hopeful.....that's love people.   She maybe has not met her right match because there can be a guy who KNOWS what he wants and will be confident in his relationship with her.  I wish only the best for her.  There were other cast members who changes partners multiple times, but for some reason we label her an "clingyl".........interesting perception.    Maybe she and Benoit can get together.  Bachelor Nation is an interesting place and you never know who will get together.

  • Andy V
    Andy V   1 months ago

    I want Annaliese, I wonder if she dates guys who look like Mr Bean.

  • strawberryseason
    strawberryseason   1 months ago

    Really it's too bad that Jordan went for duplicitous Jenna. Jordan and Annaliese would have been a good match.

  • Dilek Sen
    Dilek Sen   1 months ago

    Starting with the Bachelorette, I never liked Kamil. And I didn't watch more than the 1st episode of BIP to be honest, I couldn't get into it. But I just watched the "Tell All" and Annaliese specifically said she tried to break up with him 2 weeks before the episode.. So maybe, to those who watched the show, she came across as "needy"; but to me, she appears to be someone who just took the process of finding a spouse more seriously than the rest of the guys there. It's unfortunate that when two parties' intentions are different, one party can seem "needy." Hope she's the next Bachelorette, I would love to see her emotional growth over time :)

  • Flexnet User
    Flexnet User   1 months ago

    No, interviewer, Annalise does not love herself! She needs therapy! The show is a great escape. But why do women, ( and sometimes men) so often seem to have no idea of self actualization, no high aspirations and goals? As for “ babies”, every time she’s said that she sounds like a little girl wanting dolls. Being a parent in this complex world requires great skill and wisdom. We have too many people already. Where is the passion for helping our world which is in such dire need of change? Wanting to find a mate is fine. But are people so disconnected from reality and themselves that all that’s left is a childhood fantasy of being a princess? She’s lovely, but she needs some help, as most of the comments have already noted.

  • Holly W
    Holly W   1 months ago

    🤦🏼‍♀️..... really? “I want someone this is kind and adores me.” Actions speak louder than words.

  • Shane Culver
    Shane Culver   1 months ago

    She’d be the perfect bachelorette I think. 🤔

  • Instyle Red
    Instyle Red   1 months ago

    He’s an asshole who is just using you girl! You deserve so much more, let that jerk go! I know it’s hard, but you have to! He’s an idiot!

  • Yvonne Errend
    Yvonne Errend   1 months ago

    He was a lying narcissist and he was wearing a mask the whole time he was dating you. He might be a good person but he deceived you honey so wake up..

  • Anjelica Morgan
    Anjelica Morgan   1 months ago

    She's a sweetie and a dummy! But definitely a sweetheart. I am calling her a dummy because at 33 you should have more clarity. She really needs to see a therapist.

  • Lola Ost
    Lola Ost   1 months ago

    Seriously!? Annalise you need to stop talking and talking and talking. You move too fast! Your desperation played a major factor leading up to the breakup of your "boyfriend" and you.

  • VioletEyes
    VioletEyes   1 months ago

    he propably watched the show and saw how needy she was and got a different perspective of her~ nothing wrong with not wanting to lead her on and just get out