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Can Feathers Tickle BIRDS? | Dolan Life Mysteries

  • Published on: 10 October 2018
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    From what would happen if the Earth was a cube to whether feathers can tickle birds, we answer several of your most burning questions about life
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    Dolan http://twitter.com/TheDDGuides
    Melissa http://twitter.com/MelissaAMorgan
    Animated by JAMESHARK http://twitter.com/jamesharknado
    Written by Mooclucking & Dolan http://twitter.com/Mooclucking
    Music/SFX by Epic Mountain Music http://epic-mountain.com/

    Info Sources: http://pastebin.com/JDS1JvYn
    Website: http://www.superplanetdolan.com
    Credits music: "Sugar Plum Dark Mix" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
  • Runtime : 10:6
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  • James Ramirez
    James Ramirez   36 minuts ago

    Are the colors I see is the same as the colors you see? For example, my green isnt same as your green... (dont tell me to go to vsauce)

  • Twister Jay
    Twister Jay   1 hours ago

    What would happen if black holes merged together "is it gonna explode .or it will do nothing

  • RenceYT
    RenceYT   2 hours ago

    can fishes drink water?

  • Doom Craft
    Doom Craft   3 hours ago

    What Happens If You Dont Eat But Drink Milk Only

  • Mustafa A
    Mustafa A   3 hours ago

    how far can nuklear bombs go?:)

  • Jell-O
    Jell-O   4 hours ago

    Yoo that hentai I saw earlier actually has a YouTube channel! Sick!!

  • Lynxfurri -
    Lynxfurri -   7 hours ago

    What happens when someone comes back to life? 💫😇😵💫

  • Dshstroyer House
    Dshstroyer House   7 hours ago

    what would happen if shima came back ( actullay queistion no joke ) sorry for the typos in a rush

  • sammy man9000
    sammy man9000   7 hours ago

    6:17 looks like someone took filter feeding lessons from spongebob

  • Lulu Dragneel
    Lulu Dragneel   7 hours ago

    Do cats know when the lights are turned on and off?

  • 2wentyWays
    2wentyWays   8 hours ago

    Why can't monkeys do what humans do?For example we can drive cars. Why can't monkeys do that. They are just like us

  • Gamer god83
    Gamer god83   8 hours ago

    If the world can spin around why were nor

  • gamerwolfhowl 77
    gamerwolfhowl 77   8 hours ago

    Random drunk Guy: Comes up to me and says: H-Hey...wanna see me tickle that bird with a feather?Me: Who are you?Random drunk Guy: Ignores question and plucks feather out of melissa, and tickles her with itThat was a random skit I made inside a comment. ( skit based off title of video )

  • Jenny Playzz
    Jenny Playzz   8 hours ago

    Is planet dolan a alternate version of earth where everything is backwards?

  • TheCMK666
    TheCMK666   8 hours ago

    What would happen if the super collider blew up?

  • StarJ
    StarJ   8 hours ago

    How does light overtake darkness?

  • Elijah midkiff
    Elijah midkiff   9 hours ago

    what if the earth got big enough to pull in mars

  • GGoverkill
    GGoverkill   9 hours ago

    If light is the fastest thing in the world how did the darkness get there first?