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Nipsey Hussle - Double Up Ft. Belly & Dom Kennedy [Official Music Video]

  • Published on: 04 October 2018
  • Stream + download VICTORY LAP: http://NipseyHussle.lnk.to/VictoryLapID

    Directed by : http://www.instagram.com/directedbysergio
    Film Scored by AVAA
    Video Commissioner: Emmanuelle Cuny

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  • Runtime : 11:3
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  • Cristian Daniel
    Cristian Daniel   21 minuts ago

    nipsey looking like a slimmer version of DJ khalid and Dom looking like the older version of Michael B Jordan🤷🏽

  • Fred E.T.
    Fred E.T.   34 minuts ago

    “Lola”....la-lo..... LAuren LOndon.....i wonder if Nip pretty much just sent a shot to his ex but used Lauren in her spot to show he with “Lola” who would be Lauren London now.....(Lauren would have to play the ex to make the Picasso gag work lol)

  • Shaandiini
    Shaandiini   3 hours ago

    💋💨💨💨💨, 🎶🎼🎵

  • Gabby Tón
    Gabby Tón   4 hours ago

    Wish this was a movie not a song lol

  • Sir Nilo
    Sir Nilo   4 hours ago

    This is THAT SONG. 🔥🔥

  • Es1civic
    Es1civic   5 hours ago

    I see nipsey with that same dread style Krayzie bone would always rock

  • Eric Bell
    Eric Bell   6 hours ago

    The videos amped when you been here from zhustle in the House... that SUPER EARLY Drake feature so early we didnt even know Draje was Drake yet... if you was in the WestWest[Seattle]... might a pushed a few Nip tapes at the Barbershop :P ... Ultimate flex? = knowing the Lauren London history... when that situation occureded... and now seejng this video. I ran miles kn the treadmill to The Marathon 3 SONG not tape ["...damn it feels good to be ON TOP"] private helicopter, beach landing video. That song gave me that taste of blood, that drive. Nipsey of the closest to Jay 2.o we got, mentally. He puts kids thru college without cameras rolling. Nip a real one. And I hates "Hussle in the House."

  • Epoch
    Epoch   6 hours ago

    Okay but why Dom Kennedy look like a fatter Michael B Jordan

  • banister nisba
    banister nisba   7 hours ago

    Slowly iZi l.a fly✈️🚀Da Beat in da house 💯

  • Dubrian Burton
    Dubrian Burton   9 hours ago

    I like ain't no white bitches all thru the video

  • D.A. Weiss
    D.A. Weiss   10 hours ago

    Nipsey got this swag that has, Snoop, Marvin Gaye and Coletrane written all on him, My POV!

  • Mason YouAlreadyKnow
    Mason YouAlreadyKnow   11 hours ago

    Your favorite rappers favorite rappers stealing game that cost like a holla sheets and dividends my money dont fold when i get mine

  • Mason YouAlreadyKnow
    Mason YouAlreadyKnow   11 hours ago

    Double up twice the original made a classic amount of time for rappers to steal my shine

  • Abdul Bello
    Abdul Bello   12 hours ago

    Why do I feel like this is one of the last left that ain’t sold out. Never on no devil shit! 💥🔥💥

  • Zaye Scott
    Zaye Scott   14 hours ago

    That smooth hit at the end thou... Some shyt i would do

  • Quest Barron
    Quest Barron   16 hours ago

    Only if I could've been on that video set 😀😀📽️🎬

  • Studology 101
    Studology 101   17 hours ago

    🔥🔥🔥 Nip!! Lucky duck with New New! 😍

  • Daphene Stewart
    Daphene Stewart   18 hours ago

    Shout out to Nipsey clothing store on Crenshaw and slauson, I got a hoodie from there , I love it #marathonclothing🔥born and raised in LA wouldn’t have it no other way. The song is fire too👏🏾

  • tones kentkorn
    tones kentkorn   19 hours ago

    I tell you what - that Belly came thru. This my first time hearing him sing - he's got pipes. Enjoyed this very much, very nice.

  • Raymond Mojica sr
    Raymond Mojica sr   19 hours ago

    I need my shit braided like nip. anybody know how long that stays in?