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College Football's Funniest Moments and Bloopers Part 2

  • Published on: 07 October 2018
  • Runtime : 11:58
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  • CFBin30
    CFBin30   1 weeks ago

    What should I include in Part 3?

  • ApeBogs
    ApeBogs   11 hours ago

    The whole sport's a blooper

  • Reverend Hogwash
    Reverend Hogwash   14 hours ago

    Individual champions ... volunteers must give out participation awards!

  • Coconut Gamer
    Coconut Gamer   1 days ago

    Yale at Harvard the worlds smartest football game “I’m gonna make the law of gravity effect you and make you hit the ground” *too stupid to make up anything better lol

  • Selfish Stockton
    Selfish Stockton   1 days ago

    That rabbit had more all purpose yards than my team this weekend...

  • JMH
    JMH   1 days ago

    6:05 Favorite ever quote from Baker Mayfield

  • Colter//Cole Ray
    Colter//Cole Ray   1 days ago

    this is basically explaining men being idiots and "boys will be boys." reputation vs pride. we just judge and don't even talk about the reasons behind it. however with that there are boundaries and limitations

  • Sempi10
    Sempi10   1 days ago

    NFL GM's are gonna see that...and you're still going to be the #1 pick.

  • GeraldKane
    GeraldKane   1 days ago

    One time at my local baseball stadium. The Arizona Diamondbacks broke the base.

  • Luke K
    Luke K   1 days ago

    I was watching the one where the end zone got ripped up at 7:23

  • Derail07
    Derail07   1 days ago

    @1:30 popcorn guy. I've been there

  • Jeremy Medlock
    Jeremy Medlock   1 days ago

    lmao. I loved when Wake Forest's kicker didn't show up! I created a meme out of it.

  • Antonio Diaz
    Antonio Diaz   2 days ago

    6:18 ...and reward him by making him the #1 NFL draft pick

  • Craig Ian Stephens
    Craig Ian Stephens   2 days ago

    6:46 "they win the football game" - some highly creative and intelligent commentary right there

  • efrainthegreat
    efrainthegreat   2 days ago

    3:20 Oh man this is a meme just waiting to happen

  • Óran Ó’Hanracáin

    Why tf do they wear pads, shin guards, gumshields, helmets and long pants. Can’t they just be like rugby players where you have a gumshield, and a scrum cap if you want. Or hurling where you only wear a helmet

  • It's Just Brandon
    It's Just Brandon   2 days ago

    The Ole Miss vs LSU game gave me brain cancer. The stupidest moment in the history of college football.

  • Austin Slater
    Austin Slater   3 days ago

    I already bought forza i fucking hate that ad

  • Gaming Vlogs
    Gaming Vlogs   3 days ago

    6:46 who else thought he was gonna say the f-word

  • Berserk TV
    Berserk TV   3 days ago

    The dude with the popcorn was at a baseball game... not a college football game

  • Jonathan Elliott
    Jonathan Elliott   3 days ago

    Fun fact: At 7:58, the punter was actually 1 yard further back than what he was supposed to be. That led to a low snap and what happened next.

  • CJ1013
    CJ1013   3 days ago

    NFL GM’s are going to see that and pick him first overall

  • Samuel Mills
    Samuel Mills   3 days ago

    Roses are RedVilolets are BlueThe thumbnailStarts at 7:22

  • Alex Nguyen
    Alex Nguyen   3 days ago

    6:51 I bet the announcer is wondering why he's covering EMU vs Toledo on CBSSN. Hmm...

  • Guapo viejo
    Guapo viejo   3 days ago

    Corso called the kid a midget. I have never thought this old gasbag was a good announcer, but this is just blatantly offensive and unacceptable behavior. He should be called out and severely disciplined.