Mac Miller and Ariana Grande - The Way (One Love Manchester)

  • Published on: 04 June 2017
  • Mac Miller and Ariana Grande perform The Way at One Love Manchester.

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  • Runtime : 3:43
  • bbc Mac Miller and Ariana Grande The Way One Love Manchester BBC Music 2017


  • Error Usuario
    Error Usuario   1 hours ago

    This song is one of the first songs I heard from the beautiful ariana, I never regret being an arianator I love you ari you are my pride I love you too I hope to meet you one day. 💖Rip Mac

  • Oof Aves
    Oof Aves   4 hours ago

    I love This so much he passed to fast and young but he is remembered

  • Manahil Seddiqee
    Manahil Seddiqee   4 hours ago

    “Wish I could say thank you to Malcolm cause he was an angel” R.I.P 😭💔

  • killer queen
    killer queen   7 hours ago

    sobbing watching this. two of the purest souls💔

  • Jolien X
    Jolien X   19 hours ago

    He was the best, for ari he was the best two. He is in heaven now we all miss you mac🙏

  • Trisha Mhaye Campit
    Trisha Mhaye Campit   20 hours ago

    Thank u, next was really famous.but did not listen to her latest song. But i love her past songs and this song where I really shipped her and Mac. Then I just found out today that mac died. 🙁 i was really happy watching this because I can see they both love each other. But now i'll be watching this with sadness. You are missed mac. Thank u.

  • Gigi Ariana
    Gigi Ariana   23 hours ago

    we love you mac forever in our hearts. whos still here 2018 and cries everytime watching that 😭😭😭

  • MJ
    MJ   23 hours ago

    that was so cute

  • Jayla Cruz
    Jayla Cruz   1 days ago

    Anyone else watching this and crying? Not only because of how deep the One Love Machester was, but because she clearly loved Mac

  • T
    T   1 days ago

    RIP mac Miller xo

  • Leonie Fabienne Becker

    the saddest thing is that mac left the world with the thought ariana was getting married.. Shit this hurt..

  • Baby Sloth
    Baby Sloth   1 days ago

    I miss them together and now everything has changed forever. 😓

  • HD playz
    HD playz   1 days ago

    How did Mac Miller die? When?

  • Valeria Andrade
    Valeria Andrade   1 days ago

    I can’t believe he dead 😥😭😭😭😭I wished it was just a Dream RIP MAC Your now a angle!!!!😭😭😭

  • Amanda Jane
    Amanda Jane   1 days ago

    You can just see the love in his eyes for her. 😭😭😭

  • Tomasz Bich
    Tomasz Bich   1 days ago

    Mac was so young he is singing this but with Ariana in the sky. I wish i said thank You to Malcolm, cause he was a Young legend Rapper Angel

  • Soraya Soltanzadeh
    Soraya Soltanzadeh   1 days ago

    Who else is listening in 2018 and crying about Mac Miller’s deathIf we are this sad imagine how sad Ariana is May he Rest In Peace it’s truly devestating(I’m ten and Otto correct didn’t help sorry)“Wish I could say thank you to Malcome cause he was an angel”

  • arianna
    arianna   1 days ago

    wish I could say thank you to Malcolm, cause he was an angel ❣️💔

  • Soupzz
    Soupzz   1 days ago

    Sad that he died knowing she was gonna get married

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