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60 SECOND SEPHORA SWEEP ft. Tati Westbrook

  • Published on: 18 September 2018
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    HI SISTERS!! In today's video, Tati Westbrook aka GlamLifeGuru and I sat down for a CRAZY makeup challenge! Inspired by Super Market Sweep, we had 60 seconds to run through Sephora and grab as many products as we possibly could for our makeup routine! We also got into a VERY long conversation about the issues in the beauty industry, who we think is to blame, & how they can be fixed... Speaking with someone who I respect so much about a community that we care for allowed for an important conversation that I'm excited for you to hear.

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    PRODUCER: Kelly Rocklein

    EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula

    WRITER: Eros Gomez

    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
  • Runtime : 32:53
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  • Flying Start Media Inc
    Flying Start Media Inc   31 minuts ago

    Tati’s face when he said too faced was his holy grail LMFAO love them together

  • ItsJasmynTho
    ItsJasmynTho   38 minuts ago

    Does anyone know what highlighter James is wearing in the intro ? Like 😍😍 need it

  • india morrow
    india morrow   2 hours ago

    The makeup I've found at Walmart is just as good as sephora. The maybelline lipsticks and eyeliners I've found have been sufficient

  • Anonymous 2020
    Anonymous 2020   5 hours ago

    Damn.Per Sponsorship is $60KI Though it Would Be Just $3.5k Per Sponsorship...I Want To Be A Youtuber Now..

  • June L
    June L   7 hours ago

    When is the documentary out? I have to watch it!!

  • Ava Abedi
    Ava Abedi   11 hours ago

    Who needs MARK 3000 when you have James

  • Olivia Floye
    Olivia Floye   16 hours ago

    oml tati looks like a Charlie's angel in the thumbnail

  • Dilante Nelson
    Dilante Nelson   19 hours ago

    I find it highly inappropriate for James to say “its none of your business” no matter what job it is or what company it is transparency is important. We can literally google the average income for any job anywhere. Influencers are not above that. And ive you are sponsored on top of youtubes pay then oh well we have the right to know how much is given out. Just as you know how much is spent on traditional advertising methods.

  • India Patterson
    India Patterson   21 hours ago

    Sis in the back with the red bob had me rolling idek why

  • sjs80
    sjs80   1 days ago

    I loved supermarket sweep.

  • Queen Lia
    Queen Lia   1 days ago

    james is so fucking smart oh my god

  • lee ree
    lee ree   1 days ago

    ♡♥♡♥ It is SALES......SALES IS SALES no matter what the product is......Cars, mortgages or yes, makeup! This goes on in different forms and you either get it or they dont. Yes Virginia, it is a business ♡♥♡♥ P.S. JAMES, your passion is BEAUTIFUL!

  • Lala Lalala
    Lala Lalala   1 days ago

    Tatis face when james mentions too faced XD

  • Emilee Jackson
    Emilee Jackson   1 days ago

    Just got Sister Schooled from Sister James & Mama Tati

  • Lucy Brook
    Lucy Brook   1 days ago

    Tati doesn’t do sponsored makeup reviews so (in my opinion ) I trust her opinion and I often go to her videos for reviews, before a purchase. There is nothing wrong with making a living and making sponsored videos but I see them as entertainment only and not as a trusted review.

  • Nakia Battle
    Nakia Battle   1 days ago

    Sister James I’m a new Subbie and I’m new to watching beauty gurus. I just subscribed to Jackie Aina like a month ago and now I just subscribed to Tati Westbrook. She’s a doll and so pretty both of you are very beautiful.

  • Limelight4Life
    Limelight4Life   1 days ago

    Yo James’s highlight in the beginning is so glittery No hate btw

  • Desiray Layton
    Desiray Layton   1 days ago

    Agree to all this Sister Tea! YouTube is the best job! I appreciate everything that is being done behind the scenes.

  • Lonestyle Way
    Lonestyle Way   1 days ago

    must be nice being white knowing you can get way with doing stuff like this

  • tulip
    tulip   1 days ago

    I'm sorry tati but in my mother tongue, tati means poo.btw my mother tongue is mirpuri,a type of urdu

  • Lilly's life too makeup

    Sorry James but she looks way better then you you just gotta step up your game love you James

  • Mariana Aguilar
    Mariana Aguilar   1 days ago

    I hate when brands base their advertisement on influencers because of their amount of followers and not on actual active following base, you would think they have marketing experts but no..

  • Andrea Allen
    Andrea Allen   1 days ago

    the pan back and forth between his basket and hers--killed me :'D

  • Recycle Relove
    Recycle Relove   1 days ago

    This was so informative. New subscriber, where the hell have I been?! ❤️

  • zeddey
    zeddey   1 days ago

    Just call shane xd

  • Becky
    Becky   1 days ago

    It’s so interesting seeing just how much you know about the business side of the beauty business. This was a great video idea and was much more deep than I expected!

  • bbylilyy X
    bbylilyy X   2 days ago

    Heyyy Sistahhh what lashes u wearing in this Video? Xx🤩

  • Lydia Salmon
    Lydia Salmon   2 days ago

    I never saw this video but I did see all the snippets that were posted everywhere. But after seeing this for myself I'm upset that none of them showed how you broke down the 60k.

  • Lena Götz
    Lena Götz   2 days ago

    Oh my god I just watched tatis video after this one and at the beginning of James’s video i wondered who that guy in the back was with the red wig 😂 when watching tatis video I realized that it was her son 😂😂😂

  • Heyit’surGirl Rafaella

    Sister James, hun when I tried this challenge with my friend’s I got kick out of saphora. Ugh!! Lol.😝 😑😑😑

  • Anna Victoria
    Anna Victoria   2 days ago

    I love Business James 👏🏽 let’s all take a shot everytime James says he’s very passionate about something in this video 😂

  • Claudia Massari
    Claudia Massari   2 days ago

    Yes @Tati!!! I used to love watching that show with my mom!!!