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Wrong Numbers

  • Published on: 24 August 2018
  • new phone who dis?
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  • Runtime : 9:32
  • phone telephone cellphone wrong number subway sooubway sooubway 4 cartoon animation funny wrong numbers jacksepticeye Lance Vance


  • Missy
    Missy   7 minuts ago

    When she said Lance wasn't funny I was like waaaaaat Lance is totally funny! Haven't your heard all the really smooth pickup lines he says to people? Then I saw Lance from Vld and was like GASP JAMES DO YOU WATCH VOLTRON??

  • CelestialRavenGaming
    CelestialRavenGaming   30 minuts ago

    So Jacksepticeye played in this? Or was this in his Forest video edited to be here?

  • PabloS
    PabloS   53 minuts ago

    Lil tay whete did you come from

  • Grand Prince Vuk J. Barkin' Tempest

    You should have told them that You are not James, and if they are still convinced You are Lance, scream the idiocy out of their brains. They were obviously retarded.

  • Dimeji Ogbede
    Dimeji Ogbede   2 hours ago

    Why'd your uncle with the gold bars have to be Nigerian! more Nigerian puns⚡

  • jacksons makees
    jacksons makees   2 hours ago

    It sed that you have to come quickly because timmy fell in the pool lance

  • Ebony Barbat
    Ebony Barbat   3 hours ago

    I love that Jacksepticeye collab. That’s twice you guys have done that.

  • UmaruChan
    UmaruChan   3 hours ago

    5:37 "You're going to have to come quickly Timmy fell down to elephants!"

  • Luke Duncan
    Luke Duncan   4 hours ago


  • luashfu
    luashfu   5 hours ago

    nani. i just realised the voice we could barely hear sounds like jack .-.

  • Sandra Tesch
    Sandra Tesch   5 hours ago

    Your gonna have to come quickly timmy fell down the well lance

    WINGSXX   6 hours ago

    hey i also make animations ! jinx

  • wolfgirl 108
    wolfgirl 108   6 hours ago

    u uploaded this vid the day befor my bday

  • Adyan good
    Adyan good   7 hours ago

    Стафте лайк Джеймсу

  • Less Creative
    Less Creative   7 hours ago

    Everyone saying like“Is Timmy still in that well?”Well.. my question is..Did Lance McClain saved Timmy? .0. TIMMY GOT TO RIDE ON THE BLUE LION! so flipping jealous.

  • Ryan Roybal
    Ryan Roybal   9 hours ago

    James assumed Jack’s genderEdit: Not really

  • Kormelis
    Kormelis   9 hours ago

    I knew i recognized Jacks Voice