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Serious Questions: The Walking Dead (feat Chandler Riggs)

  • Published on: 26 August 2018
  • Carl Grimes edition: We have some SERIOUS questions about The Walking Dead and we demand answers, luckily we have Carl Grimes to help us out. The Walking Dead blu-ray for season 8 is out and available now!

    It's Serious Questions Carl Grimes edition for The Walking Dead!

    Featuring: Chandler Riggs
    Whispers by Joe Starr

    Written by Spencer Gilbert
    Produced by Max Dionne
    Edited by Randy Whitlock
    Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand

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  • Runtime : 2:53
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  • Nate Ritta
    Nate Ritta   13 hours ago

    This video is seriously underrated

  • Rosalina Yuhengco
    Rosalina Yuhengco   1 weeks ago


  • Michael Schwartz
    Michael Schwartz   2 weeks ago

    Pro tip: jokes are less funny when your video is mixed to low to hear them

  • SketchyCat !!!
    SketchyCat !!!   2 weeks ago

    Since you did the Marvel and Jurassic world catch up you should do a Harry Potter catch up before Crimes of Grindelward. Even though it's set in the past .

  • PD
    PD   3 weeks ago

    hahah nice one!!

  • Elyssa
    Elyssa   3 weeks ago

    This is so cute omg

  • Katz1964
    Katz1964   1 months ago

    Chandler is such a good sport!

  • Liliana Ios
    Liliana Ios   1 months ago

    Me and my friend call u carl u know we call u carl grimes

  • Nicki lps
    Nicki lps   1 months ago

    Chandler is super hot and adorable 😍😘😻 LOVE YOU CHANDLER 😍😘😍😘❤

  • endofmysteries
    endofmysteries   1 months ago

    who cleans up the walkers - best thing pointed outmaybe its the guard from Ocarina of Time who cleans up and replaces all the pots in that room near the gate

  • heidy contreras
    heidy contreras   1 months ago

    Always asking the important questions, what a qween 😩

  • j v
    j v   1 months ago

    It took me so long to find out it was him talking

  • Jayden S
    Jayden S   1 months ago

    That gas theory is false. There would be basically unlimited gas. Think about how many people died and how many of those people had cars. The same amount of gas for like 1/6 of the original population

  • Tara Wallace
    Tara Wallace   1 months ago

    Andrew wouldn't have left the show if coral wouldn't have been killed off

  • Bri :D
    Bri :D   1 months ago

    that memes in english are so bored, in spanish are better

  • MadMaxPyro
    MadMaxPyro   1 months ago

    The real question is, how was Scott Gimple stupid enough to kill off Carl?

  • lucien75
    lucien75   1 months ago

    PERFECT! Seriously, he nails a lot of important questions we all have, and plus he makes it funny. And also, Carl was the best character (in my opinion, but plot kept screwing him over).

  • lucien75
    lucien75   1 months ago

    Oh wait.. the last part, "He named me Coral, but we gonna go see the Carl reef", that proves he actually watched the ScreenJunkies TWD Roast parody.

  • HelikaonIX
    HelikaonIX   1 months ago

    He died?! NOICE lol. Tired of lookin at his no-upper-lip having face.

  • Anie's Journey
    Anie's Journey   1 months ago

    This had me laughing too much! LOLI literally stopped watching after the mid-season premiere episode that should have been called "The Carl and Michonne Show". She got WAY MORE screen time than his freaking DAD. Excuse me for thinking that he should've had far more time on-screen time with his actual father than anyone else. I utterly hated the way they handled that whole complete BS ratings tank, so no more Walking Dead for me.

  • portaladicto
    portaladicto   1 months ago

    Why nobody use bicycles in a zombie apocalypse?

  • Emma  Schnapp
    Emma Schnapp   1 months ago

    Chandler can make wayyy better jokes for Carl than anyone else, lmfao

  • Daniel Magger
    Daniel Magger   1 months ago

    Why are biker gangs the only survivors of zombie apocalypse?

  • Frantic Fandoms
    Frantic Fandoms   1 months ago

    this is chandlers revenge for killing his character off