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$7 Secret Menu Vs. $2,500 Secret Menu

  • Published on: 23 April 2017
  • “Sometimes, secrets seem too good to be true.”

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  • Runtime : 13:1
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  • L G
    L G   4 hours ago

    It’s a little weird to have a burger joint have someone call themselves a “culinary director”

  • Protohumans
    Protohumans   1 days ago

    if someone offered me the 2500 dish i would smash it in the ground , step on it, spit on it and go eat a 1 dollar ice cream probly.

  • Rona Fanfouna
    Rona Fanfouna   1 days ago

    Plot twistTheir are no secret menusIt’s normal food

  • Ben7seven7
    Ben7seven7   1 days ago

    3:45 Adam shouldn’t be allowed to talk, instead only allowed one word expressions like wow or yum. That way he better maintains his heir of mystique which people find most fascinating about him.

  • Seal77
    Seal77   1 days ago

    Beer and Lemonade: Radler (German for "cyclist") has a long history in German-speaking regions. It commonly consists of a 50:50 mixture of beer and sparkling lemonad

  • Nur Jannah
    Nur Jannah   1 days ago

    am i the only one who was shooked when steven said that his family is from malaysia 😂

  • atul singh
    atul singh   1 days ago

    Peanut butter burger looks very weird

  • ariel millare
    ariel millare   1 days ago

    I ship the two of them... Im like watching bl series everytime i watch worth it..... 😍😍😍

  • Sam L
    Sam L   2 days ago

    I don’t like the idea that when chef wants to make an ultra good dish they just throw more caviar and Truffle on top of it. I feel that’s a lack of Creativity. Even if you throw Caviar or truffle or even gold on top of an average pasta, it’s still an average pasta.

  • Almond butta
    Almond butta   2 days ago

    so basically wht i learned these 5 seasons is restaurants throw caviar and gold on everything to make it expensive.....

  • Sarika M
    Sarika M   2 days ago

    I like peanut butter and honey.

  • Shawn Adams
    Shawn Adams   2 days ago

    Adam always eats the scraps from their plate I don't get it

  • Ahadul Islam
    Ahadul Islam   2 days ago

    Not worth it. A single dise can't be this price

  • DanteDevonshire
    DanteDevonshire   2 days ago

    Do you look for apprentices who can walk behind you, be quiet and eat stuff? I would love to eat stuff... hungry

  • Allison Daugherty
    Allison Daugherty   3 days ago

    One of my favorite sandwiches is a peanut butter and pickle sandwich.....everyone thinks I'm crazy, but it is DELICIOUS!

  • Film Fixers
    Film Fixers   3 days ago

    This is my new favorite show on any media platform... Shake Shack is overrated and over priced for the lack of actually what you get verse other local spots

  • Kenneth Yee
    Kenneth Yee   3 days ago

    11:13 You can see Adam laughing in the mirror!

  • YouTube Fanz
    YouTube Fanz   4 days ago

    Satay with peanut sauce is sooo good!! Buh, have you ever tried cucumbers and peanut sauce?!

  • Saiyan Ranger
    Saiyan Ranger   5 days ago

    Adam is great, but can you ask him to start using auto focus lol.

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt   5 days ago

    Extremely expensive soufflé, topped of with extremely cheap gold leaf.

  • Johnny Ribbz
    Johnny Ribbz   5 days ago

    For 2500$ u can have a lavish party for 10

  • heretic genma
    heretic genma   6 days ago

    i dont hate caviar old gold something just ... stop that what make that expensive is thats gold and caviar ... i need something else

  • tati3092
    tati3092   6 days ago

    I'm pregnant right now and haven't had any cravings at all until I saw you guys eat the burger with the peanut butter. I need that in my life asap.

  • flamehiro
    flamehiro   6 days ago

    All the really expensive ones always have some weird fish in it lol

  • 1423 171
    1423 171   6 days ago

    Why do they put gold leaf on food it literally is just throwing money away

  • Anna van Winkoop
    Anna van Winkoop   6 days ago

    Did you know in the Netherlands a lot of people eat peanut sauce it's kinda normal here. We even eat it with french fries.

  • Fheed Pexx
    Fheed Pexx   6 days ago

    McDonald's actually had the McSatay on the menu when I was in the Netherlands. Think it tasted ok, don't really remember. But the combination... not that strange. Peanut sauce goes with pretty much everything.

  • Hoony K.
    Hoony K.   1 weeks ago

    17 million views.. buzz feed made bank off of this video, go BIGGER

  • Angela Gomez
    Angela Gomez   1 weeks ago

    I feel sorry for Adam and Steven, who are out of the scene. They get leftovers, if that. That is not FAIR.