Girl Chat: Should You Take Your Husband’s Last Name?

  • Published on: 07 November 2018
  • Adrienne Houghton, Jeannie Mai, Loni Love, and Tamera Mowry-Housley share their feelings on women taking their husband’s name (and Adrienne reveals her decision!). They also discuss a sticky situation a teacher found herself in, and one couple’s sexy plan to fix their relationship.

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  • Runtime : 13:21
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  • Melissa Hill
    Melissa Hill   3 days ago

    I think you should have a password on your phone anyway. What if someone stole your phone or lost it and it got into the wrong hands. You can't be too careful.

  • Jayna Burton
    Jayna Burton   4 days ago

    I am newly married and haven't changed my last name but I plan to. I definitely want to change my last name because I have no self identity because I was adopted and raised poorly by my adoptive parents, my biological mother got married numerous times and I dont know my biological father and neither does she. My husband is my new identity,I am a part of him, I'll gladly take his name. Everybody is different though so I dont disagree with anything any of the real ladies are saying

  • Isa Bulose
    Isa Bulose   5 days ago

    Everyone can say your last name girl, that's a lie. No one tries to pronounce your name, that's the problem, they don't take the time out to try get it right

  • Paul Zipser
    Paul Zipser   6 days ago

    Of course the woman with the failed marriage doesn't want to take the name

  • Beech Rose
    Beech Rose   6 days ago

    I don't plan too...when I say I much paper work...if a women want I don't see nothing wrong it..good luck..

  • Becky Langford
    Becky Langford   6 days ago

    I took my husband's last name and never thought of another option. I want people to know that I belong to my husband and he belongs to me. I looked forward to becoming Mrs.

  • AdriSan
    AdriSan   1 weeks ago

    I love that we don't do this in Mexico; instead we have two last names: one from each parent. When we marry, we say both the husband and the wife's first last name to call the new family as a whole, which in turn becomes the combined last name for that couple's children. In that way, I feel we keep our roots while also creating a new path for new families. Wives may choose to add "of husband's first last name" at the end of their name, although personally I don't do this. I believe it all comes down to culture and preference. We should do what feels right for us. :)

    NBA GIRL   1 weeks ago

    Loni looks so beautiful... that hair is amazing 😍😍😍

  • Never lose sleep over the small stuff

    A woman doesn't need to take another last name if she doesn't want. I feel a woman loses some type of independence when she takes on another name. Plus I don't want someone taking my name. I don't like hyphens. Kids can take either name.

  • Nicole Kelsey
    Nicole Kelsey   1 weeks ago

    Lawd! This segment got stupid once they brought children into the conversation. Listen, I will not change my last name to avoid other people’s confusion or ignorance. I will only change it because I want to do so. Them: Why is your last name different from your mom’s? Me: WE HAVE DIFFERENT DADDIES 😂

  • AlberteTDK
    AlberteTDK   1 weeks ago

    I don’t have my dad’s last name, I have my moms. It’s so old fashioned to take the fathers name. Imo the “better” last name should be taken, or both should be usedAlso both my parents kept their own last name

  • FateAndFurie
    FateAndFurie   1 weeks ago

    I'm married and I didn't change my name. Why should I? It's... MY NAME lol. It's always been my name, I've had it since I was born 😝

  • btc_real
    btc_real   1 weeks ago

    I would never take anyone’s last name.

  • Timeka Roberts
    Timeka Roberts   1 weeks ago

    Jeanie the Bible Does day that two shall become one. Genesis 2:24. “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.”

  • Mary Keo
    Mary Keo   1 weeks ago

    I agree with both Tamera and auntie Loni. If people wanna hyphenate their name or change their last name let them do it.😘😘😀😍❤️😎😀😍😘

  • Al ii
    Al ii   1 weeks ago

    Adam Housley is a lucky man.

  • Kayla Logan
    Kayla Logan   1 weeks ago

    I usually like what loni has to say but It was straight trash this time around

  • Sonya S
    Sonya S   1 weeks ago

    I didn't take my husband's name. My kids' names are hyphenated with both my husband's and my last name because of the school situation. I currently reside in a Conservative state and town and the teachers are so confused. EVERY married woman here takes her husband's name. I think the teachers don't think my husband and I are truly married because of the last name situation. Some even send emails to me addressing me as Miss 😞.

  • Brentree Bearden
    Brentree Bearden   1 weeks ago

    Tears literally filled my eyes when Tamera said it represents my past and present 💝

  • Brie Thompson
    Brie Thompson   1 weeks ago

    Loni, please. It is 2018 and you're supporting the idea that a woman needs to take a man's name?? Just stop already. Woman should be who they want and identify how they want.

  • Alanaia Hdds
    Alanaia Hdds   1 weeks ago

    I love my last name and I wouldn't give it up for anyone. I can love just the same without taking someone else's name.

  • Alicia Jordan
    Alicia Jordan   1 weeks ago

    So she still having sex during her periods ..... 😶

  • Daniela Iorli
    Daniela Iorli   1 weeks ago

    Why women should take a man's last name but men don't have to? It's a sexist tradition. Plus in many countries women do not change their last name and children take both last names.

  • Sandy G.
    Sandy G.   1 weeks ago

    I would hyphenate the name.I’m not willing to give up my name which is part of my identity.

  • jqueen
    jqueen   1 weeks ago

    Why Jeannie mad?😭😂😂😂

  • SmallestWARRIOR
    SmallestWARRIOR   1 weeks ago

    I didn't take my ex husbands last name. Thank goodness. It sounded a lot like my owns anyways plus we didn't end up making it but if I get married again, you better believe I WILL be taking my new hubby's last name.

  • SmallestWARRIOR
    SmallestWARRIOR   1 weeks ago

    You do have to fire the teacher. Because what if there's the slight off chance that she did it on purpose to entice one particular student? "Opps.. Dropped my phone with no password. But made sure I have nude photos on it though. Mhmm. 😏" We really HOPE she would never do such a thing. But then there's always always that off chance of.. What if.

  • T J
    T J   1 weeks ago

    Keeping nudie pics of yourself, with your face in them is especially, is just not smart. It's practically asking to be blackmailed. I can't tell you how many times I have lost my phone, but because I didn't have any nudes, I had one less thing to worry about. Never leave evidence 😂

  • T J
    T J   1 weeks ago

    Ew. So did that lady have sex with her husband, even when she was on her period?! That is disgusting 🤢

  • T J
    T J   1 weeks ago

    When you're calling or picking up your kids, you just say, "I'm Tamera Mowry, Aiden's mom." Not that difficult lol. And just because people aren't hooked on phonics and have trouble pronouncing a straightforward last name like Bailon, that is not enough reason, to me, to change it. I have those same mispronounciation issues with my name because people really try to add syllables and accents, making it more complicated than it really is. K.I.S.S! But everyone tells me how cool my name is so yeah I'm keeping it lol

  • Kanyesige Muhumza
    Kanyesige Muhumza   1 weeks ago

    Nah I wouldn't let a woman take my last name. Unless its my child.

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