Masterchef Worst Dishes And Moments

  • Published on: 02 January 2016
  • This is the edited version!
  • Runtime : 45:18


  • Toby Thurlow White
    Toby Thurlow White   5 minuts ago

    God, I may be wrong but baldie just seems to try and suck up to Gordon all the time. He always talks shit to the contestants right after Gordon says anything bad about them or the food, and tries to act like Gordon by having meltdowns and throwing stuff away. He never actually gives any constructive criticism or gives them any or advice on how to do better. All he does is insult and embarrass the contestant, and throws their tray in the trash. He acts like the novice third wheel that tries to fit in and get noticed, but lacks knowledge in the field and instead spouts shit at the contestants to make people think he's a professional chef and judge. At least Gordan actually gives them advice when he insults them

  • ara loves ot7
    ara loves ot7   6 minuts ago

    8:27 the same person who spoke about respect, EYE HAVE TO LAUGH

  • Abigail x3
    Abigail x3   26 minuts ago

    Would hate to be baldies wife.. I mean damn the man is horrible, telling people to show respect when he is being an ass. Lol. I so wanna throw all that food and plates at him.

  • Corah Chan
    Corah Chan   33 minuts ago

    I watched as long as I could, but I couldnt take that bald guy anymore

  • Ass Pancakes
    Ass Pancakes   51 minuts ago

    Baldy: aaaablablablabla TRASH SHIT throws entire plate in trash

  • Daniel kim
    Daniel kim   55 minuts ago

    "Master chef not master bate"😂😂

  • Halojugjug
    Halojugjug   1 hours ago

    0:58 this guy reminds me of a teacher I had back in high school who thought he was king of the world. Just looking at this guy makes me want to jump out a window

  • Jay 1223
    Jay 1223   1 hours ago

    43:04 when you are with your friends and they do some weird shit

  • Climax
    Climax   1 hours ago

    The fat cow laughing it up got struck with karma lol!

  • Ariane Suckadic
    Ariane Suckadic   1 hours ago

    Okay, this comment section is just as bad as MasterChef. There’s a lot of people arguing and shitting on each other. I’d also like to compare some commenters to the judges. They criticize the contestants and their food. Honestly, it was bad to see them serve either raw or unsightly food. I also notice some people getting mad at the judges, especially Joe. Yes, he is trying hard to be like Gordon. He shames and humiliates the contestants into thinking they’re unworthy, which, of course, a number of them are. What I think they’re trying to do is to push them to do harder in a way that makes it seem like they’re getting bashed by haters. And before you comment, I acknowledge the fact that this is the Internet. Anyone can express their opinions on how they see things.

  • Jixaw
    Jixaw   1 hours ago

    Baldy cracks me up. His job is literally just “You fucking serious?” slams food in trash like he’s so fake it’s unreal I’d honestly be cracking up. He’s like an NPC, just having the same dialogue options loop over and over lmao

  • No Name Kid
    No Name Kid   1 hours ago

    The bald guy acts like he’s a military Sargent like dude you’re chef judge chill

  • Connor Morgan
    Connor Morgan   1 hours ago

    The bald guy makes Gordon seem like an angel. Jesus christ so unnecessarily rude. Every time he spoke I cringed lmao

  • King Belial
    King Belial   2 hours ago

    At least Gordon and graham does take a bite and then give the cooks their thoughts. Baldy guy just straight throw them away as soon as his eye thinks the food is total trash. Seriously, he could at least take a bite once or let other judges have a taste before chucking the foods down the trash can. Like, he should does that a lot more to every cooks food instead of just a few. This is SeRiUs CoMpEtItIoN right? Then I think it should mean one judge opinion alone shouldn’t affect overall score. At least in MY OPINION.

  • Joakej
    Joakej   2 hours ago

    This looks like a drama serie

  • BaoBou's Travel
    BaoBou's Travel   2 hours ago

    15:54 "I think the judges struggled with understanding my flavours. Maybe they're just a little too old school and they can't see the beuty and the genius that is my food" :D :D :DThat must be the most arrogant sentence after a put-down ever. That's arrogant even by my standards.

  • al astair
    al astair   2 hours ago

    12:58 can't possibly clean this bowl after that food has been in it.

  • Jaxon Steele
    Jaxon Steele   2 hours ago

    baldy is just keeping the food in the trash for later

  • Dylan Huhn
    Dylan Huhn   2 hours ago

    I have a feeling they got some chefs on purpose just so they can have moments like this.

  • Dylan Huhn
    Dylan Huhn   2 hours ago

    The judges are just doing their job. It's entertaining to watch. Let's be honest, it's interesting and it gets the show better ratings.

  • Maoki
    Maoki   2 hours ago

    The bald dude is so annoying, you're here to critique the food not insult the contestants lol

  • Dolce Luxe
    Dolce Luxe   3 hours ago

    Thumbs down for the obscene amount of ads in this video you asshole

  • Shwift
    Shwift   3 hours ago

    “This. Is a great example of what garbage is” Good thing you didn’t have to pass an iq test to judge MasterChef lmao

  • Zach Vance
    Zach Vance   3 hours ago

    Youtube please stop recommending this to me.

  • Jimin-ssi
    Jimin-ssi   3 hours ago

    Bald guy is scary af tho, I mean it’s fine cause we have like a nice chef, a chef in the middle and a scary one, if all of them were like it, it would be scary

  • Colin Vawter
    Colin Vawter   3 hours ago

    When Gordon gets pissy it's funny, when the other two do it makes me want to smack them

  • daria
    daria   3 hours ago

    Damn bald dudes an asshole

  • americanliberal09
    americanliberal09   3 hours ago

    5:31 just suck it up, christian! if your dish sucks balls......then it sucks! Stop being a sore loser, and accept the criticism that you deserve. If you wanna be the best chef, dude! you should at least try to accept some criticism in order to improve your cooking skills.

  • Jimin-ssi
    Jimin-ssi   3 hours ago

    Those people want to be chefs to whom I will pay a lot of money, why should I pay lots for some lentils and a piece of crab that was mashed into a sauce, I can cook lentils which are overcooked at home. Plus as you can see people waiting to be master chefs have a very high self-esteem or a prominent ego (even if you don’t see it - they have) - they need bad words for not the best quality just to realize they can’t ask for huge amounts of money for their food for now. Yeap bald guy was very harsh but you dint know how it was for him - now people at least have the opportunity to become masterchefs from a show, imagine how closed all of this sphere was before

  • Mindy Williamson
    Mindy Williamson   3 hours ago

    Rich judges be over here giving “constructive criticism” and spitting out edible food while kids go hungry everyday. Our world is awesome 👌

  • Jimin-ssi
    Jimin-ssi   3 hours ago

    Some people in the comment section forget that when you go to a very expensive restaurant you expect the best quality, and you don’t know how some of their food tastes from here - if you can’t chew the meet or you’re are served with some spicy liquidish shit in a restaurant - what do I pay then for?, I for example eat also everything, but when I go to a restaurant I expect to pay for something exquisite, they have all the right to judge the food on the highest level.

  • WYM tho
    WYM tho   3 hours ago

    The fight between Katrina and Tommy has me rolling lmao, she's too sensitive and he is too full of his suites

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