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Lindsey Graham Opens Up About His Personal Life

  • Published on: 19 June 2015
  • Jun 19 -- Lindsey Graham, Republican presidential candidate and senator of South Carolina, talks about his family, colleagues, and why he wants to be president.

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  • Raelspark
    Raelspark   5 hours ago

    He received his Juris Doctor from the University of South Carolina School of Law in 1981. He served in the United States Air Force from 1982 to 1988 and served in the South Carolina Air National Guard then in the Air Force Reserve, attaining the rank of colonel.

  • Patrick Morand
    Patrick Morand   12 hours ago

    Will Mr Graham tell anyone that kavanaugh also played the part of Ms Ford at the hearings? They are identical twins!!

  • Stan Mann
    Stan Mann   15 hours ago

    Why does Lindsay Graham say he never married? His sister. Is that normal for South Carolina?

  • Michael Collins
    Michael Collins   19 hours ago

    I married twice.I was a Horatio Alger story....work work work......I became ill and they stole it all.But one tried to steal my son.

  • Leon Haslip
    Leon Haslip   1 days ago

    "F" Lindsey Graham, whose a racist sellout, who once beginning to accumulate power, really forgot about the little people. His personal tug at hearts just doesn't get it. His Kavanaugh brash rhetoric demonstrates his politics above the best interest of Americans.

  • Stella Blevins
    Stella Blevins   1 days ago

    Didn't tell what he should have πŸ•΅πŸ‘…πŸ’©πŸ‘΄

  • Salvatore Cento
    Salvatore Cento   1 days ago

    every country on Earth could use a Lindsey Graham ,too bad,because only the US of A has him!

  • proboy1
    proboy1   1 days ago

    ***Isn't it FUNNY How FBI, ATF, CIA & Homeland Security..........ARE ALWAYS at these MASS SHOOTINGS FASTER than the LOCAL POLICE ? ? ? ?*****Nothing to SEE here.....Just move Along ? ? ? ?

  • KenyaGate Spies
    KenyaGate Spies   1 days ago

    Treasonous,Globalist, Open Borders Scum involved in Corruption and Treason.

  • norman duke
    norman duke   2 days ago

    This man must be terrified when he is alone with himself, that if his mind isn't 100% occupied, everything he has buried deep will come to the surface. He talks about his mother's death and not even a trace of wistfulness is allowed out. Sad, sad man.

  • Dave Morgen
    Dave Morgen   2 days ago

    Lucky Lindsey I couldn't stand him ever but he really is a road show.It's all about game not people.

  • Bev Born
    Bev Born   2 days ago


  • Neil Dickson
    Neil Dickson   2 days ago

    I doubt John McCain will be available to greet him now that he's sold his soul to Russia. President? Wow, that would have NEVER happened! The best President, a rep- ugliant The worst, naturally a black democrate. How predictable.

  • Miketrt
    Miketrt   2 days ago

    I like me some Lindsey, but McCain... ugh...

  • Maxine Johnson
    Maxine Johnson   2 days ago

    Nice interview but totally irrelevant for we here we are today. What's up with all this recycled news?

  • elsa KUAN
    elsa KUAN   2 days ago

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  • Candy Moore
    Candy Moore   3 days ago

    surprised at his behavior. I though he had it under control. just a little disappoint. He appeared to be a well rounded man.

  • Mi Key
    Mi Key   3 days ago

    ladies should try go seduce LG and make all those homo slander go away.

  • susi sangren
    susi sangren   3 days ago

    Is he Homosexual? I lost all RESPECT for him at the Kavanau hearing his yelling and screaming. He is two FACED.

  • Carlos Jose
    Carlos Jose   3 days ago

    Don’t vote for republicans they all racists and corrupt

    GUERDIE THOMAS   3 days ago

    But he's a great senator and I never heard about nothing about him in the first place.

  • Jane Wallace
    Jane Wallace   3 days ago

    Lots of new fans for Lindsey; he deserves that!

  • James McKenna
    James McKenna   3 days ago

    I have one word for Sen. Graham: class. He exemplifies what is right about America. Go get β€˜em Graham!

  • alex hopewell
    alex hopewell   3 days ago

    Which one is the true Lindsay Graham? McCain's loyal best friend? Or weak sycophant?

  • linda yeargan
    linda yeargan   3 days ago

    People need to get over Married and unmarried and size matters BS...Sen Graham is Just a wonderful man..true Gentleman and I think So.Carolina is Blessed to have him

  • HeyYouGuys!
    HeyYouGuys!   3 days ago

    I love Lindsey Graham. He’s honest, makes fun of himself which shows he’s not afraid and he’s cute, kind of like a young boy. Thanks, Lindsey, For backing Brett Kavanaugh.

  • Sandy Taylor
    Sandy Taylor   3 days ago

    According to Wiki, his mother died when he was 21 and his father died 15 months later, when Lindsey was 22. He legally adopted his sister, because she was only 13 years old when their father died, leaving her an orphan.

  • Martha Holt
    Martha Holt   4 days ago

    I was hoping for "I'm a flaming self-loathing homo!!!!" ... instead, I get this pile of crap.

  • Vicky Swindoll
    Vicky Swindoll   4 days ago

    Just because he's never married, doesn't mean he's gay!

  • Mimi Howard
    Mimi Howard   4 days ago

    Graham is so likable; however, he is a Builderburber. Why is that and what is he up to?

  • Mihaela Andreeva
    Mihaela Andreeva   4 days ago

    Linsey , Linsey how many skeletons you have in your dirty closet????? It's so dirty that somebody has opened up your file ( dossier ) that managed to shut your dirty mouth up!!!! We have been governed by psychopaths and pedophiles, WORLDWIDE!!!!! WAR CRIMINALS and TRAITORS!!!!!!