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Top 10 performance Surprised coaches in The voice USA Auditions 2018 BEST MOMENTS EVER

  • Published on: 01 October 2018
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    Top 10 performance Surprised coaches in The voice USA Auditions 2018 BEST MOMENTS EVER


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  • Runtime : 15:9
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  • miss_midge_6515
    miss_midge_6515   5 hours ago

    I'm sorry...who was the darker haired gal on you got a friend?

  • liviusss
    liviusss   7 hours ago

    Alicia is so damn cute... Like a gorgeous bunny 🐰🐰🐰🐇

  • Jin J
    Jin J   9 hours ago

    Is it me or does Jennifer follow Adam anytime he hits the button first

  • Mandy97125
    Mandy97125   12 hours ago

    Otis & Marvin renditions 👌🏾

  • Young Eaze
    Young Eaze   15 hours ago

    Alicia Keyes trying so hard to hold her marriage together

  • marcus larwa
    marcus larwa   19 hours ago

    There was many like 3 surprises the rest weren’t that great to be top 10 at all. There’s been way better voices that surprised judged before

  • Mark Stodulkiewicz
    Mark Stodulkiewicz   1 days ago

    oooooooowoooooooooo ooooooohooooo baby woooooooo ooooooo fuck you etc.

  • angelvee07
    angelvee07   1 days ago

    Adam needs to join a Baptist church already

  • Amanda Mafuleka
    Amanda Mafuleka   1 days ago

    ohw my!!! the guy singing "tenderness"...brother make your way to the church. that voice has so much anointing!!!!

  • aboz07
    aboz07   1 days ago


  • Redman2220
    Redman2220   3 days ago

    That sexual healing intro was insane

  • Gladys Rodgers
    Gladys Rodgers   3 days ago

    N try a little tenderness he got new notes in words when he said them but great voice but few notes were different notes

  • wonderlust 85
    wonderlust 85   3 days ago

    the first guy was so good, the male judges didn't turn because they appeared jealous

  • Ja Zigbee
    Ja Zigbee   4 days ago

    can somebody notice the guy's eyes on 13:03???????? He's possessed! Black eyes! like he was just converted into something demonic before his performance.....

  • bibi aysha
    bibi aysha   4 days ago

    The last girl - Jaclyn Lovey- is really good. Her singing style reminds me of Carly Rose Sonenclar on the x factor