• Published on: 05 November 2018
  • TWICE(트와이스) "YES or YES" M/V

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  • Runtime : 4:29
  • TWICE YES or YES TWICE YESorYES TWICE YES YES TWICE 예스오어예스 TWICE YES TWICE 예스 TWICE 예스 오어 예스 트와이스 YES or YES 트와이스 YESorYES 트와이스 YES YES 트와이스 예스오어예스 트와이스 YES 트와이스 예스 트와이스 예스 오어 예스 TWICE YoY 트와이스 YoY YES or YES YESorYES YES 예스오어예스 예스 오어 예스 예스 YoY YES or YES M/V YES or YES MV YES or YES Music Video YES or YES 뮤비 YES or YES 뮤직비디오 예스오어예스 MV 예스오어예스 뮤비 예스오어예스 뮤직비디오 TWICE M/V TWICE MV TWICE Music Video 트와이스 MV 트와이스 뮤직비디오 트와이스 뮤비 TWICE 트와이스


  • Jeon Kookie
    Jeon Kookie   28 seconds ago

    Onces don't forget to vote for Twice every day!!!

  • Ms Bloomers
    Ms Bloomers   2 minuts ago

    70M today please, Fighting fellow Once 💪🏻🍭❤️🇵🇭

  • Momo loves food
    Momo loves food   3 minuts ago

    The views literally freezed for a couple hours since i woke up🙄🙄🙄Me:Youtube,what are you doing???????????what are you doing???????Youtube:You can go to youtube help for more informationMe:-_-

  • dychae 17
    dychae 17   3 minuts ago

    Queens are slay❤️😜👑

  • め亀井
    め亀井   5 minuts ago


  • Snix Rain
    Snix Rain   7 minuts ago

    Let's vote and get our girls their 100M views! And don't forget to vote them at MAMA too! HWAITING!

  • 顏蘊華
    顏蘊華   7 minuts ago

    TWICE"YES or YES"M/V我們目前平均一個小時得到100,000的觀看次數大家覺得呢?YES or YES🕵️

  • jrom
    jrom   8 minuts ago

    blackpink in ur area

  • Rosé Kim
    Rosé Kim   10 minuts ago

    ME : You vote for twice in mamma ME : You have two choice... YES OR YESYou : YES... ME : okay 😊

  • RMS Diamond
    RMS Diamond   10 minuts ago

    Even though i don't 100% like twice i always say Mina's intro. I don't stan them cause i like them

  • 顏蘊華
    顏蘊華   14 minuts ago

    TWICE"YES or YES" Win2🏆🏆VIEWS Number69,556,964 🕵️🕵️🕵️15 : 32YouTube I WATCHING YOU🤓IN TAIWAN NOW👏👏👏🌸❤️🍭

  • Mina Myoui
    Mina Myoui   16 minuts ago

    second voice adlib? so liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tzuyu Goddess
    Tzuyu Goddess   18 minuts ago

    Keep voting twice on MAMA! They’re leading now! 😍💪🏻💕

  • jurelyn jayme
    jurelyn jayme   21 minuts ago

    I love you all member as you show your dance i love you all yes or yes

  • Im Nayeon
    Im Nayeon   22 minuts ago

    YES!YES!YES!and YES!🤣

  • I Love Sana
    I Love Sana   24 minuts ago in love with Sana within 6 seconds 😍

  • Jeseca Barroga
    Jeseca Barroga   26 minuts ago

    The intro had a very scary vibe but once the music started playing lol I felt more happy. They're too cute I love it^^

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