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Jennifer Lopez Red Carpet Interview - AMAs 2018

  • Published on: 10 October 2018
  • Zach Sang and Jessie James Decker interview Jennifer Lopez the Red Carpet of the 2018 American Music Awards.
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  • Runtime : 1:59
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  • dchris82
    dchris82   4 hours ago

    Lo siento pero no quiero....The performance or the song. If this movie is another Maid In Manhattan or Wedding Planner, I’m not gonna like it either lol. She looks amazing in the dress of course. I just want her to do more challenging work. She works really hard, but sometimes I feel like it’s quantity over quality. She always doing a million things, but they all seem mediocre. Dinero is a great song though. But I don’t like this. No great films since Selena & Out of Sight. I feel like once the music career began it was about preserving & marketing the JLo brand. Not throwing shade. I just feel like she has a work ethic but the material is not there. I want her to be at the Oscars for an acting nomination not just for her celeb status or fashion sense. Ok rant over lol

  • Real Rap
    Real Rap   18 hours ago

    she ready to fight God damn

  • TheBigHase
    TheBigHase   21 hours ago

    One of the few women in the world you like best when they're walking away from you. ;-)

  • milan varga
    milan varga   3 days ago

    what does it do to balance the gap beetwen poverty and milionaires in their homeland...angel mama! Even if only this ugly handbag in the interwiew drop, I hold the purse in the back back pocked of my trousers.

  • Mary Chela
    Mary Chela   3 days ago

    The reporters are so bad ... omg it is retardant and even funny 😄...

  • Elf Star
    Elf Star   4 days ago

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 sooo hot nice body jlo

  • Julie Garza
    Julie Garza   4 days ago

    Omg Johoe is so over rated !! Bitch can’t even sing !!!

  • fpbrunei
    fpbrunei   4 days ago

    Why she had to immitate Mariah Carey pink colour of the night.?

  • mel b.
    mel b.   5 days ago

    I adore this beautiful woman so much 😍❤️

  • RigoDaniel
    RigoDaniel   5 days ago


  • Faith, Love & Loyalty

    She is the definition of getting better with Age! Gorgeous! No more said! Thumbs up if you agree!!!!!

    MAMMA MIA   5 days ago

    They are from The Lab. Maybe this is their way to show some Respect.And She is the judge. Welcome to the new world. Be happy - don't worry. Imagine. And listen carefully Her songs.

  • Somi Maria
    Somi Maria   5 days ago

    I love you jennifer Lopez 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿

  • tarny11
    tarny11   5 days ago

    Jennifer looks good for her age . She needs to pick a classy out fit.

  • Kenny R
    Kenny R   5 days ago

    she's still fuckable 😏

  • sara sux
    sara sux   6 days ago

    Interviewers boss "Just tell Jlo how beautiful she is & how much of a inspiration she is" DONE!

  • N xfavs
    N xfavs   6 days ago

    The guy ears are turning red well can't blame he's intreviewing one of the most gorgeous ladies in the world

  • Andrew Villa
    Andrew Villa   6 days ago

    Literally the only reasoned I tuned in to see her perform! She is perfection!!!!

  • Nabibi Habibi
    Nabibi Habibi   6 days ago

    Don’t come talk to Jennifer about her craft unless you know about it. I felt her jealously all the way to my bed in corona california! RUDE

  • Wink Wink
    Wink Wink   6 days ago


  • Monis Irfan
    Monis Irfan   6 days ago

    These interviewers are awful! Especially the girl, in every interview I've seen

  • Pedro Carrazana
    Pedro Carrazana   6 days ago

    I would’ve given back the microphone, they should know about the projects the interviewee has going on. Boo