Kitchen Nightmares - Season 5 Episode 14 - Prohibition Grille Full Episode

  • Published on: 02 September 2018
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    Kitchen Nightmares - Season 5 Episode 14 - Prohibition Grille Full Episode

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  • Runtime : 43:48
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  • BL UE
    BL UE   3 hours ago

    That's just slop. Horrible nasty gloop!! #soupoftheday 🍲

  • Ray Solomon
    Ray Solomon   5 hours ago

    She's worse than the one actual airhead I know holy shit I've never seen someone so ditzy it's like she's trapped in the high school cheerleader phase

  • A̢n̨͡t҉̸i Social

    Rishi: Oooh, a worldwide famous chef is going to review my shitty restaurant- Let's act thot-like and flirty towards him so he doesn't roast me or my hellhole of a restaurant.

  • Dave Revoir
    Dave Revoir   7 hours ago

    And how does expect for the restaurants to serve fresh everday if there not gettin tables

  • Dave Revoir
    Dave Revoir   7 hours ago

    This dumb fk Ramsey complains if ur portions are to big to small going threw to much food saving food stay the fk outa this country b4 an American beats ur british cunty ass

  • Karen D rosario
    Karen D rosario   8 hours ago

    I honestly couldn’t stop laughing the whole time 😂

  • Dynasty The Gemini
    Dynasty The Gemini   12 hours ago

    Ok, I need to know if Gordon has to purchase the horrifying food he orders off the menu. Because I wouldn't.

  • mini mukbang
    mini mukbang   13 hours ago

    Lmao, I thought the bread pudding was chicken

  • suby Rose
    suby Rose   16 hours ago

    Rishi is obsessed with the chef

  • main acc
    main acc   23 hours ago

    I'm so happy this restairant closed. I don't care if losing makes the owner homeless. I can't stand business owners who don't deserve businesses.

  • Huong Nguyen
    Huong Nguyen   1 days ago

    Rocky and his wife opened their own restaurant in Everett. I went to Rocky’s restaurant a while ago and the food was actually really good. The small restaurant was super busy during dinner time. Watching this in 2018 and I’m like “what...”

  • Alexandria Baker
    Alexandria Baker   1 days ago

    The belly-dancing wasn't the best, but why were people so upset about it? because it was so sudden?

  • Zach Smith
    Zach Smith   1 days ago

    "Chef Ramsey locked himself in the freezer to get away from the Belly Dancing" I don't blame him, Hell I'd even join him

  • Reese's Piece Of Life

    "I'm not stupid"9 minutes laterdoesn't know that soup of the day means daily change of soup

  • Jamelyn james
    Jamelyn james   2 days ago

    Chef was so embarrassed and confused he locked himself in the fridge 😂

  • Bobby Gee
    Bobby Gee   2 days ago

    His reaction at 18:35 hahahahaha. He's beside himself, literally doesn't know what to say.

  • Annah Hinman
    Annah Hinman   2 days ago

    the way the owner is talking about the chef....they have to be in a relationship

  • Annah Hinman
    Annah Hinman   2 days ago

    lol, this lady. "I thought soup of the day was the soup we had that day." lol

  • MeAndJohnLennon
    MeAndJohnLennon   2 days ago

    I'm not trying to say she's stupid, but MY GOD is she stupid ... Gordon should be glad, shows like these wouldn't survive without these stupid people.

  • Pilsie
    Pilsie   2 days ago

    The lines on his forehead get deeper with every restaurant.

  • Alonzo Alatorre
    Alonzo Alatorre   3 days ago

    “Gordon Ramsay Burger Restaurant” in Las Vegas makes you tip the cooks it says so on the reciept they get 3 percent aswell.

  • Rikoeip
    Rikoeip   3 days ago

    Even the name is terrible

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